Entry 236: The School

Many years ago

A fire burned

Many children burned with it

The fire was so bright

Death itself was unable to claim the souls…

Eventually the fire subsided


There was already something deep inside…

At this school

The souls of many children were sent to an early grave

Though that wasn’t the worst part of their fate

The worst part was what awaited them next

Eternally lost within the ash

Most were trapped in the basement level

It was here they were burned alive

Screaming, PLEADING for their pain to end…

Sadly, the fire consumed them

The fire was no ordinary one at that

The report reading it was an accident

An electrical fire started in the basement level of the school…

The souls in class given no chance of escape

The fire was actually started by something else entirely…

You see, the souls claimed didn’t just burn

They burned slowly…

Once the fire died down

It claimed them as its own…

Sometimes people claim

To see a specter roaming

Staring out the windows as they pass

Bringing terror upon any unlucky enough to see it

Many have claimed to see the thing

Only to die or vanish soon after…

Some say you can still hear the children’s cries of pain

Their unending misery…

Any who enter that school

Wishing to help

Perhaps hearing the screams of the children’s ghosts

…Are never seen again…

The school is of course, abandoned now

The citizens of Black Winter wished to tear it down

Sadly, that would not be the case

Any who attempted to destroy the burned out building

Never got the chance…

All dying in mysterious ways

First the mayor made a plan

To end the school


He never made it home that night

What happened to him?

No one knows…

He’s obviously not the first mayor to die

Under circumstances that didn’t seem quite right

The construction crew set to demolish the building the next day

All died in their sleep mysteriously…

The town finally agreed instead

To leave the building where it stood

A warning sign placed outside the school

Quickly caught fire…

At which point all vowed

Never to go near this place

For something twisted dwells within

Something malicious claimed the children’s lives

All 277 that were inside

It took hold of their souls

Tormenting them & keeping them for itself…

If you wander the streets at night

If you hear the children’s screams

Do not answer their pleas

For if you do

You’ll soon be claimed

By the mysterious entity

That dwells inside…

-The School-




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