Entry 407: It Grows Beneath Them

Every night

I can hear it speak

Its gears having stopped grinding only once completely…

Much like time though

There is never a true end

So night after night

I burn


…I listen…

That sweet chorus of screams

I imagine it lovingly

I can hear it grind

I can hear their SCREAMS!

Time after all…is never dead…completely

It grinds every night

It ticks every day

Though how does one really know the difference?

I know the difference.

I know it well

Day isn’t visible but, time is kept still

The audible screaming is of a specific tune in the day

Then it’s a chorus upon nights fall

I suppose this could all be a hallucination

Another tormented suffering of the madness of HELL!

That all said…

…I know it isn’t…

I…KNOW…the difference…

…It ticks…


Sometimes I even hear it speak into my mind

It is one name

Over and OVER…again…

The name of the one responsible for temporarily stopping its flow

It simply says


It is the only word or name it speaks

It speaks it with a malice that terrifies me!

Even in Hell, I’ve never known a hatred like this!

Over time this thing has grown

Over time it has shared its story

Not through words for it only speaks her name

But, through the ticking

Through the GRINDING!


Everyone who is familiar with what happened that October


…They know the story naturally…


It shares it again

It drags the hatred

Its emotions through our souls

It drives us forward

Over time it has driven us all further MAD!


It has grown

Its gears scream a sound both beautiful and terrifying

In a way, no other has shown

It bides its time

I’m certain the Devil himself

Is wary of this thing

It has slowly formed its own place

Growing more every day

Whispering the screams of its tale

Laughing in endless insanity



-It Grows Beneath Them-

Entry 145: The Clocktower: End Game: Part 2- Apotheosis



The world shook as I unleashed all the energy left within me

Things were about to get exceptionally violent

I could sense it

The Nightmare God was getting impatient

He came at me and I him

No sense holding back now

Our fists came together

The force was enough to shake time itself

Everything was unstable

Time was warping, still moving forwards


The world was slowing down and then speeding up

Our battle was messing with time

Was that even possible?

It could be highly dangerous

No matter, I had to finish this

Blow for blow, attacking/counterattacking

We were matched perfectly evenly

Which is one way of saying I was losing

This could not be a stale mate!

Digging deep, I found more speed, more energy for my soul

I shot forwards, and dodged his next several hundred attacks

Simultaneously counterattacking in split seconds

I felt his ribs shaking at the power of my fists

My attacks were vicious and relentless!

I unleashed lightning, fire, explosions that would level countries

He sped up, I sped up!

He increased the ferocity of his hits, I did the same

It was all about keeping ahead of him in power and speed


I landed a fist to right side of his face

He went flying, pieces of skin lost as he did


I breezed forwards in an attempted continuation of my assault!

I met him but as he flew backwards he blocked several attacks

Soon landing some of his own

I felt my body wailed on from all sides in an instant!

I must have incurred several thousand hits in mere moments

Still, I took the hits, absorbed the pain and launched it back at my foe

Nailing him in the face!

Blood flew, I attacked more, landing a few hard hits to the ribs

I could sense his pain and it was fuel to me!

Several counter punches were thrown my way

I dodged rapidly before putting a boot to his knee

The armor on his knee shattered and I heard bone crunching


That scream of pain and fury was enough to keep me going

Dodging another attack I launched into the air before coming down

I hit him with lightning twice as I came down before

Putting enough energy in my right fist to power ten nuclear warheads

I’d made impact and time restored as the world shook violently

Many were ended in that instant and I felt terrible for it but…

I couldn’t hold back if I wanted to finish this in time

I was sure of that…

I continued drilling The Nightmare God with punch after punch

We fell deeper into a crater until finally I planted a fist to his once again

He went flying deeper and I launched out of the crater and focused my energy

I let out my attack…white lightning shot towards my opponent

The world lit up, though I could not see it


I was still in the air, though I could feel everything shaking

This continued even after the smoke cleared…

To my shock he was still alive!

A wave of black lightning having shot back at me

I sensed it in time to dodge his attack


I didn’t dodge the fist to my gut that came next

Nor did I dodge the hammer of his fists together upon my back

I’m falling but I manage a flip and plant my feet into the ground

Looking up in time to see a black flame flying towards me

It is shaped like a dragon

A massively black dragon!


I have no time to react!

Summoning energy I launch to the heavens above

I’m aware this could be it for me

I see no other way

He won’t expect this I think…


I collide with his attack and drive myself straight through the ensuing explosion

I was right, he expected me to be unable to counter him

The sky is alight with flame as I surprise my enemy with a fist so powerful

It lands straight through his chest and rips out his back!

I grip his spine and rip it out with force!

Snapping it in two before landing a punch to his face and sending him downwards!

He hits the ground and I launch everything in me at him!

It’s as much out of desperation as it is hope!

I can sense the impact as I now fall to the earth below, landing with a thud

There is bits of body parts and blood everywhere…

Then it happens…

The rain stops and I sense the breeze as I hear the impossible…

His body and everything is coming together!

He has his strength back!

No….NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!


Thought it was over did you?

Not a chance…you have to wipe me from existence!

I don’t know what to do

I’m drained, and I feel helpless!

My wounds, everything is starting to hit me!

I like the look on your face…that horror…the hopeless desperation…

It suits you!

I feel the first punch and then the subsequent ones!

My body is failing, I’m literally breaking with each hit

I must hold on…


I feel the left side of my face partially breaking and caving in

I’m spiraling out of control

Every hit is a step closer to the end of everything

Must snap out of it!

Shock is taking over…my mind trying to protect me from the inevitable

No…there has to be someway to keep going…

I feel memories flooding me

The time I had with Ren

The things I’ve seen, the people I’ve cared for…

Souls hanging in the balance…

Those depending on me…

I feel something lighting up inside of me…

The next fist falls, but time is slowing for me

My left fist raises to meet his right


I’M NOT DEAD YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is another explosion of energy around us

I feel myself overflowing with more energy than ever before

Launching forwards, I unleash hell on The Nightmare God!

We are dead locked in battle once again

The world is alight with sparks of flame and lightning

Concussive force levels more of Black Winter

We launch across the battlefield of the dead fighting some more

I can sense souls still living but many are hiding at this point

We meet time and again, every hit a reminder of what we fight for

Every attack blocked, dodged, or deflected

Is quickly followed by a counterattack from each of us

This is a dance of death, someone has to die


The fight has escalated as we match one another

Flames fly, lightning fires

As our attacks meet the very fabric of reality is shaken

I can sense others realities now being affected as well

Still, I have to press on with my attacks!

