Entry 213: Until The Next One

Oh the rain,

How it pours

Such a perfect night

As is yours

I really love the time we spend together

The conversations we have

It’s been a bit,

Which made me sad

Tonight though

Will be our last

I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay

The food & drinks I’ve made

The past few rains were nice

You even got an extended stay

Tonight though, is your last day

Sadly this rain will be our last together

The water levels will be high enough I think

The glass coffin will finally be ready for your eternal sleep

So once the water is over your face

Be sure to take a deep breath

Remember fondly the memories of the past

The things that led to this…

Remember your love for me my sweet

I’ll be sure the sunlight doesn’t bother you,

When you finally do sleep

I’ll pour dirt over this place

The world will forget you anyways

All your stresses will be gone

No one will come looking for you

Remember the first time we met?

You were wowed by my red dress

Taking me for drinks at the bar

You thought you were so clever

*gasping and drowning sounds*

What’s that my sweet?

I am indeed gorgeous

I’m glad you’ll remember me that way

I hope you remember the smile on my face

The one I get when I’m turned on

Watching you drowning…


Well, you’ll be checking out soon

It’s been fun…

No, really!

This is fun…

…For me…

It’s cute the way you squirm

Knowing you’ll never break free of your chains

Please, continue fighting for me

The water slowly filling your lungs…


It isn’t all bad…

I’ll remember you



-Until The Next One-

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