Entry 403: Fleshly Desires

I whisper to you during the day

I talk to you all night

At first, you thought I was your imagination

Over time, you found

You were not right…

For as I spoke more, you began to feel the urge

An urge to do things you would never do

At least…according to those closest to you.

It was within that first urge I had you tell a lie

Or…when in certain company

Specific truths.

I always start out small

Maybe have an extra slice of pie

Maybe get truly drunk this time

After all…

…who needs those pesky inhibitions?

Certainly not you when in the company of me

My voice became more alluring over time

You tried to resist futilely

Some ill-gotten sense of honor from your early childhood

When they brainwashed you with your “religion of choice”.

For all the bad a holy man would think of me

I’m at least honest in what I do…


…Most of the time that’s true.


I don’t lord fear over you.

No, quite the opposite you’ve come to know

As time continued to fly by

My voice beginning to sound as audible as the one in the bed next to you.

Soon I had to you watching porn

Testing the limits of what you’d give into

I shaped your mind very slowly

I offered you the free will many had promised you

Then…as time went on…I turned your attentions away

Away from your wife

Away from porn

Away from any woman, I didn’t wish to take over

Then came the first night you dreamt of me

Intoxicating as anyone could ever be

It was a subtle smile but, that’s all it really took

You didn’t even see my full face at first.

No, you were focused on my body

My perfect skin

My flawless lips

As well as…

…other qualities…


I let that seed spread

I slowly absorbed your thoughts my friend

You stopped praying to your pathetic God

You began craving me in your every thought

You’d take time personally to pleasure yourself

Thinking only of a simple image in a dream

Not realizing I was slowly spreading

I loved to watch you during that time

The way you’d give yourself to me

The way you’d ignore everything.

Sometimes, you’d do it with your wife sleeping right next to you in bed

It was thrilling!

Until the next time we met

That night you got to gaze upon my entire being

That night you swore yourself to me

You caved…falling to your knees

Slowly you kissed and licked my feet

As time went on, you went further for me

That was always how it was too.

Everything you did was for me

…It’s true.

You told yourself little lies at first but eventually

You caved even more.

I remember the night you took me to bed

First my feet

…then SLOWLY…

…you moved up my leg

I remember moving in

I let you squeeze my ass even as you tasted my sweetest lips

The juices of that kiss left you wishing…nay…BEGGING for more!

Then, just as you were about to fully cave

I made you promise me

We’d meet…the next day.

It’d start simple,

A mere trance

You’d spend your day pleasuring yourself for me

As night fell & the moon was as full as you wished to be within me

It was only then we finally sealed things

That night we made the sweetest and yet most wicked kind of “love”.

That night I got all of you.

I felt you throbbing between my legs

I rode and teased until I was sure you’d given yourself to me…eternally…

Then your wife walked in & I made myself known.

She saw my visage

She saw us becoming one.

She heard my moans & my cries

She saw my smile as tears shed from her eyes

She watched me laugh as I forced her close

I gave you the knife

She begged you to stop but…you knew who you loved most!

So I laughed as we played with her mind

I drove your crazy as you carved her insides

When we were done

We fucked her dead corpse.

It was pleasing, to say the least

I soon licked the knife before turning and slitting your throat…

The look of shock all over your face


…It was better than the blood of your wife I bathed in only moments ago.

Watching that look on your face

OOOh…poor baby…

…You shouldn’t turn me on that way!

I’ll admit I took your soul real slowly

I drained it from your cock as the blood slowly spilled from your throat

You came once or twice

I’ll admit to having used a bit of magic post mortem to finish you a few more times…

It was delightful the mix of semen and blood

Now I own you eternally

You’re my plaything in hell

Thankfully I was able to make it a package deal

I still pimp your wife out to every demon

Who so much as wishes for a piece of her…


All this could’ve been perfect for you

You were once so pure but…I corrupted you

There’s nothing better for me than forcing a holy soul to give in

To that the ultimate temptation

-Fleshly Desires-

Entry 219: I’d Do Anything For My Love


I feel her touch

It wreaks havoc upon my soul

I feel her gaze

I’m losing CONTROL!

For whatever she wants

She ALWAYS gets…

Such is the way of The Siren

It started so simply

She met me at school

I was quite the fool

You see, I fell in love

It only took a simple kiss

I was lost in her bliss!