There is too much at stake

Ren, I will find a way to give you and all these souls a chance

This calamitous meeting will end in the death of many


I hope it to be the start of a new hope for many when we’re through

We continue our fight, he’s gotten faster and more powerful

I’ve done the same

He will know my pain, he will know all suffering

I will wipe him from existence, and he will be no more!


Quaking, shaking, all things must come to an end

That includes the time of Gods such as this one!

Ferociously I press my attack!

I’ve hit him several times and he has landed a few hits as well

I am at a point of no return…

I don’t believe I will survive this

Nor do I care…


The intensity of our attacks is increasing

It’s evident he wants me to break and die before the 24hrs is up

I have no choice but to see him do the same!

I must find some way to end this!

I summon more energy, at this point the earth hasn’t stopped shaking

I’m not sure if Black Winter will survive our battle at all but I can’t hold back

If there’s even a tiny glimmer of hope

I must keep up the intensity!

Our battle continues…minutes seem to blaze by in seconds…


What does it take to end a God?

How much more of this can he take?

I have to be sure when I get another opportunity, to completely end him then!

The Nightmare God launches an avalanche of attacks upon me

I dodge, block and deflect them

Quickly throwing a bone crunching uppercut to his jaw

Following this up with a fist to his chest that sends him through more buildings

I pursue him and we soon engage in a CQC assault

Continuing to move and devastate the world around us

Building after building falls

Skyscrapers, small businesses, homes

It all comes crashing down or is decimated as we pass through

Thankfully it appears most places are abandoned at this point

This is quite advantageous for me

I increase power as we fly out a window of a skyscraper!

I’ve launched myself right at him and quickly planted my body into his gut!

I grip tightly and we fight spinning all the way down to the city below

The world is spinning but at the last moment we turn and land

He is planted into the earth below

Attack after attack I pummel him and tear at him

It’s not enough to break him, I must end him completely!

I leap off him and prepare to send a wave of energy at him but he gets up fast!

Diverting my attack I soon put that energy into dodging and blocking his next assault!

He will not get the best of me…


Backflipping I’m still fending off attacks from all sides when I finally land

He’s teleported high above

I sense a shift in the air

The ground below me shakes with awe inspiring intensity

The rain begins pouring again

It is heavy

I brace myself, I can sense the next attack won’t be avoided

Nor will I be able to jump into or through it

I focus all my energy on creating a barrier around me

Electricity now crackles to life around me

I keep powering the barrier around my body as I now focus on the sky above

An unending stream of lightning now rains upon my barrier

I sense a shift as his attack comes down upon me


The heat is intense!

This is not flame though…it is shadow


Time you die!

He continues to press his attack

It’s terrifying how easily he does it too

Increasing the power 100 fold with a simple thought

I can not let his attack overcome my barrier

If he does that…I’m finished!

There won’t be a me to continue…

The longer I hold on, the more powerful his attack is becoming

I’m merely losing time and wasting energy doing this

I have to find a way to end this…and SOON!


I’m unsure how long it’s been…

Trying to find a way out of this is tricky

There is another matter…if he keeps this up

Even if I can maintain my barrier

He will likely wipe out the rest of existence with him…

Refocusing I aim to strenghen my barrier and use it as a counterattack

I’m going to have to muster everything within me…

This is going to have to be it!

I have to kill him here and NOW!

There will be no more life when I’m through!

There is no hope Sara…you have lost!

Give up now, I can do this eternally!

I think we both know there is no hope for you now…


Sounds like cheap talk from a God who is about to cease to exist!

Just gotta keep his attention on what I’m saying, not what I’m doing…

I’m going to enjoy your death!

I feel his attack increase as I had hoped…

I fall silent and refocuse all my energy


I send a bolt of lightning as massive as the heavens above upon my barrier!

I sense his shift in tone…his attack increases…it’s an act of desperation!

Diverting my energy I send everything outwards!

The barrier, my lightning, my very soul goes into this attack!

I scream in defiance and my voice echoes through the heavens

His attack is swallowed whole and added to the energy of my own attack


The sky erupts and the world lights up…

The explosion is high above but the fallout shakes everything even more powerfully!

A scream of unimaginable pain…one someone gives when they’ve lost everything

The moment they know death is upon them and they can do nothing

It echoes from the skies above before it is swallowed by silence…

I fall to my knees…barely alive…

He is no more…I sense him no more…

I cry as the rain pours upon my broken soul…

Is it really over?

An explosion erupts from the skies suddenly and a mass of souls rains down upon me!

It consumes me before I know what happens…


I’m completely blind and can sense nothing at all for a moment

My body convulses and a voice in my mind takes over…



I’m alive within you…you’ve wiped the Clocktower King away which means…

You will be the Queen…I survive…you lose.

I want to fight him…I must…but like a virus he is quickly spreading within me!

I’m desperate as I feel my soul being twisted…molded to what he wants!


You have no choice…it is inevitable…

You are mine!


In an act of desperation I take my right hand and shove it through my chest…

Blood flies from my throat….


*Breathes heavily*

E…en…ending….th.this…as promised…

Before…you…have…the chance…to…take me over and…stop…me….


I wrapped my gauntlet around my heart and crushed it!


(The Devil In Black) 

I saw it, in that moment…the finality was beautiful

Sara…she had ended herself…

The world erupted with screaming….

Closely followed by the sound of relief

Millions of souls trapped in that place were now free to move on….

Some sent to Heaven, the others Hell…

All immediately sent to their place of final resting

The rain continued to pour

Blood poured from Sara’s mouth

She sat there looking to the heavens with a smile

It lasted a few moments before her soul evaporated into the air…

Like dust blown by the wind…

So long had souls been trapped in that hell

Someone finally brought an end to the madness…

A God fallen, no doubt a Goddess risen

Black Winter would survive…

Next year would be the first year Black Winter would see…

Without The Clocktower menacingly looming above

Killling mercilessly….

-The Clocktower: End Game: Part 2: Apotheosis-

Entry 144: The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1- Even Gods Bleed

The rain intensified…

The town shook…

I remember feeling my breathing in that moment


I sensed across from me, this nightmarish figure

Clad in black, face hidden

This was an amalgamation of The Clocktower and The Clocktower King

Evil, everything it put me through

I felt for the “King” for it was clear now he was just a pawn

Another victim, another cog in this twisted machine

Though I was missing an eye, and blind in the other

I felt through my senses, that I could see better than ever before

He’s coming forward at an amazing speed!

