Entry 344: Her Great Big Teeth

Every night I have a dream

In it I’m haunted constantly!

The face of an old hag

Gnashes & gnaws

While I go mad!

I run & run

Yet, she’s always there

The face of an old woman

Trying to eat me!

I see the warts upon her face

The crazed look as she gazes upon me!

I feel the stench of her hot breath

The drool as her tongue hovers over me!

The woman has such great teeth!

Every night she draws closer to eating me!

I tried to run

Again & again…

Yet, no matter how fast I move

She continues after me!

I fear I’ve been running for many years

As time has gone on

I’ve grown more exhausted

Not just from the lack of rest


Upon waking,

I am out of breath!

Run, run, run

I continue each night

Last night,

I felt her bite me!

I awoke bleeding

A chunk of skin missing from my arm…

I’ve done everything in my power

Not to sleep,

Since then.


All the caffeine

All the pain,

None of it will keep me awake,


So it is…

I feel myself drifting off…

My last sleep


…She consumes me…

-Her Great Big Teeth-

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