It started quite easy

She said all the right things

Looking into my eyes

She knew she had me…

I saw what I wanted to see

Her beautiful blue eyes

Piercing through my soul

The scent of an angel

Ever alluring

So, the first night

She came to me

I did not protest

I felt my blood

My very being

Begging for her!

She never said a word

Though, I hear her song within my mind

I would do, whatever she asked of me

I knew it wasn’t right…

My girl friend wouldn’t approve

That wasn’t a problem for long though

As she asked me to end it

Split up I felt her beautiful voice say

I couldn’t stop any of it…

I was hypnotized to such a point

I split up alright…

Walking to my lady’s home…

Taking an axe to her face

That was the end…of my relationship…

The visions were intense!

I’d never felt more alive

As she painted my ex’s blood onto her lips

Giving me a kiss, I’d never forget…

I was taken to Heaven

That night…

It was a high like no other

Though in truth, I was no doubt, going to suffer

I couldn’t stop myself

As she made love to me…

There was a strange melodic noise

A choir of angels

She never spoke a word


I was hers

So wholly consumed

For such an angel…

I’d do anything!

Next it was my parents

They had to go, she said…

A fitting sacrifice

A proof of my devotion…

Taking the chainsaw to my Mother & Father

It was all…

Hardly a bother…

I felt a smile grow

As the blood of my family

Splattered upon my face.

Such was how things would end…

The police called over due to the screaming.

Asking me what I’d done

Asking me why…

Their voices soon drown out

I heard her inside

She kissed me upon the cheek

Told me it was time

I’d join her, eternally…

So it was,

I revved the chainsaw up

Then laughing…



-I’d Do Anything For My Love-

Entry 163: Lust


I see you eyeballing her

I know the things you wish to do

Forget about marriage and love

Do what you want to

She is practically begging for you to

You know she’d consent in a second

So, what do you have to lose?

Go on, go get her

I can taste your internal desire

I’m just here to give that little extra push

Consequences be damned

You want her

Yes, that’s right walk over and speak

You are friends

It’ll be easy


Here he comes

Better sit up

He’s the sort of guy you dream of huh?

Marriage, family, kids…none of that matters

If you play your cards right tonight…

You two could be lovers

I feel your nerves as he sits now

Go ahead, let the girls hang out a little

Watch how his eyes try to focus on yours

See how he subtley takes a glance here and there

Hoping you won’t notice how sometimes he stares

Do you see how handsome he is, look at that delicious body

Could you imagine if you turned fantasy into reality?

If you got him into bed?

Go ahead, make your dreams come true

Take a sip of your drink, but as you do…

Tease him, look into his eyes

Do not avert your gaze

Let him see

The desire within

What you want him to be

What do you have to lose really?


Look at how she takes that sip

She’s into every word you say

She’s practically yours for the taking

Smile, let her see what you are going to do to her tonight

Show her what she would be missing

If she didn’t give in

You devilish soul

You tempting sin

Give her what she wants

Look her up and down

Take in her whole body

Do something brazen


Take her hand

Kiss it lightly

Offer to pay for dinner

Show her you are a big spender

Do all the things, you know she wants you too


You are practically wet at the touch of his lips on your hand

Show him you like that

Maybe tease him a bit

Take your leg and lift it up

Perhaps run your foot along his leg

You both want this

Continue to give in

Feel how hard he is, when you run your foot along his crotch

Oh look, he’s paying for dinner

Quite the big spender

Let him take you to his hotel room

Both of you should unleash your desires upon one another


They’ve gone up to the room

My work here is almost done

They are having lots of fun

Fucking one another

He’s quite dominant…well at least for now

She hasn’t quite revealed her surprise

There it is, as she puts his head between her legs

Giving him something to truly desire

She takes the bible off the night stand and flips it open

Pulling out the gun, hiding hiding inside the hollowed out book

She points it to his head and when she climaxes


He’s dead in an instant

He thought them best friends

Truthfully, she’s a slave only to sex and death

Those are her lovers of choice

So the longer she is with someone

The greater she gets off

She just loves toying with emotions

It’s how she always was

My name is Lust, my work here is done

I’ve collected another soul for Hell

Lucifer should be quite happy

Oh wait, there’s one more thing

I’m working with a partner or two

Envy has the wife blind with jealousy

Tipping her off with just enough to make her follow her husband

Leaving the kids with family just for tonight

Wrath has the dear wife waiting outside the hotel room with a knife

The sociopathic killer opens the door


Deep inside her brain

Falling over dead

Wife smiling over her dead body

That’s two souls we’ve collected tonight

Our work here is done

Next time you hear us whispering into your ear

What do you have to lose?

