Entry 122: The Clocktower: Evaluation

I had entered what was supposed to be a terrible place

Yet when I came out on the other side

There stood a woman, all in black

Eyes a deep crimson

She wore a uniform that brought class

I realized soon that she stood behind a table

All black with red velvet

A smile on her face she said:

Welcome soul…to the evaluation

Please take a seat, we will begin shortly…

I saw no other choice so that’s what I did

Sitting there pondering just what was next

A kid, wondering what was this?

The woman smiled once again

I felt she was hiding something

My name is Grace, prepare for question 1

Did you commit suicide?

Yes, what does that have to do with anything?


I wanted someone to die…


A man who is called The Heart Collector

He needs to die for his crimes…

What would you do to see this through?


There was silence when suddenly the table flipped

Locking back into place there was a cat

Grey fur, it looked so sweet

I wanted to pet it but then appeared a knife

Grace smiled

Kill it.

I was thrown off by this and so I said


She remained silent and I grew tense

This went on far longer than I liked

Soul, keep in mind, this is an evaluation

NO! Why would I kill an innocent life?

Something wasn’t right

Then things began to light up

I saw a monitor

On it was my Aunt

A gun to her head she pulled the trigger

There she dropped…dead…


Would you say you are sad?



You led her to this…remember?


Interesting, you are sad but you were willing to commit suicide

Potentially your wrecked her life?

You make no sense, she never even watched me!

She only cared about her alcohol!

I was a burden!

The kid the dead sister pawned off…


The cat jumped off the table and left us be

Suddenly a coin appeared, all black, a skull on it

You will earn a total of 3 of this coin or another

At the end whichever you hold 3 of first…

That will decide future fates

Perform your evaluation carefully

Question 2: Do you believe your parents would approve of your death?

I sat silent for a moment…but I knew the truth

No. They would still wish me to live…but, life is nothing without them

I need to kill this man!

You couldn’t kill a cat a second ago, what makes you think you could kill him?

That’s different.

How so?

The cat was an innocent life.  It simply isn’t the same.

One man kills for justice, another for fun…both are still killers are they not?

I was at a loss, she was right, but I’d accepted this when I committed suicide…


Perhaps, reasoning plays a part? Perhaps if done for the right reasons…

…A killer could be absolved of said sin?


A white coin appeared, on it was an angel

I pondered maybe life and death, but I knew assumptions were dangerous

Question 3: If Heaven & Hell exist, which are you going to?

I would imagine Hell, but, who can really say?

I’ve accepted the worst if it means I gain vengeance for my family.


Another white coin appeared…that was 2 white to 1 black…

I still had no clue what that meant

Question 4: You kill the man you seek…do you feel fulfilled?

Yes, I believe I can accept whatever comes next.

You’re sure?

As sure as I can be while not knowing what’s next…


This time no coin appeared

I was confused if this meant anything at all

Still, I listened to what Grace had to say next…

Question 5: Vengeance or a 2nd chance at happiness?

I thought for a moment, wondering what she meant.

The first part was obvious but the second, I was unsure.

If by happiness you mean life…then vengeance

I have no life to go back to and I’ve accepted my fate

A black coin appeared

Final Question: You are God…who dies?

Two monitors appear, one is a man surrounded in darkness

Red hair, he looks scared

The other is the Reaper who collected me

Down on her knees, she looks on edge

A knife to her throat, clearly suffering

I’m not God, so I couldn’t make such a choice

You must.

Failure to choose…well, it results in failure to complete 

…The Vengeance you seek…

There was a sudden intense pain running inside my brain!

Oh yes, 5 minutes to choose, once the reset happens…

The decision is considered made for you…

I looked at each, both on edge

It seemed for different reasons

I was not prepared to take an innocent life

Or at least I hadn’t thought I was

When Grace spoke of the vengeance I seek

Something burned within me

It was a fire I couldn’t end

I felt this driving me to insanity

Unsure of what to do, I went ahead and made my decision…

-The Clocktower: Evaluation-



10 thoughts on “Entry 122: The Clocktower: Evaluation

    • Thank you so much! ^_^

      I am probably going to be without Internet for a few days this week because we are moving but rest assured when I am back, this series will continue. I thank you for your continued support and your thoughts Matthew.

      It makes me happy to hear you and others enjoy what you are reading because sometimes I’m writing and thinking, I’m not even sure what is going to happen next or where it is going which can make me nervous lol.

      Just got to let the story write itself so to speak and trust it will work itself out in the end. I have found it usually does, as long as you trust it.

      Thank you again!

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Unrelated note…I have that clock on my wall in our living room. (The one in the picture.) *Corey wonders if he is actually a fictional creation or a real person*

    Liked by 1 person

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