I almost respect that as he should’ve respected the fact he’s not as fast…

…As he thinks…

I can feel his movements in the rain, I can sense his positioning so when he attacks

I meet him, fist to fist!

The earth and the very air shakes around us!

I can tell he has a massive size advantage over me now

Perhaps a side effect of his recent acquisition of souls?

No matter, it will end here, one way or the other

I plan on ending him and the damn Clocktower, even if I die…

Seconds become hours as we speed along fighting one another

No doubt those below can only feel quaking with the occassional

Glimpse of us in the lightning!

Again and again we clash

The Clocktower itself is beginning to fracture again

I help it by taking advantage of a missed attack

Quickly dashing backwards before shooting like a bullet forwards

I can hear the sonic boom and feel the cracking of ribs as I land my punch

My opponent is lifted into the air

I rush past him and run up a piece of broken tower

Backflipping off I wait till I’m just above my foe

He looks up, I summon lightning and the moment it hits me

I ride it and a burst of energy straight down!

The electricity crackles through my body and around me

I’ve never felt so alive as I rush downwards

Slamming my shoulder plate into this behemoth’s chest!

A scream rings out and we shoot downwards at a wicked pace!

Straight through the center of the Clocktower we go

Eventually reaching the bottom as the lightning and my attack

Drive this God into the ground in pain

He’s bleeding as the shockwave of energy explodes outwards!

All at once the Clocktower rains down upon us…

I teleport away to what was once the entrance to this nightmare

Memories flash before my eyes as The Nightmare God quickly flies at me

He is faster now and lands a hit to my face that sends me flying!

I crash through building after building

Townspeople scream in horror as I fly through their homes and businesses

All are reduced to rubble and many die

The souls of the dead are quickly absorbed by my enemy making him more powerful!

I brace myself, planting my feet into the ground and eventually come to a stop

The Nightmare God is on top of me instantly and I plant an elbow into his fist

Earthquakes erupt, whole homes are swallowed, city blocks are swallowed whole!

Buildings a mile around implode from the shockwave of our attacks meeting

More die, he becomes more powerful…

I summon more energy and quickly engage in further combat

Attempting to keep the fight contained to this area as it’s already been wiped out

Screaming…so many dead and dying…

Black Winter can be a terrible place but this has to be one of it’s darkest moments

Zipping around we land attack after attack

I feel my right body trembling like the earth as he continues to grow stronger

The screams of the dead are a symphony to the horror this thing is capable of

I can not keep the fight in one place as he forces me to keep moving and fighting

Black Winter suffers for our battle, but I make myself a silent promise…

I will see the souls of the dead within this thing freed!

I will kill this bastard, God or no God!

Two fists thrown, one after another, I parry each

Things collapse, people die…

Our battle continues, street to street

I take a piece of fallen building in mid collapse and chunk it at my foe

He smashes through it but that was the distraction…

It is only after breaking it apart he sees me coming right at him

I hit him across the face with my fist with such ferocity I sense his body shaking

In the air itself!

I feel his blood hit me in the face as he goes flying back and attempts to regain

His footing

He plants himself and stops, meeting my next attack and stopping it!

I duck a backhand to the face but am met with follow up knee to the chin

I feel some of my teeth shatter and spit up blood and teeth as he grabs me midair

Quickly spinning me around into the earth below!

I am driven miles below before I stop with a thud that bounces my body off the ground

Leveling the rest of the pit around me

There is a crater, there is me, I struggle to get to my feet

My body wants none of it as my foe reaches me, smashing me in the back

Forcing me into the his knee, which he drives into my gut laughing all the way

I stumble back…must fight, my breathing is off


Three quick punches in succession send me dizzily backwards

It’s hard to sense him with my head being smacked around

My body feels like it’s about to break but I spit up blood and meet his hands

With my own

He throws a knee, I spin around it, before grabbing him by the throat

My left hand lifting him off the ground and throwing him down with all my force!

His body hits the earth and I quickly drive both my knees into his chest

I feel blood hit me…a God’s BLOOD!

In seconds I unleashes punch after punch upon his face

I can feel the back of his head splitting the earth

Like a nail…his head is driven into the ground by the hammer…my fists!

He grabs my right side and squeezes

I feel what’s left of a piece of my armor crunch and I scream in pain!

The right side of my rib cage is broken!

I gasp for air, my lungs aren’t in the best shape as he throws me aside like a toy!

I feel myself smash through several building but I refuse to be broken!

I plant both my gauntlets and boots into the earth stopping as pieces of my gauntlets

Break apart…

I sense him coming again but I smile as I launch myself at him!

Crack, I can feel his nose break and my own as we both manage to hit one another

Both in the face, dead center

Before we are sent spiraling out of control in opposite directions!

I bounce through rubble and roll to a stop, hitting a piece of destroyed building

Just enough to have the rest of it collapse on top of me!

I’m hurting, probably broken in all manner of ways…

I get up through and crawl out of the wreckage…

Barely standing up I sense around me

I’m able to sense him in just enough time to throw up my left wrist

I parry his attack and counterattack

Interestingly enough he shoots backwards and stops

I sense his breathing…it is heavy as well

Spitting up more blood I look in his direction

My enemy hasn’t attacked just yet…

The first hesitation I’ve seen from him possibly this entire fight

We’ve been fighting for hours…

Halloween is upon us…

*Heavy breathing*



*Vomiting blood*

Impressive…it seems you’ve made this God bleed…

No matter…it’s midnight…and that means you have 24hrs to finish this…

Halloween is here…

If I’m standing at all by the time 24hrs is up…you lose

I’ll take yourself and every soul in this town! 

I will rebuild myself…and your eternity will be SUFFFERING! HA…HA!

Well then…

*Spits out blood and a few more teeth*

What do you say we finish this?

Enough chit chat, let’s end this!

…I happen to like my odds…

So here I stand…on the edge, barely standing

Halloween is here…

…24 hours remain…

-The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1: Even Gods Bleed-





Entry 143: The Clocktower: The Nightmare God

Fist to fist, again and again

Every collision, more powerful than the last

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You cannot match me!

You fuel yourself with your pain and your hate

The rage that seethes from the punishment you endured…

Oh but that was just the beginning…you all of your pain and hate…

You neglect to consider, you are one soul…

I harness the hate, pain, suffering of MILLIONS!!!!!!!

