Entry 349: The House In The Hollow

Down in the hollow

Quiet & sweet

There sits a house

Made of dreams

It’s a place

That’ll beckon your name

It’ll grip you

Reaching deep into your brain

Regardless of where you live

Or what reality…

It”ll appear, at first in your dreams

Then steadily

It’ll consume all things

If it can’t lure you

While in your sleep

It will slowly make its way

Into your reality.

Taking what you see

Twisting it to what you wish

The house will be yours

For a bargain…

Whatever needs to happen


It needs to lead

You’ll be sure to find yourself

Acquiring your “Dream Home”…

It’s but a trick of the mind though

No matter the place you find,

Its halls will slowly drag you back

To the hollow

With its peace & quiet

In the reality

For which it resides

In time you’ll lose your mind…

Thinking yourself happy

Then silently

Over time,

It will make you its caretaker

For a time,

As it does,

Your life will be all about it


Keeping it well maintained

The house will consume you.


It will eat at your soul

Till one day,

You are completely under its control!

On that day,

Your soul now consumed,

It will let you live a fantasy

Your body will decay

You’ll never know you died,

It will put to rest

Any unease of the mind

You will slave away your eternity…

As a ghost,

Maintaining it…

Eventually, it will look for the next soul

The newest one to consume

So it stays fresh…


The house must feed

To reach the other souls it needs

To survive

For you see

It is a living entity

All who pass through its halls

Be they dead or living & soon to pass

Are always

…None the wiser…

Always they slave away


Their bodies decay

Always quiet as can be

Till they die

Becoming a slave

…For eternity…

-The House In The Hollow-

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