Entry 363: Cry Before She

The night the church bell rang

They found the bodies hanging

The blood running from their eyes

The twitching as they slowly died

There was no way they could save them

No hope for them at all

For you see

The souls found

Were long since dead

Mangled bodies twitching

They were trapped within their fate

The team that had come to rescue them

Knew not

For they

Only Death awaited…

The bodies now fallen to the floor

Slowly they all stood

A smile gracing their lips

Their razor sharp teeth now shown

All at once they gazed to the heavens

Mouths opening wider than their heads

A chanting soon over took the minds

Of the soon to be dead…

Cry before she

The one who you will soon dread

Cry before she

Your skin will soon shred

Cry before she

Think only of Death

For before she

You will cry in the end…

Blood, flesh, every little cut 

With each you will be born anew

Your organs displayed

Your faces contorted

You will die slowly

Your souls will join

To lull the next

Your deaths a reminder of her will

Cry before she

As the rain falls upon the roof

Fall into despair

As soon your blood will run

It is not over

For your death is just the beginning…

*Distant Screams ring out*

-Cry Before She-

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