Just call me God and bow before me now…

I ignored this and continued my attacks

A flurry of movements, like lightning directed at one another

We were attacking and counter attacking!

I would not be beaten with words

This place had done more than enough to me

It killed the one I love, it would surely torutre him still

I was not about to let it end like that…

A wave of fire shot at me but I stopped it before it could reach me

Interesting…you remain silent, you continue your attack…

How long though? I will beat you, you are far outmatched!


You will soon know what that mea-

SHUT UP AND FIGHT! If you are a God…


He seemed taken aback and angered all the same

His strength increased a thousand times in a mere instant

I would not be phased though…

It happened quickly. I felt his gauntlet smash into my armor

This was followed by several quick hits that exploded on impact

I held my ground though and quickly stopped the next attack

He’d aimed for my face however, I caught his fist and returned to him

A knee to the face that sent his head back snapping his neck…

To my lack of surprise, he started laughing maniacally

His neck snapped back into place he threw three quick fists at me

I dodged the first two but felt the full explosive impact of the third to my faceplate


My head was dizzy as part of my armor shattered and I felt my body shake

I’d smashed into the wall at which point arms held me in place!

The Nightmare God as he called himself came right for me with a follow up attack!

I teleported behind him just as he was about to land a flurry of strikes on me.

It caught him by surprise and I quickly siezed my opportunity

Landing a fist to his face as he turned around

The walls to the Clocktower shook as I dodged an attempted counter attack…

I shot faster than lighting around the room before punching my opponent in the face!

I held his face against the wall, continuing to go around the throne room in circles!

There was a steaming black stain and he had no head but once again…

A head grew and millions of voices laughed at me

I sensed the next attack and shot backwards but this abomination teleported

Quickly smashing open the lower back of my armor and landing a blow!

I couldn’t move for a moment as he landed twenty five vicious blows

They came fast and were all over my body!

Every one exploded and piece of my armor shattered like glass!

He grabbed me by the face and sent lighting through my body

I fell to my knees convulsing!

He smiled…I couldn’t see it but I could sense it…

Good bitch…bowing like I said you would!

I couldn’t do anything but scream in pain as he let go…

Then he quickly placed a punch to the left side of my face!

I felt the crunch of the gauntlet landing in my left eye…

The flash of the explosion…blinding me in the right eye

I heard the popping sound as my left eye exploded

I’d slammed into wall again but quickly sent a wave of flame around me

This seared the hands attempting to grab me as I ducked low

The pain from his most recent attack was unimaginable!

I screamed but refocused that pain and used it as power…

The Nightmare God had missed his next attack after I ducked

I’d sent a fist right into his stomach and watched it explode!

He’d laughed initially…until I snapped my fingers

Flames erupted from him internally!

I could hear this “God” screaming in pain

Unable to see, I simply sensed out his next flurry of attacks

He came at me from all sides, he was fast but…

His rage was controlling him…

This made him intensely unpredictable and dangerous…

It also made him mistake prone

We teleported, place to place, around the throne room

I followed his every move, prepared for all his attacks…

He was growing angrier!

I could sense his impatience…

To him, though he wasn’t saying it…

His attacks showed his frustration

It showed I wasn’t supposed to still be around

I was becoming an annoying pest…

The sickness that lingers in ones body a bit too long…

Never quite dying though I should have long ago…

This gave me hope

The power behind his attacks was growing stronger

The blows he landed, were shaking my body…

As well as the area around me!

The attacks I blocked were just as painful

However, I used that to fuel me

I then converted that pain into strength…


I would block several rounds of attacks

Just waiting for the perfect moment…

When these moments came…

I’d plant one or two devastating counter attacks on my foe

This continued for a while…

The Clocktower continued to chime every hour…

A firm reminder I was running out of time

There was something else though…

I’d noticed every hour that bell tolled

The Nightmare God’s power amplified by one hundred times!

He could keep fighting, and would keep fighting…

I needed to find a way to end this, or he’d simply outlast me…

Barring a miracle of some kind.

I could sense him teleporting back and forth

Throwing off waves of energy, making fake spikes of energy

He knew what I was doing and it was working for him to a degree

Hehehe…how much longer can you keep this up?

Time is becoming as much an enemy as I am!


I sensed his lightning fast approach

Blocked the punch that came from it…

However it went off anyways like a bomb…


I was bleeding, and my head hurt


I felt the next attack narrowly graze my face!

Teleporting I narrowly dodged the explosion that came next!

It held twice the power of the previous attack…

I would not be able to block his attacks it seemed

He teleported towards me and followed up with several punches!

We danced a dance of death

I dodging attacks and he continuing his assault

One hit and it would all end

He was getting faster though and I was quickly running out of options!

Dodge, smash, dodge, SMASH!

I was taking more chances now, I had no choice!

I would dodge and land and attack, then repeat…again and again…

It felt like I was the universe’s biggest underdog in the biggest fight boxing ever knew!

Gracefully dodging and landing attacks but…to what end?

I knew my opponent wasn’t going to simply wear down

He would only grow faster and more powerful with time

Time…it worked against me like no other…

If I survived long enough…time would be my ultimate enemy

Perhaps even my death!

Halloween was fast approaching!

It would be upon us soon and at that point, I’d have 24 hours to end everything…

Or perish…

Desperation was just more fuel for the fire…

I focused it as well and unleashed more power

The Nightmare God was becoming slower…or…

I was becoming faster…

Another toll, another hour down

His power grew, my power did as well from the nature of my situation!

We met once again, fist to fist and a wave of energy exploded…

This time though, I saw fractures and then…as the next connection happened…

The Clocktower…exploded!

There was a shock and a screaming!

I could sense those still alive far below looking up at us…

I felt cool rain and knew it was real rain…

Smelling the air around me, I smiled

The cold air was familiar…this was Black Winter again…

The top of the Clocktower had exploded completely!

The force of our power was too much, and millions of screams filled the sky!

It seemed The Nightmare God was as in shock at this as I had been…


My new found hope was quickly turned sour as I felt souls of the dead…

Those from the Clocktower and those that died in Blackwinter suddenly cry out!

The souls were swirling around us like a tornado and soon they entered my foe!

You…BITCH! You will die and you will suffer! I will end you and this entire TOWN!

I had got a second wind…though things were looking quite dire…

I’d gained an advantage.

I summoned everything in me and prepared myself for the next round of battle…

This time it was not me or the souls within the Clocktower who were in danger…

This was a battle for every soul within the town…

I was all that stood between a maniacal God and Black Winter…

It was live…or…eternal oblivion!

