Entry 212: Shadow Creek: Video 3

*Playback begins*

This place,

I feel lost

This place,

I’m forgetting something…

This place,

Who’s faces are these?

This place,

Why do you seem so familiar to me?

This place,

Something has been lost in the fog

This place,

Am I dead?

Why is it, you stare at me?

Your faces haunting me!

Oh sweet child,

Why is that knife in your eye?

Please sir, explain to me why

You wear that smile?

Too happy for explanation…

Is this something to be happy about?

Passing by a church

I feel it’s important

I’ll never remember why

This place,

It haunts me

I went inside,

Hoping to find the truth

I find only MADNESS!

The man looking statue

The woman’s face in the halls

This place,

It makes no sense

Why is everyone seemingly frozen in time?

I see no breathing

I however hear their cries!

Wailing of sorrows

For which I’ll never be able to explain

This place,

Has a basement

I walk down,

I hear moaning & cries

None of it makes sense

I continue thinking why?

This place,

The door holds a symbol I vaguely recognize…

I open it, heading down

This place,

Feels familiar

The atmosphere suddenly growing heavy

Flickers of the child with the knife in their eye

The smiling man…

Wasn’t smiling at all…

The face was contorted by the one who hides within these walls…

This place,

I hear her laughter

This place,

It overtakes me


This place,

She made his face like that

I can see now it’s not a smile



…Carefully putting it on him…

This place is growing darker now

She’s walking in the shadows

I can hear her breathing…

This place,

It’s where…my family died!

The man with another’s face…

My husband…

The child with the knife in their eye…

My child…

The cries of the congregation…

The cries of her previous victims…

This place…

She’s behind me now…

This place…

I can do nothing…

*Screams ring out*

*Playback Ends*

-Shadow Creek: Video 3 –

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