Entry 398: Something

The first day I felt a little off

The first night, something hung above my cot

The second day I felt a little pain

The second night I saw something unexplainable by sight

The third day, I felt a little funny in the head

The third night I heard something skittering

The fourth day I went to a hospital for help

The fourth night I was home not knowing what was wrong

The fifth day I felt a lot more pain

The fifth night I thought I heard something inside my brain

The sixth day I could hear the clawing begin

The sixth night something began oozing from my skin

The seventh day I began to lose my hair

The seventh night I cried in fright

The eighth-day strange pustule growths began to replace my now lost hair

The eighth night the nose bleeds led to haunting hallucinatory  sights

The ninth day I feel some of the sacs pop

The ninth night I lay here as something hatches and begins eating me from the inside

The…day…it is too br-A-IG-h-t

The dark time…brain…



*Body Falls*


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