-The Clocktower: The Nightmare God-


Entry 142: The Clocktower: Soul Resistance

I shot forward

My scythe and his sword impacted

Sparks flew, I could feel the electricity in the air

Three attacks, I could only deflect on sense

My fist soon after smashing into his chest

The force enough to level a small city, merely revealed

The King wore armor beneath that cloak

His counterattack was fast

Everything he did was fluid but I was able to deflect

Thousands of attacks all in the blink of an eye

I’d learned to channel my pain, my fury


I’d lost myself in an energy I never knew I had

I felt my rage seep through my very blood

I controlled it as I shot forwards for my next attack

Just as I thought, he was going to use that sword

He seemed to ready his stance,

I was going to have to do something completely unexpected

So rather than dodging or avoiding him

I sped up…

I got through, knocking his sword from his clutches with my scythe

The force of the collision of the two weapons sent both weapons flying away

I didn’t care as I impacted, hand on his throat

Another fist impacting several times into his chest plate!

The force of my attack had sent him flying into the wall of the Clocktower

There were screams coming from the walls as I continued my attack!

I felt his armor start to cave…

Throwing another fist I heard a shattering and felt my hand go through his armor

I had gone straight through one end of the armor and out the back!

I was in shock as I pulled back and watched him fall to a knee, silent…

Had I only hit shadows?

A black energy radiated from the hole, but it was nothing solid

It was the same type of energy that had erupted from his body initially


The Clocktower King stood once again and soon a voice came from him

It was heavy, filled with sorrow, and yet it was something so powerful…

I nearly was brought to my knees simply from the sound of it

If you ever hope to kill me…you will need to destroy my very soul…

Do you know how to destroy a soul my dear?

The entire Clocktower began to grow dark…

I could feel my soul shaking under the pressure of this new power

Struggling to stand, I felt myself stabbed through the gut…

Pinned to the wall before I could blink

The very blade that killed and consumed Ren was about to do the same to me…

Was it all for nothing?

I coughed up black bile…

This is where it ends my dear…I’d hoped this would end differently…

The Kings sword was ripped from my abdomen

I struggled to keep standing…

Everything slowed down as I coughed up more blood…


I’m not sure what happened, or how…

It could’ve been my will to live…or my wish to avenge Ren…

In a flash the Clocktower Kings blade came towards my neck

Slightly faster were my hands…

I was still weak, barely hanging on…but something in me…

Fought to live…something caught that blade

I felt several blows to my face, one making my head bounce off a wall…

Any attempt at finishing me was stopped somehow though

A few more shots to my open wound

Another attempt with the Kings blade caught just in time

I wasn’t sure how this was happening, but it wouldn’t last long…


I fought with what little life was left in me…

A blade less than an inch from my throat

I fell to my knees as he continued to try to finish me

My arms shook, my hands in a prayer like stance

Shakily holding the blade from finishing me…

Every second my breathing grew heavier…more desperate…

I was on the edge, the Clocktower King knew this…

I closed my eyes, mustered everything left in me and fought to hold on!

A pulsating energy shot through my soul…it lasted for a second…

Then grew slowly…steadily

My teeth were chattering, I was sweating, bleeding out…

All signs pointed to my untimely end and yet as this energy grew…

I felt myself gaining strength…my wound slowly healing

Leaving just another scar on my soul

I didn’t understand what was happening but soon a white aura grew around me

The Clocktower wasn’t dark any longer, it glowed

Half enshrouded in light and half in darkness

A single line of light began to appear within the Kings blade…

A fracture that soon splintered and branched off

I was consumed with a peaceful energy that soon exploded outwards!


I pulled the blade sideways and it snapped!

My scythe appeared suddenly and I planted it into the Kings face!

The remnant of his blade fell to the floor and shattered

There was a violent shaking within the Clocktower and I stood up

I was consumed by this power until I felt a white armor form around my body

The Clocktower King fell to his knees and sat that way, looking up…

The Clocktower itself continued shaking, souls screamed and writhed in pain

It was as though the world itself were going to shatter


The voice that spoke was not the Kings…rather it was like millions of voices

All at once, but quite familiar…

It was The Clocktower itself…

Red lightning shot down and hit the Clocktower King…

An explosion erupted, sending my scythe flying into the wall

It was soon enveloped by the Clocktower itself…as though it was feeding on it…

A mad cackling of billions of voice came forth from the King who now stood

The world stopped shaking as the King stood up…


A helmet soon clasped around my face from my armor and I braced myself…

You can’t slay a God!

I didn’t wait for it to speak again…I shot forward

We met in the center of the tower…

Gauntlet to gauntlet…shaking the tower and the world itself!

-The Clocktower: Soul Resistance-


Entry 141: The Clocktower: Beginning Of The End

I have a tale to recount…

The past few days have left me in a haze

My name is Sara…and I stand here on the edge

Halloween day…

I’m here to recount what happened, over the past few days…

This…was the beginning of how it all ended…

Ren no longer had eyes…I was shocked when I first saw this…

He didn’t seem to concerned though

We stood there, on that ever raising platform and I didn’t understand it at the time…

But something in his voice should have forewarned me of the inevitable

Sara, I’m going to get you out of here…I promise…

I said nothing, only cut off part of my robe and wrapped it around Ren’s head

I didn’t want to stare into those empty eye sockets

It hurt me to see him in any pain, but I knew how scarred I was myself…

The platform stopped and I found myself staring at a cloaked figure in black

Sitting on a throne of skull and bones

I knew then, we had made it…

Here sat The Clocktower King

The air was cold, the room completely silent

He sat there motionless for a moment

It was as though we were viewing a moment frozen in time

I was soon taken by surprise

Ren jumped in front of me…for some reason I hadn’t sensed the attack

I swear the figure hadn’t moved but Ren took the brunt of the attack

His chest now had an open wound

He bled, smiling the entire time

Sara, focus! I can’t get you out of here if I’m dead too!

I nodded, he brought forth a flame and cauterized his wound

Then there was a shift in the air

An explosion of power

Screaming emanated from the walls and the throne as our attacker now stood up…

The King was a force I can barely describe

He stood and it was as if the souls of all damned in the Clocktower itself stood also

He stepped forward and the very fabric of time itself appeared to shake

The Clocktower King said nothing but a furious black energy radiated from him

He drew a sword and pointed it towards us

We prepared our scythes and launched forth

No hesitation in our attack

Our scythes met his blade and as he parried our attack

We split

Ren attacked from one side, I the other

We didn’t need to speak a word, we were in perfect synchronicity

I swore our attacks landed at the same time but somehow he was able to parry

Two sides at the same time and force us to leap back

In a split second Ren was blocked an attack

Was then punched in the gut and narrowly avoided being split into two!

