Entry 116: Homicidal House Wife

I’m Betty Sue Home Maker to you

I’ll make you some coffee

Get you some food

Do everything a good house wife will do

I’ll say please

Do everything you need

All I want to do is please my husband true

Yes, that’s what a good wife should do

You’ll go out with the boys

Come home late at night

Smelling of Alcohol & dare I say

Another woman’s scent

Oh you look so spent

Poor soul, your life must be so hard

Working all day

Playing with those you wish to play

No worries though

I just want you to know

Like Jekyll and Hyde

I have another side

Once I’m sick of you

Betty Sue Home Maker goes away


Then the real me comes out to play

Just call me…


You are all passed out

I have a knife

I wake you so you can


I cut off your genitals

You let out a scream

Like the woman you know

I do what any good wife would do

I cauterize the wound

You pass out from shock

When you awake I have you bound and tied

I cooked you up a wonderful treat

I make you eat your manhood

A smile on my face

Then I murder and bury you

On to husband number 2

This guy he was so sweet

Doing everything he could to please me

Months we spent in love with one another

He proposes and I say yes

A good housewife wants to please her man

Oh, please him I did…

Our marriage went on for a year or two

Things were perfect

He loved me true

There was just one problem

In bed I found him lacking

So Betty Sue Homemaker grew tired of this

Out comes


Getting him into bed

Giving him perfect head

Riding him perfectly too

Oh the things I want to do to you!

So I tie you up under the guise of trying something new

I then take my knife to you

I cut you up, stab and watch you bleed

All while fucking you violently

Your screams are pure ecstasy

I thank you kindly

Post mortem as I’m disposing of your body

All covered in your blood

I cum

Would you look at that

Oh my

It seems you finally pleased me

I say to the remaining pieces of your body!

Oh well, next husband please?

This drew all sorts of attention

I was arrested

Taken to court

I found my next husband there

With a wink, a cute smile indeed

I played the jury so exquisitely

They found me Not Guilty

I had my way with…

The Prosecuting Attorney

In the bathroom all nice all nice and dirty

We played and he eventually became

Husband number 3

Our marriage was perfect

So was the sex


He was also married to work

Aimed to be

The greatest prosecuting attorney

Black Winter would ever see

Instead the headline read

Prosecuting Attorney lost his head

In shocking accident!

The world saw, the perfect wife

Little did they know Betty Sue Homemaker

Had another side


One second I’m a good soul

Next you are dead


Playing Betty Sue Home Maker

I aim to please

Before killing you with glee

No one…ever truly suspecting me


Would you be my next husband please?


-The Homicidal House Wife-






15 thoughts on “Entry 116: Homicidal House Wife

  1. Well, Betty Sue Home Maker certainly has it going on! Great writing, wonderfully creative. Betty Sue has a little bit of a Lorena Bobbitt thing going on! πŸ˜‰ Wishing you a terrific evening and a great Wednesday. Take good care. ~ Mia πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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