Entry 404: Call Me The Book Of Truth

I watch you

I see you

The real you

The one you hide behind that perfect porcelain face

The same mask you wear every day

All of you

Standing on your plateau

All of you

On a path that goes quite low…

Where you’re headed is a special treat

None of you see that though

You’re too busy

Enjoying the fame & popularity

The vanity of the beauty

The anonymity of your acts

The virtual worship of the blind

The fake appreciation you feign

You tell yourselves you never changed


…We both know you did…

Power is an easy trap to fall into

Fame will not follow where you go after though

No, for all of you

There is a dark place

A place you get closer to every single day

Many will miss you

More will lie about you

But…I’ll have records for all

Your darkest secrets you kept inside

A perfect record is hidden within me

I saw the truth & I recorded it over time

All your darkest secrets are forever mine

Soon enough your true face will be seen

Then you’ll be buried beneath the ground

By the very hands that worshiped you

-Call Me The Book Of Truth-

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