Entry 346: Prayer Of The Suffering

Take me to the place

Locked away within my dreams

The building abandoned

Far from reality

A place of beauty

Though terror lies within

The place I plan on staying,

After my final rest begins…

Take me to that place I’ve visited

So many years before

The place I knew

Was where I’m meant to go

Lock me away

Far away from humanity

Keep me safe

…From happiness…

I call upon your pain

Asking you to free me

I know you lurk just outside the walls

Sometimes moving within the halls

I know the pain I’ve wrought in life

I pray you show no mercy

That you will eternally

…Punish me…

Spare no expense

Make me scream

Not for pleasure


For something better

Perhaps then I’ll find forgiveness

For bringing about the death

…Of my Mother…

-Prayer Of The Suffering-

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