Suddenly I was attacked only barely able to react

I avoided a stab from my attackers blade

Ren was already on the attack again

I tried to take advantage of this, and counterattack

The shadowy figure merely parried our attacks and launched us both back

It was like child’s play to him as we attacked again and again

We narrowly survived near death impacts several times

The hooded behemoth before us, gracefully blocking and attacking with great ease

What were we supposed to do against a foe like this?

It was as though he were merely toying with us

Ren and I ran across the circular walls dodging attack after attack

Before he launched fire, I ice, and quickly we attacked from the opposite sides

Position in such a way as so we timed a 4 way attack

It all came together so perfectly…except he absorbed the ice and flames

Forming it around him to stop our own counterattacks

We cut the wall of ice and flame in two only to find it exploded like a trap

Flying backwards I landed on the wall, looking for the King only to see

Ren stabbed through the chest, violently


I felt myself turn blind with rage!

An energy I’d never had before erupted from me!

I launched off the wall, the blade was ripped from Ren’s chest

He fell to the ground, on all fours, coughing up blood

I came down with my scythe, the King dodged to the side

He counter attacked but I blocked his attack from behind with my own scythe

Half crouched between the King and Ren…

I spun and sliced but he dodged back to his throne just in time


I expected the Clocktower King to attack again but instead he just stood there

Silently…as though he was waiting for my next attack

Perhaps he was giving me a moment to grieve…but why?

Up till this point, he had been fairly intent on attacking


*coughs up blood*

Sara…I’m sorry…

No Ren…don’t be…it’s not your fault…

I felt the tears fall from my face

Ren tried to speak again but he only wound up coughing up more blood

I put my finger to his lips…

Shh…don’t struggle my friend…

Just remember…I always loved you…

A smile graced Ren’s lips and I watched as he faded away

His soul quickly absorbed into The Clocktower King’s blade

I let go of Ren’s body and turned my scythe towards my enemy…

I swear to you…if it’s with my own dying breath…

I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An untamed, enormous amount of energy resonated from my body

The Clocktower King stood motionless, waiting…

I didn’t know it at the time, but deep down he was hoping

…I made good on my promise…

-The Clocktower: Beginning Of The End-


Author’s Note: Hey guys, apologies for the disappearance. I’ve been sick among other things. I just wanted to say there are 4 Entry’s left in this series, and apologies I wasn’t able to keep to my initial scheduling. Thank you so much for your patience and continued support. The scheduling will resume as normal from this point on. Monday-Saturday a new Entry will be posted. Just wanted to update you and I hope you enjoy the conclusion to The Clocktower. Thank you for reading! ^_^


Entry 140: The Clocktower: Future King?

Sitting here atop my throne

I watch the battle unfold below

Ren, having just taken a suicidal chance

Sara, handling herself quite well

Both deadlocked in battle

I ponder, could it be…Ren could become the future king?

Or perhaps…Sara, will be the first Clocktower Queen?

I sit here endlessly in pain

My suffering driving me to insanity

This place, using me as a fuel source of agony

I watch as Ren looks ahead, hoping The Kid is dead

It is not so, he doesn’t see

As long as the woman Sara fights lives

There will be no stopping The Kid

So he hangs on, struggling to survive…

He’s quite weak

I can sense him losing his grip

Just barely keeping up

Soon he’ll lose it all if Sara doesn’t fell the woman

In her own vicious battle

Time is against them both…

Soon the Clocktower will leave

Trapping these two eternally

Were there any chance of an escape

They have to end this battle before them with great haste!

Sara, I wonder now

As you fight this mere representation the Clocktower has made

Are you willing to do what it takes…are you prepared to give up everything?

That is what you will have to do, if you hope to save Ren from impending doom

You see, if you survive the battle, get to me in time…

It is then a potential decision awaits

Fell me, then which one of you takes my place?

I see you fighting with an extreme ferocity

Perhaps you will both be able to rival me?

Standing on survivals edge

You refuse to give up Ren

Though you no longer have eyes

You still fight The Kid

I’m impressed to say I think you are better blind

Maybe it’s the instinctive will to survive

Or perhaps it is your love for Sara?

Somehow though you continue to fight

Scythe to claws, a downright hellish assault

Dodging so gracefully, attack after attack

Finally finding openings

You defy the reality before you

Still, even as you have landed some cuts on The Kid

The true battle is just beginning

He is shaking The Clocktower itself

Drawing more power from my suffering

The Kid’s infinite strength

His ever increasing speed

It is drawn from me!

The Clocktower is downright evil

Using me as its infinite energy source

Never letting me die!

It strategically keeps Sara busy with a mere puppet of itself

All the while brining you Ren, closer to a permanent death

Eternal suffering!

Sara you need to hasten your attacks

Continuing to be deadlocked will only guarantee both your deaths

I root for you both…this is the closest anyone has come

To facing me

Yes, Sara push forward, look for every opening you can

Don’t let the Clocktower win!

Your strategy is impressive, drawing her near to you

Waiting for the slightest opening to strike!

I’m amazed how quickly you fly head first into a direct attack

Cutting it to pieces with your scythe

Descimating it through sheer force of will

Know though the Clocktower is merely gauging your ability now

It withholds its true power in case you survive

The true sight of power to be beheld

Should you stand before me in battle!

There you are gaining an edge

Brilliantly using your rage and focusing it in such a way

You simply stood there as lighting was sent your way

Blocking it before it even got to you

A mere thought in your mind, and a force field of energy stops everything!

I’m impressed, it is clear you’ve learned much through your suffering

Ren is still hanging on edge, however he is far less focused

He hasn’t been able to control the rage within himself

All his pain, his hate…he can’t channel it the way you do…

No REN survives because he feels he has too

Either one of you would make a brilliant future King or Queen

That’s what this place is banking on

If you survive the challenges it creates

All the suffering…

It is only too late you realize, that is its game

YES! Way to draw the Clocktower in Sara!

