Entry 350: In The Swamp

In the swamp

You hear all manner of things…


In the swamp

You can hear the whispers of the dead

The missing,

Long lost,

Never to be found again…


In the swamp

Sometimes you’ll hear her call your name

Best avoid her though

Lest no one hear from you again…

In the swamp

You may see one of them

There are creatures that lurk

That are far more than myth

Or perhaps you’ll find

The ghosts whom refuse to stay in their graves…

In the swamp

There are plenty of things…

Mysteries, Death,

Good food all the same

Sometimes food,

With the living still mixed in…

In the swamp

The dead can sing songs

Curses are placed upon enemies

Blessings upon friends…

In the swamp

You’ll have a great ole’ time

Come give us a visit

We promise,

…You’ll never want to leave again…

-In The Swamp-

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