Go head and give in

I’m sure it’s tempting to



Entry 160: SinisterStoryTime #7: I Love You

I see you sleeping

Every single night

I see the way you wash yourself

When you think you are alone

I’ve seen you pleasure yourself to porn

Oh how lovely it is as you stroke yourself in bed

Thinking, I’m safe, all alone at home

I will admit, I really wanted to jump in

Not just yet though

A real lady waits her turn

I ponder, if you ever think of me?

The shy gal from work

Did you know, I made a copy of your keys

The one day you said they were lost

Pinning the note to the office lunch room wall

I softly giggled to myself thinking

I’ll return your keys soon

Off I went to make the copy

Upon doing so, leaving the keys on your desk again

You asked around the office

I never admitted it was me

So you said thank you to your anonymous savior

Inside I felt myself grow warm

Was this love?

Time would tell

I sent you flowers, anonymously of course

That was back during Valentine’s Day

You know, when Betty openly showed interest

I did some shopping that night

A nice axe, some things to torture the bitch with

Needless to say when she was on the news the next day

It wasn’t for her looks

Body parts everywhere

No one the wiser that it was me

A message in her blood that simply read

I love you

Still left them with no clue

The media assuming it was some crime of passion

Which was quite true



The message left had no real address

I kept it anonymous

Hoping you’d somehow sense it was from me to you

A love letter, for which you would get more soon

Remember that night you invited Sally inside your home?

Not very lady like was she when she took advantage of

Your drunken state

You poor innocent man


It really was a beautiful thing when I followed her home

Sneaking silently behind her

A bat in hand

I knocked Sally out and dragged her into her home

She would need to pay for the sins she committed

No one should take your innocence

You sweet lonely man

I’ll show you in time

You’ll be mine

As for Sally, it’s a lovely place she has

Out in the the country, all safe and warm

No one to bother you

No one to hear your scream

It was a truly beautiful thing when I chopped her to bits

I pinned her heart to the wall and wrote I and you around it

Black Winter PD were growing suspicious of you by this point

I made sure that there was no evidence to convict anyone

My methods are messy

I’m organized where it counts

Rest assured there will be no DNA evidence

Linking anyone to that whore’s death

I wonder if secretly you can sense my love for you yet?

Jennifer was fun

I saw her staring at you from across the way

So that night I ended her life

Making her into a stew

Leaving behind in blood:


Jennifer stew was all the rage at the pot luck the next day

This was of course before

The police realized she was missing

I saw you eat her too

You even told me I did well

That you enjoyed my cooking and wondered

What I did to make the food so good?

I smiled shy and said

I used love

So now I stand Thanksgiving having just passed

Watching you like I have been

Over the past few months

Wanting to tell you how I feel


You’re in the shower now

So I think I’ll make my move

I’ll leave you the chocolates with a note that reads


I Love You

Here you come from the shower

I lay hiding in wait

I dropped all my clothes

Standing naked in the closet just behind you…

Watching you…taking you in…

I can sense your instant dread

The moment you see the note

Still, I can’t help myself

I slowly open the closet behind you

Silent as can be

You turn around and see my naked body

Still in shock

Probably from how good I look

You can’t seem to do anything

I move in real close

Kissing you as I do

You’re still in shock

I begin making out with you

You are so hard and so firm

Unable to resist

You take me to bed and we go at it

It’s a beautiful thing

True love finally made

I confess my sins

Tell you everything

You punish me in return

I love the way it feels

A turn on to say the least

We go at it again and again

We can’t help ourselves!

I knew the first moment I saw you

I chose right

You were the man for me

It was love at first sight…in my eyes

Eventually we married

Our honey moon was truly fun

We’d made a habit of inviting attractive others

Into bed with us

We’d had a good time for sure

Always being careful as we decided if they’d die

Our honey moon was one such time

A woman named Vanessa, she was fun

Quite the attractive red head

She seemed to have a real thing for the both of us

Still, a slut she was and die she would for her sins

That was what she got for cheating on her husband!

