Entry 117: The Devil & The Kid: It All Began With A Knock


I awoke to this sound

It was the last thing I heard before they went to the ground

My parents soaked in blood

It killed them…

It smiled with glee

My mothers and fathers blood…

Still dripping from its teeth!

I stared in fear as I saw it ripping out their hearts

This man, pale as Death, he smiled and said:

I’m a collector of hearts…these are mine now…

I’ll admit, it was a strange thing for this man shaped monster to say

Most notably to a 7 year old, even one with advanced intelligence

It left me there without another word

The Heart Collector, that’s what I’d learn he was called

A gamble most desperate was the one I was going to make

In the hopes I’d fine a way to change everything

I searched for this killer in my own time

To no avail, for of him I could no longer find

Then one day a piece of paper came in the mail

It was addressed from a place called Black Winter

The letter simply said:

Come to Black Winter and perhaps you’ll find The Heart Collector

The one responsible for taking your families life…

I won’t lie to you kid…it’s going to cost you something…

Your life

Looking down now, I soon saw it was signed

The Devil In Black

I had been staying with my Aunt

She was quite the lush

I took a month, thought long and hard

Every night it haunted me…

I saw my dead parents

That monster, carrying their hearts

Internally, I felt like my soul was being ripped apart

I woke up in a sweat one night



Not like I had much left going for me in life anways…

Passed out drunk, it was easy for me

To gain access to the death I seeked

My Aunt’s drunk stupor making her oblivious to everything!

I took a stool and went to the medicine cabinet

It was there I found my Aunt’s collections of sleeping pills

The childproof cap was no match for me

What I did next was surely something for which many will judge me

I took all the pills and went to sleep…


It was here I met Death…or one of them

She looked at me and said

My name is Sara, I’m here for your soul

I will never understand how someone so young

Could do something like this

Though, it isn’t my place to judge

Follow me…I’m sorry kid

I said nothing, simply waited

Soon enough we were there

Welcome To Black Winter the sign had said

Slowly this lady of Death escorted me

Looking around, I saw many things

A lively town, but one of suffering

It was pretty quickly I realized

My post mortem fate, likely wasn’t going to be good

So, what I did next shouldn’t surprise anyone…

We came to a building, taller than the tallest skyscraper I’d ever seen

It was a castle, and as we walked through the courtyard I saw two men

Playing a game of Chess

There was a woman watching too, but none seemed to notice us…

We arrived at the huge black doors and it was here I made my move

I’m sorry mam, I know you don’t understand but I must find him

Do you know who The Heart Collector is?

The woman stopped and she turned to me with a look of shock!

It was then I said:

He took my parents lives…I did this, because,


I threw myself at her, she seemed even more surprised

As my head hit her gut, and I turned and ran

The look in her eyes had said all I needed to know

She knew of this soul

I made a run for it, not sure where to go next

When suddenly I heard in my head…

Hey kid…turn left.

On instinct that’s what I did

Straight into a black void of nothingness…

I came upon the other side into a dark cathedral

Looking up, there he sat, smiling he said:

Nice to meet you kid…I’m The Devil In Black

-The Devil & The Kid: It All Began With A Knock-


12 thoughts on “Entry 117: The Devil & The Kid: It All Began With A Knock

    • Thank you so kindly! I am glad this is receiving such a warm reception. It is kind of important considering a lot of these are leading into October.

      Thank you so much! Thank everyone so much! I seriously appreciate this! You all are the best!

      I’m sorry if I’ve been unable to read and comment as much as of late. More comment. I’ve been reading, but with the move and technical difficulties yesterday, and life lol, I’m having a very hard time keeping up.

      So apologies if anyone feels I’m less responsive as of late. A lot going on, but I’m planning on trying to fix that soon. October is going to be extremely busy and experimental so if you and anyone else reading this can bare with me, I’d appreciate it.

      I am reading, and I’m trying to comment where I can. I love and appreciate everyone here. I love WP, and I certainly love to interact with everyone.

      You are all talented and unique. It’s why I follow and read your works. Sorry Insidious if I kind of half talked to you/addressed everyone but I do appreciate all of you and thank you!

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Brave kid! I agree with insidioustemptation, “where do these stories come from?” Wonderful as always. 🙂 Is there going to be a second part? I’m wondering what’s going to happen next. Have a terrific evening and a great Thursday. ~ Mia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoy the journey traveled whenever I read your poetry. It truly is Black Winter; a place from my most horrific nightmare. There are the winding roads and the lure of evil. Darkness tantalizes and captures — you do those things very well, Sin!

    Incidentally, SMM will post your masterpiece, Hotel Sin tomorrow (Friday). Thank you for writing such amazing poems!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m touched! Thank you and all involved. I don’t have the words to properly express my thanks for your continued reading.

      Also, that you all would even think to post one of my Entry’s on the site. I appreciate that.

      Thank you!

      Side note: October is going to be here soon…which means things are about to get busy! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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