Entry 235: The Demon Of The Lake

If in dreams you awake

To a cold barren place

At its center a lake

Be warned

The one who dwells there

Wants to keep you forever more

She will appear to you as your greatest desire

Someone seemingly impossible to resist

She corrupts almost everyone…

The more pure the soul

The more she’ll want you

She gets lonely at the lake

The one she was drowned in

Lifetimes ago

They called her a demon

She is now

Lurking within the dreams of those

Who live within other realities

Often appearing to them, in this place

Though occasionally she’ll lure them there

From other dreams they may be having

If you are unable to resist her wiles

She’ll eventually lure you in

Her body will seem perfect

For it will be whatever you desire most

It is then she’ll pull you in

Likely make love to you


She’ll drown you

Steal your soul

Continue her hunt anew

Always looking for a new suitor

For which to steal the soul

Claiming to be, all alone…

-The Demon Of The Lake-

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