Snow has now ravaged the fields

A blizzard no doubt summoned from your power

I see how you focus your pain

Hoping to blind your enemy

It is sheer beauty to see you fade in and out

Blending from place to place…

Dropping bursts of energy as distraction

The Clocktower is unsure of where you are now…

I can see you no longer…

In a flash, it ends…

Your scythe through the puppets mirage…

The blizzard suddenly stops

You stabbed it in the back

A truly brilliant stealth attack!

It falls to it’s knees shattering…

Suddenly The Kid’s power is lost…

He is an exhausted husk

Ren senses this and quickly puts his scythe

Through The Kids head…

It’s over for The Kid…the fields disappear

You’ve escaped that place

You both look shocked…

Is it really over?

Indeed the prelude to the real battle is…

Rest up however, for the short time you can

The floor beneath you now raising upwards

Taking you higher than ever before…

The next stop…the end…

My throne room

The final battle is at hand

I will be unable to hold back…

The Clocktower will unleash all it’s tricks

It’s hidden attacks

One way or another it will all end…

Soon the final battle will begin…

-The Clocktower: Future King?-

Entry 139: The Clocktower: Reckoning

Laughter echoed from the halls

The castle began to break apart

I was left watching The Kid

Appearing from shadows suddenly

I stood in front of Sara

I drew my scythe

I knew anything could happen now

The laughter was completely maddening

It left shivers down my spine

It was high pitched, there were so many voices

Then all at once when only the field of dead flowers remained

Something happened to The Kid

Possessed by darkness suddenly he lost his mind

A wave of black energy radiated from him

His eyes began to glow red

The field beneath our feet shook violently

Sara, visualize the pain and suffering you endured and prepare to use that

We are going to have to fight our way out of this one…

It’s the only way!

She closed her eyes and suddenly she had her black cloak again

Scythe in hand, she opened her eyes and let out a wave of energy

I focused and did the same…

I couldn’t help but feel things were about to get violent

The woman from before laughed, looking like Sara no more

She was smiling as she seemed to imbue The Kid with power

Driving him to insanity!


Prepare to did fools! This is your reckoning!


I was caught off guard as The Kid shot forth like lightning

Almost impaling me had it not been for Sara’s intervention

Sara resonated with power I’d not felt from her before

Looking back, she smiled

Keep light on your feet…you deal with The Kid…

I’ll deal with the bitch controlling him!

I nodded and she shot forth spinning past The Kid

Further up the field she went

I was shocked by her speed

Still, as she and the woman ahead collided

An explosion erupted!

Meanwhile me & The Kid got to begin our fight properly!

We met scythe to his claw like finger nails

It was a balancing act trying to meet each attack

While dodging him as he got a few blows through

I spun my scythe around my body deflecting attacks from several sides at once!

He came at me from the left, I struck he disappeared

Suddenly he was on the right, swing and missed again

Only for him to reappear a few seconds later in the same spot

Mere hundredths of a second after I finished my parry of his attack

I felt his claws dig into my left eye!

He violently pulled back

I screamed in agony!

My left eye dangled from it’s socket before it was quickly cut out!

I’d lost my left eye and it didn’t take long before he impaled my right one!

He was too fast as he ripped that one out with a slice and a snap!

I fell to my knees, scythe in one hand, soon removed from my weapon

After feeling pieces of flesh from my face torn off

This all happened in a hundredth of a second

Next thing I know I felt him stab me in the chest

Attempting to rip me in two and finish the fight

I instinctively reacted, simultaneously to the pain

As well as The Kid’s attack

Unleashing a wave of energy outward that sent The Kid flying back

Faster than one could blink, he was back at the attack again

I’d barely had the chance to summon my scythe in time to stop

The latest flurry of attacks, I sensed the entity

It was easy to feel it’s energy

Still it was so fast!

If this kept up, I wouldn’t last

I felt him shoot towards me

I heard the sonic boom

I was sent flying backwards upon impact!

Focus, I had to, I summoned up my energy

Erupting, and sending shock waves out

Doing so in timing with his attacks

This way I could block him while I figured out what to do next

How was I supposed to stop this vicious onslaught of attacks?

Think Ren, you are still bleeding from your eyes…

This is going to suck, but I need to cauterize the wounds…

I think I know just what I have to do…

Attack after attack, I felt him unleashing his fury upon me!

Once, twice, I blocked nice but then…

It became twenty, forty, all in the span of seconds!

Soon his attacks were getting to be one to two hundred every second or two

I was barely hanging on

The next attack flurry would have to be when I did it…

So I planted my feet…stopping my momentum and fell to my knees

I looked to the heavens and used my energy to send an attack down upon myself


I felt the sky open above, a bolt of lightning coming down in time for him to reach me

We both took a direct hit!

I felt my eye sockets sear, my blood burn away

Then everything around me erupted!

-The Clocktower: Reckoning-


Entry 138: The Clocktower: Madness & Memories

I saw Ren enter the room

I got so excited…I didn’t even think

I rushed forth with open arms



I felt the impact to the gut

I was left breathless, I fell to my knees

It wasn’t the punch that hurt me most

It was the idea that Ren just hit me

That meant something wasn’t right…

This man was the one I held out for

He’s the reason I held on through all the torture

The single motivation for my continuing to barely not break…

This couldn’t be happening?


My body ached as it bounced off the wall

I’m in shock!

I see his eyes because he pulls my chin up

He looks crazed right before he punches me in the face

I fall to the floor, I barely have time to spit out some blood…


He begins to wail on my face with his fists!

A slap here, a back hand there…sometimes he just punches me

Hit…I begin to think of him as he was before

Smack, I can’t fight back…I won’t

Pound…I feel my head bounce of the ground…

I begin to think back…to all the beautiful memories we had

The time spent talking to him

He always listened, he hugged me when I cried

I’m quite sure he thought I was friend zoning him at one time

Truth be told I was afraid, however…

I secretly was falling in love with that man

I am so sorry Ren

I’m sorry I kept these thoughts to myself

That I foolishly went head first after that kid into this place

I should’ve known you’d come after me

I was pretty sure I saw the signs back then

Punch, I’m bleeding and bruised

The monster inside Ren’s body pins me by the throat against a wall

He punches me again, starts choking me…

I can’t look him in the eyes

What did they do to you Ren?

What did they do to make you so angry?

To turn you against me?

I’m pondering these thoughts when he just holds me there and stops punching


I won’t lie to myself…that one cut deep

This isn’t my Ren…

Are you still in there, I wonder?

