Entry 237: Happy

Today is a good day

I got all my food stored early

I skinned the meat

Used the bones as a treat for Bessie

Cleaned the mess

Saved some of the blood for lipstick


Today is a good day

Yesterday was nice too

I stalked the gentleman for quite a while

I saw his home

His kids

I didn’t care about them though…

Kids are boring

Women complain

Except for Happy…

She always brings a smile to my face

Tells me I can have anything

I call her Happy for she whispers to me delights

I call her Happy because she brightens my life

Never ignoring me

Always listening…

She told me where he’d be

All I needed to abduct my future feast

Yes, Happy is a beautiful woman

“Indeed I am, Ben”


Yes, Ben?

Thank you

I finally bagged another one

His meat will keep me full for the next week

He’s heavier set

Plenty of meals will come from him

His blood makes the perfect lipstick

I think I’ll go out tonight

Maybe I can bring you someone

That’d be sweet, Ben…


You know I only have eyes for one man…

Oh my, don’t make me blush

You know I’m not generally into women

I want to settle down with someone someday

Why is it you keep having me kill everyone?

Are you questioning me, Ben?

N..No…I’d never do such a thing…


Do you have the knife, Ben?

Y…yes, I do…Happy…

Prove to me you’re happy…

I…I don’t…



Happy makes me do things sometimes

When she asks me if I’m happy

Or to prove my delight

I must carve another scar into my smile…

*Slow slicing*

The pain…it makes me happy…

I am happy

Yes, you are…

Why are you happy?

Because, you provide me with happiness!

I’m happy because of you…Happy.

Who do you love more than anyone, Ben?


Do you need anyone?

Only you, Happy b-

Ben. Look into the mirror Ben.

Are we sad, Ben?

No…w-we are happy

Take the knife & carve into your arm a scar

Make one for everyday you’ve been happy, Ben.


I’ve been happy since Day 1…

10,000 more cuts to prove…

…How happy, I truly am…


I was even happier on day 2…

9,999 more cuts to confess my happiness to you


On day 3 I grew happier still

That was day you told me it’d all be okay

I just needed peace

To get that

I needed only to kill my family

So I did as you said

I killed my Mother

A shotgun blast through her brain

I cut up the remaining meat

Saved it,

Ate some of her later

My father wasn’t too happy

I tied him down

Cutting him slowly over time

He didn’t bleed out until day 9

9,998 more cuts I’ll give

As proof of my devotion


Day 4…

I put the first scar into my face

I carved a smile as proof of my happiness

We reminisced over the first time we met

The day I found you in the old mannequin factory

You’ve always spoken to me

I’m not sure how


I’m thankful…

9,997 more cuts to go…




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