Entry 352: The Truth In Front Of Them

I wrote a book

The world so loved

I wrote a book

Filled with tragedy…

The characters based on the living

Soon lost their lives,

The world based on our own

Soon itself


It spoke of an end

That none would see

A blinding light



The living now dead

They would wander

Forever lost…

Going about their lives

Thinking all was okay

Still fearing Death

Not realizing

…It’d already came…

Now they sit,

In a world so fake

Creating things


The lives they wished they’d had

The businesses they’d build from nothing

All are dead

Yet, to them,

It’s their reality…

They see not

The truth,

They remain blind

Believing themselves

To create things anew…

They pray to their Gods

Feel non existent pain

All while I watch

From a place unknown to them…

They play games,

Watch things on a tube created by them…

Reading or listening to a story of themselves

Never realizing

The truth in front of them…

They think they still live,

They swear they’ve yet to die


Some of them feel pain,

Never realizing

It’s all a fantasy…

Power of the mind,

Power of the soul,

Regardless of reasoning…


Are reading this right now

Having no clue


-The Truth In Front Of Them-

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