Entry 69: This House Of Suffering

*Gasping, staggered, heavy breathing*

I feel it again, am I having a panic attack?

No, I very much doubt that.

You see, it is this place

A place of murder and pain

It messes with your brain

A house with a blood soaked past

It meddles with your mind

Corrupts your soul

Quite like another house you may have heard of

There is something a tad different to this one though

It sits here trying to prey on my fear

Making me feel as though I suffocate

It wants me to be afraid

Like a vampire who drinks fear instead of blood

It learns that of which you fear

Then it slowly makes you disappear

Lost in a fog of madness and misery

Slowly twisting your reality

It will do this for a while

Toying with you, watching you suffocate in its dark atmosphere

It will show you things, see what you don’t like

It wants to know what keeps you up at night

Then it digs deeper, starts looking into your past memories

Eventually picking you apart

Twisting those memories until you aren’t even sure who you are

I’ve seen it all before

I’ve got others with hopes and dreams to buy this house of suffering

The latest victims a family 6

A mother, a father, a boy, and 3 daughters

In the end the mother drowned the boy in a bath

Believing him to be a rapist from her past

The father killed his 2 youngest daughters both 12

A bullet to their head he ended them quick

Having believed them the past dead having risen again

The mother shortly after ended her life with a shock

In the very tub she killed her boy Tom

The house having revealed the awful truth

Long enough to send her to suicide by electrocution

The final daughter, freshly 18, today her birthday of all things

The father, memories now twisted, things replaced, taken away

No longer himself, he came to her now

Taking away her virginity, her name was Kate

He raped her and then strung her up

Shoving her off the 2nd story balcony he ended her life

SNAP! It ended as quickly as that

Laughing a madman all the same

Another pawn of the houses game

He went up 3 stories more

Jumping from the 5th floor

He ended with a THUD!

His blood splattered everywhere

No worries the house would happily soak it up

Then I was summoned, to clean it all up

None of these souls will know peace

Eternally they will scream!

Cursed to wander the dark halls of this twisted house

Recently my realty company hired my replacement

I’m getting ready to retire you see…

Recently having sold the house to a family of 3

My usefulness to this house a thing no more

It will kill me soon enough

I will be just another victim trapped within its walls

…I only pray my end be quick…

For I know my suffering will be eternal

-This House Of Suffering-



11 thoughts on “Entry 69: This House Of Suffering

  1. Fear no longer rules my life. No longer plagued by existential dread, fear of abandonment, and the shame of getting things wrong I can live the way I want and believe I should. Now I can know true peace if I live according to my own ethics, standards, and judgments. Now I have lost the fear of fear itself. But, I am afraid of this house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wonderful! Thank you so much! I consider that quite the compliment. I long for the day I can let go of fear (not necessarily in writing) and truly live again.

      I’m working on it slowly, but present living circumstances and recent trauma have made it difficult. I am slowly working on changing my mindset though. Thank you kindly for your comment and your thoughts.

      You have inspired me to continue to the fight against fear in my life.

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! ^_^ Yeah, (perhaps not surprisingly) I’m a firm believer in most things supernatural. That being said, I don’t just believe any story either. I do approach video footage I see and stories I hear about hauntings with the idea that in many cases it can be explained by something natural.

      Life however, and my own experiences have def made me a firm believer in the existence of ghosts, demons, etc.

      Thank you for commenting and I’m glad you liked the poem.

      Cheers! ^_^

      Liked by 2 people

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