Entry 197: Echo: They Slowly Stalk Me


The laughter sounds from the walls

All around the blood falls

I see my brother Jim

Constantly dying…

Over and over again

Suicidal suffering

Tormenting me with his emotional abuse

If what he speaks is truth

He is the one in the wrong

I the victim!

Yet here he appears on blood splattered walls

Stalking me up and down these halls

Showing me his death again and again

Cackling madly

No promise of tomorrow for him

Is there one for me?

What kind of hellish insanity

Have I found?

I’ve awoken to madness all around

He continues to stalk me

I continue to run

I feel my mind going insane

Slowly this place tears away at me

I can feel the breath of a living thing

Echoing within the these halls

Studying me

Picking me apart

Slowly, smiling, this place lives

I swear it!

Just as I feel the madness overtake

Jim vanishes

The ship falls silent

The silence becomes worse than anything from before

It is so quiet as I wander the halls

Has it been days, months even?

I’m no longer sure

Everything is blurring

It is all the same

The silence has lasted for an eternity!

Now I begin to question all

As I step through a door and all at once

I’m back within the same halls

Jim stalking me


Committing suicide again

Still he haunts me


Then I see her as well

My Isabella…

My baby girl

She bleeds from her head

I…I’m not sure if anything is real

For soon I sense her…

The woman who fills me with dread

The one I met at the beginning of all of this

She holds in her hands a fair sized knife

Licking it slowly

Her tongue splitting in two

Before she vanishes

Reappearing ahead…


That smile is the worst thing of all I think

The sinister thoughts no doubt

Housed within it

Red like the blood on my daughters head

An omen of death

For what lies ahead

The halls grow dark

The world black

I see nothing…but…

I hear her breathing…

The sound of the knife grating on the metal walls

It grinds and vanishes

Appearing ever closer than before

I run in the opposite direction

Though it is back the way I came

I find not surprisingly

I’m somewhere else…


She’s here in the darkness

I hear her all around

The grinding of the knife

Echoing from the walls

Her smile is something I can sense

Much like her dark intent

I run and run some more

The place shifts and alters once again

Leading me deeper into the maze within

I’m terrified by all I see

For the lights come on suddenly

The woman no longer there


The walls fill with eyes

Staring at my soul

I see their pained expressions

Hear the screams

Then there is her laughter again

I can hear them slowly die

One by one she slaughters them

As they die the eyes that match the victims of each

Turn a horrific crimson

A shock on them

Just before they roll into the walls


I press forwards


She slowly follows


I feel the stalking inside the walls

I feel her smile all around the halls

I know not how this will end

I suspect…

…In Death…

-Echo: They Slowly Stalk Me-

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