Entry 351: Alone In My Agony

Here I sit

Watching the stream

A never ending flow of souls

Staring back at me…

Here I sit,

Praying I’ll see you

The specter of Death

Watching me closely…

Here I sit,

Knowing if I find you,

It will mean death

For Death,

Could never let me live

Were I to dive in

To save you…

So it is,

I stare upon the souls of the dead

Listening as they create

A song from their end

Hoping soon

I’ll see you again…

Here I sit,

Believing I see your face

So I dive right in,

Accepting my fate…

The stream ever flowing,

Time no longer something that makes sense

I reach your soul

To find myself

Shot back out again…

Here I sit,

Lost & confused

On the banks of the stream

Eternally watching you…

My soul bound to the edge

Held in a limbo with no end

A punishment from Death

I am no longer living or dead

Trapped on the shores

Destined to feel the pain of my loss


For it was I,

Who cost you your life

It was I who drove drunk

…That night…

I survived,

Each night, brought to the stream

Each night, staring


Begging I’d find you!

Perhaps things could change?!

Now locked just out of your reach


-Alone In My Agony-

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