Entry 196: Echo: Confession

I’ve been running

How long, I do not know

The screaming continues

To echo

The walls, they speak things

The halls, only resonate suffering

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do

I turn the corner

I’m hit all at once

One moment I see the halls of this ship

The next it flickers into the walls of home

Always shifting

The ship bringing blood and darkness

My home, my daughters smiling face

The shifting continues

Soon there is blood running from her head

I just need to reach my Isabella

Yes…that’s all I need to do

Pressing forth

I continue after her smiling

Now bleeding face

As she and my home

Fade in and out

It begins to feel as though I’m slowing

Almost running in place

I must press forward!

I have to save her


Her blood flows from her head to her toes


It runs down the floor

Still…she is smiling?

Arms reached out, like she wants my embrace

A hug from her father?

Something is out of place…

Then I reach her and all goes dark again

As the lights come on

That sick woman’s laughing is all I hear instead

Written in blood on the floor

Is the word


What is this?!

A low tapping echoes from ahead

I look up and there is a door

I’m quite sure there wasn’t one there before…



I can hear a voice speaking from the room


The words echo from the walls

In blood as I walk

They begin to appear on the walls

All up and down the hallway

I walk in and then I see exactly what it is

To my shock…


No…not again!

I’m in the room again…

His place

The night I went for that visit

He wanted to play a card game

Then he gets up and I hear him whispering

Jim? I remember asking from the other room

*Low whispering*

I entered the room to find a gun to his head

He was still whispering


A smile, a pull of the trigger…

…Jim…was dead…

I collapsed to the floor

He died smiling

The walls painted red

They now began to form words

Spread all over the walls in blood

The room shifts

There is no longer a way out

No door


I’m here for a moment

The words on the walls say why

Then I’m back in that room

There are images of Jim all around me


Pulling the trigger again

All at once,

Their dead bodies falling!

Everything goes dark

As it lights up again

I see all over the walls


*Audio playback*

I’m sick of living…

Smiling when I’m dying inside

I’m sick of living a lie!

She should just leave you!

I..we…talked about this

You were always off on a mission

That’s no way to raise a family Jim

She was lonely

I’d always loved her secretly too

So, vulnerable…

We began to talk

Then kiss…



She only denies it because of you

When you’re around

She’s afraid to tell you the truth…

It’s suddenly, oh ERIC, I LOVE YOU!

She tells me keep quiet


I’ll have no chance at being with her again

She has me emotionally tortured inside

I’ve never been so conflicted in my life!

That…ends tonight…





*Audio Playback Ends*

The room lit up

The blood soaked corridors of the ship

They were almost inviting

Was this true?

Or just another game?

I wasn’t sure anymore

I walked out the room

The door there once again

Continuing deeper…

…Into the madness of this ship…

-Echo: Confession-

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