He throws me against the table

I’m pretty sure I know what is going to happen next…

I won’t let that happen…not with this monster…

I throw an elbow back and knock him in the eye

He staggers, and I spin and hit him in the gut

I hope you understand this hurts me too Ren…I think to myself…

Then I find my voice again…


Least of all whatever they have turned you into…




Taking a beating, probably enjoying it…



I’ll admit, I was taken by surprise with this…

He got a pretty good hit to my face as a result

I staggered but dodged the next…

Then I flipped him on his back…

Pinned him to the ground…

I tried talking to him again…

Ren, is that what you believe?

He squirms, attempting to break free of my hold

He won’t…not until I get through to him

You’ve got nothing to say then?


Listen to the truth then

There was a man who came into a place worse than hell

He came after me, on a mere whim

He was likely concerned about my well being at one point…

Then this place got to him

The Clocktower broke him

It’s an evil thing…it breaks people, twists their emotions

The Clocktower reads you like an open book

It’s persistent

I apologize to you Ren

You know this place…it has put me through unimaginable pain

I have endured unending suffering

The stories about this place really don’t do justice to it

It is an evil beyond what words could explain

I brought you here…and for that I’m sorry again

You should know Ren…the real you

That’s the man I held out hope for

Every time I was on the edge of breaking…

I thought of you

You’re my strength now as you were then…

Please remember who you are because…


If you’re truly gone…

There is nothing left for me…

I suppose I should just tell you the truth…

Maybe that will bring you back to me?

I kissed Ren…right there and then

I felt myself hoping that this would turn beast to man again…

Some part of him had to come back to me…if there was any of him there still

His lips were sweet…

I broke her grasp, I threw her off of me

I wanted to beat her until she was nothing but blood and pulp…

Still, something inside of me was fighting this


I walked over, ready to cave in that face…

However, as I went to lift a fist

Gazing at her naked, scarred, bruised…bleeding body

I was hit with a flood of memories…

It happened in flashes

I felt like my head was going to split as I fell to my knees

Is she telling the truth…or is she lying to me?

There she was in my memories…the first time we met

The friend zoning…

Long conversations we had…




She came closer now…

SMACK! I backhanded her! I couldn’t stop myself…what was happening to me?!

I’m sorry Sara! I don’t know what’s happening! 


I got up, licked the blood from my lips

Was he telling the truth?

I believe he was…I can look into his eyes and see Ren again…

He’s terrified as he comes for me but we will find a way through this

I see Ren again…the real him…despite the actions he’s taking…

That’s all the hope I need…

He takes me by surprise, he is way stronger than before!

Something definitely isn’t right

He slams a knee into my face as I claw him in the eye and he writhes in pain!

I have to survive, but I can’t let him die either…

Ren quickly comes back for me and he is too quick

I feel myself lifted off the ground…and soon…

I’m taken across the room before being slammed on the table

I can’t fight him as he gets on top of me…

Please…not this again…I have to get through to him…

If I don’t, he will do something he’ll truly never forgive

I’m quite sure we’d both be broken then…


I can see him trying…





I can feel him fighting this…

I know he can do it…


I remember something as I desperately fought…

The happy memories we shared yes but…something else…

When I snapped back on The Clocktower back then…

I was able to harm the representation in that room

Through rage…however…I let it consume me

It was apparent back then and was becoming more apparent now

If I channeled that suffering, it could have a powerful effect in this place

It was the only time I was able to truly harm something in this place

I WON’T HURT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt something snap…I had control of myself again…


I got off of Sara and helped her up…

The maddening laughter…it came from the walls

It haunted us!

Something was very wrong…

-The Clocktower: Madness & Memories-

Entry 137: The Clocktower: Psychological Reconditioning


I awoke screaming in agony!

I could hear Sara’s screams…I could feel her pain

Had another hour gone by?

How many had…I’m confused…

I found myself in a dark place

Chains holding my arms above my head

I was shirtless…whatever was coming next…

It was prefaced with a sense of dread

Do you feel safe?

What? What’s that supposed t-

*Electricity crackles through chains*


I’m sorry, that wasn’t the answer we were looking for…

This is the part where you are going to break

We promise you this…

Sequence 1…activating

I heard a whispering in my ear…

The voice…it was my Uncle!


He put his hand over my mouth and whispered into my ear…

Shhhh! It will be alright Ren

We’re going to have so much fun…

You know how much I love our secret game…

I felt myself shaking as he placed his hands on me

He did horrible things!

I could feel him slowly feeling up and down my body

He dropped my pants and then I began to cry

I kept thinking to myself…I won’t be a victim!


I thought it as he first went inside me

I thought it with every thrust

I focused on that singular thought!

Trying not to break as he forced something into my mouth

I couldn’t bite down now when he did what he did next

Only cry, and wait for it to end!

I tried to remind myself, this wasn’t real…

If that was the case though, why could I feel everything?!

Why did I spit out part of what I was forced to digest from him?


An hour goes by…

Who is this man?

What’s happening to me?

Another hour goes by

Why is a woman’s voice screaming every time an hour goes by?

Another hour…

Is it okay that this man smacks me around and does these things to me?

Another hour…

Where am I?

Why am I hurting…focus

I’m all alone…but it feels like someone is watching me

Was I crying?


Do You Feel Safe?


*Electricity charging through chains*


Who would do this?


A fleeting image passes by…


Sequence 2…activating

I saw Sara, she had the most twisted smile

She was on a film with a knife and blood…

The film was silent…there were bodies everywhere

This woman is named Sara

You hate her

She killed your family

The same film reel looped again and again

An hour goes by…

I hear someone screaming

The film keeps playing

Another hour…

More screams

Film replays on loop

I’m beginning to feel hate for this person in the video

Another hour…

This is Sara

I hate her

She killed my family

The film stops…

Do You Feel Safe?


Sequence 3…activated

I feel lashes from a something striking me in the back!


Lash 1

Something on the wall is showing the words

Do you feel safe?  Then briefly flashing yes

Followed by the words

This is Sara

You hate her

She killed your family

This is then followed by silent images of her covered in blood


This loops…I keep getting lashes

I begin to blame her…

Ever lash, my rage grows more

An hour goes by….then two

I feel rage at this bitch!


I’m not sure how many hours it’s been…or is it days?

The whipping has stopped…

My blood is boiling!

I feel one purpose…

Sara must SUFFER!!!!!

Do you feel safe?



The chains drop from my arms and I’m freed…

A door opens…

Then let’s make Sara suffer shall we?

-The Clocktower: Psychological Reconditioning-