Entry 372: Song Of The Cellist

She plays her song late at night

She plays her strings with a smile

The rain always pouring

Upon the dead

She plays as though

She still lived…

The vivid detail in the music she creates

Summoning the memories

Of happier fates

A blissful time once lived,

Only the brightest memories

Does it create…

Walk by the old cemetery late at night

Perhaps you’ll hear her song

A warning of the coming after life…

If you do

It is said

Upon your death

You’ll be blessed

For her song

Does not just forewarn of Death

Her song,

Brings eternal peace with it

A promise of a gentle rest

No Heaven

No Hell

Only happiness…

She plays her song

Late at night

Her Cellos strings

Bringing peace to the dead…

-Song Of The Cellist-

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