Entry 168: The Piano

I bought the most amazing thing today

It was a piano for which I practiced playing

In time I grew great

I was a happy Nate indeed

The world was the perfect place

The piano granted me skills

I became the best in the world

Greater than all the greats


Yet, every time I try to sleep

The piano is there in every dream

I must keep playing

I can’t stop…


It is not happiness that drives me anymore


I want to burn the damned thing

Yet play and play, I will anyways

I heard it whispering the other night

It said I must wake up

I needed to play it again

It told me I’d play till dawn

Not even a single break

If I didn’t, I’d never see anyone again!

I of course obeyed the voice

Playing the piano, pretending inside, it was my choice

Dawn came, I made breakfast, ate it

Then I heard the voice again


It told me to hold a concert for all Black Winter to attend

It promised me eternal fame I’d get

I did as it asked

The moment I began to play I heard the voice speak again

It said…

Your soul is mine, you will play till you are dead!

So I played and played some more

I wanted to stop

My fingers in pain

It said no

I tried to stop, my fingers wouldn’t


I played until my fingers bled

Then I played more…

I never stopped even after I heard my fingers snap

There was a smile stuck on my face

I cackled insanely!

Bones sticking out and still playing MADLY!

Eventually I banged my head over and over again….

Covering the piano in blood

There was a great cheer!

They loved the show!

Now here I am dead…


-The Piano-


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