Entry 362: My Dearest Puppet

There I stand

Silence enrapturing me

There you stand

Lost in this dark fantasy

A world you’ve awoken to

All alone & afraid


I follow you,

You hear the faint gurgles

Of victims past

The choked cries

Just out of sight

There I breathe

Slowly upon your back

Smell your scent

As you go deeper into the darkened path

Down those steps you wander further still

Floating behind you

I can’t help but begin laughing…

I sense the chill

That runs down your spine

The fear that takes over your mind…

Yes, I think as you turn around

As I fade away

You see nothing of me yet…


I whisper into your precious little head

Then just like that

You head further in

Unaware of the puppetry

I am orchestrating…

Down into the station full of blood & sin

You find a flash light


Picking it up

It comes to life in your hand

Scanning the room

You see the chains hanging…

For a moment you stare closer

Then flashes of the dead begin to arise

You fall back

At the blood & disgust

Dropping the flashlight

As you turn to run…

Shame for you the doors now close

I let you see it

So you know…

Your time is short


We’re not done quite yet


I want to watch you panic…

So quickly you turn

Picking up the flashlight again

I soon begin

Lowly humming

The song resonates through your ears

In your head

It takes you to past years

You remember the beautiful smile

Upon your sweet wife’s face

Just before

She met her tragic fate…

I push the memories

As the tears roll from your eyes

I pretend to be your wife…

A flash of light you no longer see the truth

You’re in bed with your wife

No idea I’m actually the one you are making love to…

It’s not like it’s real


I feed upon the emotions…

You feel happy

Forgetting the danger surrounding you

…For just a moment…

A snap of the fingers

You are brought back to the Subway

Jumping back,

You are startled at the sight of a dead baby

The horrific images of your wife & would be child

Smiling & laughing

Quite twisted I might add…


You scream out in despair


I say in response

As my smile grows wider

That fear, that despair


I’m slowly stalking you

As you cry inside…


Looking around in fear

I remind you

I control all here

One second a subway station

The next a field of red

Flowers fading to black

As red rain pours down upon your head

It’s the blood

The blood your wife didn’t have

It’s the sound of your dead childs cries

Of which, I felt I’d add…

Go ahead, run…CRY!

I relish in your despair

It makes me feel ALIVE!!!!

Running forth, you chase the images of the dead

You’ve forgotten where you actually are

Which I’ll remind you soon enough

…I assure you…

In the field, stands your dead wife & child

Their images soon fading as I come up behind you…

Grasping your body

Holding it in place

I remind you of everything you hate

All the pain & despair in life

Just before revealing to you

You’re going to die

The long nails digging into your skin

Awaken you to the truth of things

I lick the side of your face

Such a handsome soul

I’ll have fun with you later…

Your emotions are at their peak


We will have sweet release

You hear it


It’s too late

The Subway comes for you

Such is your fate

As the fear rises within you

I begin to feed upon your soul

Tasting of the sweat

Of the inevitable…

You give out one final scream!

I smile

As the train runs over you.

Coming to a stop

The doors open up

You’re forever mine now…

-My Dearest Puppet-

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