Entry 214: Things Heard In The Static #6: Always Smile For Lady

It’s good to smile

It’s polite…

It’s good to smile

It makes you a delight!

Smiling is good for all!

Little Timmy smiled

Just before he won the race!

Susie’s smile got her an A!

Janes smile made her family happy!

Toms smile lead to another baby!


So you see, smiling is good for all!

Smiling will keep her away

Her own horrid face a disgrace!

She waits in the darkest places

When you think you’re all alone

If you ever see her

Smile & she’ll leave you alone

You see if you don’t smile

She’ll come for you

If you don’t smile

She’ll devour you!

If you don’t smile

She’ll carve off your face!

If you don’t smile

You’ll go to an early grave!


Lady is what she’s called

Crying her tears of mad remorse!

No one loves Lady


Looking into the mirror one night

Lady screamed madly!

She carved her face off with a knife!

Then seemingly died…

When the maid came in to check what was wrong

She screamed!

Soon after her face was carved off

Her heart ripped from her chest!

All this in front of her kids!

Fading into darkness

Not heard from for quite some time

Citizens of Black Winter started to see her ghost

Countless faced a deadly fate

Save for a kid who smiled at everything

His family butchered in front of his eyes

He kept smiling, the entire time!

The authorities asked why?

The kid laughing like mad

Told them…

-Things Heard In The Static #6: Always Smile For Lady-

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