Entry 120: The Clocktower: Arrival

(The Kid)

*Violent lightning*

*Shaking Earth*

Mmmm….listen to that kid

IT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What is happening?

I know I have to beat them there

I saw it in a vision, destiny it seems

I have to stop them from making reality of what I’ve seen!

*Cold rain begins to pour as a choir of suffering echoes while the Clocktower decends*

Horror! Terror! Hear our cries!

Eternal Damnation is what comes

To all who enter within

There is no escape from the Clocktower’s reckoning!



I don’t know where you are kid

Give me a sign before all hell breaks loose would you?!


It’s too late…


Please, anywhere but there

Does this kid realize what he is walking into?!

Surely there is no worse fate

Than that which awaits inside

The Clocktower’s halls!


(The Kid)

Alright kid, this is your chance…you ready?

A smile on my face to hide my fear

I said yes, knowing full well it could mean endless suffering

Then again…Isn’t that what was waiting for me anyways?

Taking me through another void we soon arrived at the doors

I sat in shock staring up at the black mist covered Clocktower before me

A choir of madness continued to sing

All through the streets people and things were appearing lost and confused

I think it was when I saw the bloodied bodies piling up in the streets

I truly realized what failure would mean…

The Devil In Black told me while we waited on the eve

There was a chance I could get vengeance and get back my family!

I knew already what I had to do

If all he said was a lie, he at least gave me one truth…

He gave me proof that my families murderer was somewhere inside!




I’m coming kid! Just hold up a little longer for me please!

The place is in complete disaster

Nothing but blood soaked streets!

Everywhere there is death and screams

I even saw someone dragged into the Clocktower screaming

As though the place itself were the one dragging him to his doom

Then it happened, the worst possible thing…

I failed…the doors were opening

I let out a scream

The kid gave me a smile as though saying not to worry

Then he entered the abyss that was the pure blackness within

That was the last I saw of him before making a decision of my own…

…The doors were readying to close and I threw myself head first within…

The last thing I saw as I looked back was the smile of The Devil In Black

Such a menacing grin…



I saw a man hacked in two by something I have not seen in any reality

The black skies lit up and I felt my very soul shaking

The skies turned red and then all the ground began shaking

The sounds of tormented screams

The bodies of the dead

It was just the beginning

Shadows darker than the darkest night

Hid something for which I could not describe

There came a hideous growl

Then all screams were silenced

The Aguryu has come

Echoed a horrifying voice behind me…

-The Clocktower: Arrival-









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