Entry 144: The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1- Even Gods Bleed

The rain intensified…

The town shook…

I remember feeling my breathing in that moment


I sensed across from me, this nightmarish figure

Clad in black, face hidden

This was an amalgamation of The Clocktower and The Clocktower King

Evil, everything it put me through

I felt for the “King” for it was clear now he was just a pawn

Another victim, another cog in this twisted machine

Though I was missing an eye, and blind in the other

I felt through my senses, that I could see better than ever before

He’s coming forward at an amazing speed!

I almost respect that as he should’ve respected the fact he’s not as fast…

…As he thinks…

I can feel his movements in the rain, I can sense his positioning so when he attacks

I meet him, fist to fist!

The earth and the very air shakes around us!

I can tell he has a massive size advantage over me now

Perhaps a side effect of his recent acquisition of souls?

No matter, it will end here, one way or the other

I plan on ending him and the damn Clocktower, even if I die…

Seconds become hours as we speed along fighting one another

No doubt those below can only feel quaking with the occassional

Glimpse of us in the lightning!

Again and again we clash

The Clocktower itself is beginning to fracture again

I help it by taking advantage of a missed attack

Quickly dashing backwards before shooting like a bullet forwards

I can hear the sonic boom and feel the cracking of ribs as I land my punch

My opponent is lifted into the air

I rush past him and run up a piece of broken tower

Backflipping off I wait till I’m just above my foe

He looks up, I summon lightning and the moment it hits me

I ride it and a burst of energy straight down!

The electricity crackles through my body and around me

I’ve never felt so alive as I rush downwards

Slamming my shoulder plate into this behemoth’s chest!

A scream rings out and we shoot downwards at a wicked pace!

Straight through the center of the Clocktower we go

Eventually reaching the bottom as the lightning and my attack

Drive this God into the ground in pain

He’s bleeding as the shockwave of energy explodes outwards!

All at once the Clocktower rains down upon us…

I teleport away to what was once the entrance to this nightmare

Memories flash before my eyes as The Nightmare God quickly flies at me

He is faster now and lands a hit to my face that sends me flying!

I crash through building after building

Townspeople scream in horror as I fly through their homes and businesses

All are reduced to rubble and many die

The souls of the dead are quickly absorbed by my enemy making him more powerful!

I brace myself, planting my feet into the ground and eventually come to a stop

The Nightmare God is on top of me instantly and I plant an elbow into his fist

Earthquakes erupt, whole homes are swallowed, city blocks are swallowed whole!

Buildings a mile around implode from the shockwave of our attacks meeting

More die, he becomes more powerful…

I summon more energy and quickly engage in further combat

Attempting to keep the fight contained to this area as it’s already been wiped out

Screaming…so many dead and dying…

Black Winter can be a terrible place but this has to be one of it’s darkest moments

Zipping around we land attack after attack

I feel my right body trembling like the earth as he continues to grow stronger

The screams of the dead are a symphony to the horror this thing is capable of

I can not keep the fight in one place as he forces me to keep moving and fighting

Black Winter suffers for our battle, but I make myself a silent promise…

I will see the souls of the dead within this thing freed!

I will kill this bastard, God or no God!

Two fists thrown, one after another, I parry each

Things collapse, people die…

Our battle continues, street to street

I take a piece of fallen building in mid collapse and chunk it at my foe

He smashes through it but that was the distraction…

It is only after breaking it apart he sees me coming right at him

I hit him across the face with my fist with such ferocity I sense his body shaking

In the air itself!

I feel his blood hit me in the face as he goes flying back and attempts to regain

His footing

He plants himself and stops, meeting my next attack and stopping it!

I duck a backhand to the face but am met with follow up knee to the chin

I feel some of my teeth shatter and spit up blood and teeth as he grabs me midair

Quickly spinning me around into the earth below!

I am driven miles below before I stop with a thud that bounces my body off the ground

Leveling the rest of the pit around me

There is a crater, there is me, I struggle to get to my feet

My body wants none of it as my foe reaches me, smashing me in the back

Forcing me into the his knee, which he drives into my gut laughing all the way

I stumble back…must fight, my breathing is off


Three quick punches in succession send me dizzily backwards

It’s hard to sense him with my head being smacked around

My body feels like it’s about to break but I spit up blood and meet his hands

With my own

He throws a knee, I spin around it, before grabbing him by the throat

My left hand lifting him off the ground and throwing him down with all my force!

His body hits the earth and I quickly drive both my knees into his chest

I feel blood hit me…a God’s BLOOD!

In seconds I unleashes punch after punch upon his face

I can feel the back of his head splitting the earth

Like a nail…his head is driven into the ground by the hammer…my fists!

He grabs my right side and squeezes

I feel what’s left of a piece of my armor crunch and I scream in pain!

The right side of my rib cage is broken!

I gasp for air, my lungs aren’t in the best shape as he throws me aside like a toy!

I feel myself smash through several building but I refuse to be broken!

I plant both my gauntlets and boots into the earth stopping as pieces of my gauntlets

Break apart…

I sense him coming again but I smile as I launch myself at him!

Crack, I can feel his nose break and my own as we both manage to hit one another

Both in the face, dead center

Before we are sent spiraling out of control in opposite directions!

I bounce through rubble and roll to a stop, hitting a piece of destroyed building

Just enough to have the rest of it collapse on top of me!

I’m hurting, probably broken in all manner of ways…

I get up through and crawl out of the wreckage…

Barely standing up I sense around me

I’m able to sense him in just enough time to throw up my left wrist

I parry his attack and counterattack

Interestingly enough he shoots backwards and stops

I sense his breathing…it is heavy as well

Spitting up more blood I look in his direction

My enemy hasn’t attacked just yet…

The first hesitation I’ve seen from him possibly this entire fight

We’ve been fighting for hours…

Halloween is upon us…

*Heavy breathing*



*Vomiting blood*

Impressive…it seems you’ve made this God bleed…

No matter…it’s midnight…and that means you have 24hrs to finish this…

Halloween is here…

If I’m standing at all by the time 24hrs is up…you lose

I’ll take yourself and every soul in this town! 

I will rebuild myself…and your eternity will be SUFFFERING! HA…HA!

Well then…

*Spits out blood and a few more teeth*

What do you say we finish this?

Enough chit chat, let’s end this!

…I happen to like my odds…

So here I stand…on the edge, barely standing

Halloween is here…

…24 hours remain…

-The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1: Even Gods Bleed-





4 thoughts on “Entry 144: The Clocktower: End Game: Part 1- Even Gods Bleed

    • Thank you! I’m about to start writing the final Entry in this series. Should be up sometime tonight…might be a few hours.

      A lot to fit into the final Entry of The Clocktower! I’m so happy you and others continue to read and I’m glad you are enjoying it.

      I’ve got the finale jitters and I’m also kind of excited at the same time!

      Have an amazing day!

      Cheers! ^_^

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