Entry 169: Everything Is Going To Be Fine

Day 1

When it all began

I woke up and she was staring at me

Day 2

I held her hand

She said she couldn’t sleep because

She was always watching

Day 3

She slept with me

Day 4

I saw her talking to someone

I told myself it was her imaginary friend

She called her Samantha

Day 5

Something isn’t right

She sleeps with me but I hear her

Whispering every single night

Incoherent, what she says

Though sometimes when I listen close

I’m quite sure I hear another voice

Whispering back

Day 6

I awoke this morning

My daughter was gone

I scrambled up and looked around

I found her in the playroom

Happy as can be

She turned and smiled at me

Playing with her toys

Still, something felt very wrong

Day 7

I found her awake

Just laying there

Eyes wide open

Never blinking

Always smiling at me

Day 8

Something is very wrong

She keeps talking to someone

Sometimes she twitches a bit

No reasoning

Seemingly something small


I notice it

Day 9

I can hear them both talking

Late at night

I’m terrified

I heard them speaking about me

Something about when I’m sleeping

I was awake that night

Never sleeping…

…She was too…

Never blinking

Always smiling

Day 10

I recorded my daughter

She was in the playroom

I thought it would be okay

Then she asked about her dead father

She said, she saw him

She never looked at me

However, she knew I was there

She says, Samantha let me talk to him

Day 11

I’ve still not slept

I’m afraid to

I almost did today, but when I started to nod off

I had a terrible feeling and when I opened my eyes

She was staring me in the face

Never blinking

Always smiling

Day 12

I collapsed

I had the most maddeningly frightening dreams

I saw Samantha

She just laughed at me

I awoke, there my daughter stood

The neighbors dead cat still ripped open

Organs everywhere

She just kept smiling

Knife in one hand, cat in the other

…Never blinking…

Day 13

I brought her to a child psychologist

The woman saw her for an hour

That night I got a phone call

She said she’s always watching

Then laughed and cried

I heard her blow her brains out

Over the phone

My daughter Emily just stood there

Smiling at me

Never blinking

Day 14

I’ve asked for an exorcism

The priest skyped me

He just smiled into the camera

Saying, she’s always watching

He slit his throat

Right on cam

I don’t know what to do…

I can’t do…ANYTHING!

Day 15

Emily seemed herself today

No weird changes


Day 16

She asked me to play

Said something about having tea time set up

…in our basement…

I politely declined

Told her I had something to do

She stared me in the face and said

Mommy, Samantha says you are lying

You have nothing else to do

She also wants you to know

She loves you

Day 17

I walked inside Emily’s room

She was taking pictures of a dead rat

She is only 7

Something is very wrong with that

Day 18

I collapsed again

I woke up

There she was


…Never blinking…

Day 19

I think I’m seeing Samantha

Every now and again

From time to time

Out of the corner of my eye

She just smiles

…Never blinking…

Day 20

I’m seeing her more frequently

She lurks closer every time

Some nights I hear her whispering

Everything is going to be fine

Day 21

I thought about killing Emily today

I’m not sure I have a choice

She’s my daughter, I love her

Samantha says

It will be alright

She whispered into my ear all night

Everything is going to be fine

Day 22

I made Emily breakfast today

I told her to join me for tea

…In the basement…

I made a special mallet, just for the event

Samantha says, I shouldn’t tell Emily

Everything will be fine

I can kill her

Then myself

Then…we can be a happy family

Day 23

Tea party went great!

It was such a delight!

I killed Emily…

I sawed off her head

Still more time for tea though


Day 24

I looked inside the mirror today

I saw Samantha’s face

Always smiling

Never blinking

I’m going to take this knife

Shove it in my neck

…I did…

I’m bleeding out

It’s okay though

Everything is going to be fine

-Everything Is Going To Be Fine-


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