Entry 345: Shades Of Pain

Shades of pain,

I have them upon that road

I see that truck

As it kills me…

Night after night

The monstrosity

Runs me over

Again & AGAIN!!!!

I wish I could describe in words

What I feel each night

As my torment continues



Words can not convey

What I feel as it kills me…

Some nights,

It goes the extra step…

Its driver chaining to me the back



My skin…

Separating from my body…

Shades of pain,

They vary in degree,

It’s the best way I can describe my eternity.

Shades of pain,

Are what I feel

As sometimes he has his way

With my body.

I ask myself,

What I did to deserve this?

Why am I to suffer


Then I hear his cold dark voice

The sick laughter,

As he prepares to wreak his malice

Once again…

Upon me.

The other night,

My knees shattered one at a time,

The shadowy figure

Slamming the hammer down on me!

Shades of pain,

As he drug my body

To the back of a rock,

Hooking me up to it & his truck,

Before slowly pulling apart

My body…

Shades of pain

As he took the chainsaw to my neck

Before picking up my head


It matters not that I am dead.

Shades of pain

As I feel every death

Each suffering after it…

One time,

He rolled over my body slowly

Stopping his truck upon me.

Waiting as the weight crushed me


As I screamed helplessly…

Shades of pain,

That’s the only description I have

As I awake tonight

Hearing his truck

…Coming for me…

-Shades Of Pain-

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