We kill together you and I

We make the perfect team

Eventually we even made a baby

Our little boy is the sweetest

One day he’ll learn about…

…True love too…

-SinisterStoryTime #7: I Love You-



Entry 108: The Widow’s Web

I take the form of a human

A woman you can’t resist

Our eyes meeting

Your heart singing

Like all, man or woman

You feel you must have me

I pretend I’m flattered when you send me a drink

Raising your glass our eyes meet

With one finger I motion you over to me

You’re so cute, so shy and reserved

I stand up and you take in all my wonderful curves

Gazing upon my entrancing black dress

You ask me nervously for a dance

Smiling I take you by the hand

Pulling you close, the dance begins

You stare into my eyes commenting on their color

I stare into your soul and see you have another

A significant other that is

Yet here you are, dancing with me

Blissfully unaware, you are dinner to me

We dance for a few hours and leave the bar

I giggle like some school girl as we approach my lair

A mansion far bigger than any you have ever seen

All black, a dash of red in the right places

Deeper into my web is where you head

I take you into a room

A bed waits just for me and you

It’s somewhat cute that you pretend

Drunkenly stumbling into my web

Telling me things like you’ve never done anything like this

We lose our clothes and you begin to worship my body

Kissing me up and down

You can’t resist any part of my body

It isn’t long before your tongue is between my legs

I take in the pleasure and bliss that you give

Holding your head in place I begin to moan

No wonder that woman back home keeps you around

I pull you up and begin to kiss your lips

The entire time I ponder what your wife and kids will think

Once they find out what a cheating piece of shit daddy is

I guess dinner will be easy this time

Looking south I gaze upon quite the plump piece of meat

You want so badly to stick it in

I let you and the fun really begins

Rocking me hard you think you have the power

Yet you are the one that I and my babies will devour

Laying on my back, I take all of you in…again…and again…

The passion is high, the feelings intense

You turn me over, grab me by the hair, and begin pounding me once again

I will admit it’s a bit surprising, however it won’t be long now

Soon I’ll be surprising you

You pound harder, watching my sweet ass bounce

Hypnotically entranced, you’ve forgotten all about your family now

It is upon sweet release that you begin to feel dreary

I pull you out, lay you on the bed

Then I play with it for a bit

I lick, I suck, slowly driving you to cum again

This game is going to be over soon

Gazing upon your exhausted, naked body I smile

Your sweat will make a sweet glaze come dinner time.

Secreting a toxin through my lips

One that will go perfectly with one that flowed through my body

When you believed we were simply having sex

I give you a different sort of kiss, one last time on those lips…

You awaken later to the sound of my babies crawling all over you…

Now however you are wrapped tightly in their web

You look afraid, I relish this

Fear & Pleausre are two ways to really bring out the flavor

Mixed just right, they make dinner perfect for as long as we eat

You see I’m the Black Widow Of Black Winter

Queen Of Spiders in all realities

I very much eat meat…and so will my babies

Next time you see a spider, before you smash it

Just think…will she find out about this?

That’s more a warning to those in other realities

Enough talk…


*The mans screams are drowned out by the sound of the spiders and their queen devouring him*

-The Widow’s Web-

Entry 106: SinisterStoryTime #6: Tabitha’s Basement

*Thump Thump* *Thump Thump*

What is that sound?

*Pound! Pound!* *POUND! POUND!*

It comes from beneath my feet

*Rattle! Rattle!* *Rattle! Rattle!*

Something tries to open my basement door

It happens this way every night since I bought this house

There was no mention of this when I signed the lease


Her cold voice whispers into my ear

Come down here sweet soul

The disembodied woman’s voice sends ice through my veins

Mommy? Mommy?

A voice perfectly mimicking my dead daughters says to me

It’s not my daughter, this I know

She died a long time ago…

One night I decided I’d had enough

I’m leaving this place and never looking back I told myself

I ripped open my front door only to find as I stepped outside

I was still trapped within


Desperately I tried again and again…yet I’d always be in my livingroom…

I honestly don’t believe this is the house’s doing

Somehow, someone way…the woman in the basement is doing this

Mallory? Mallory? Why don’t you come down and play?

Come down it’ll be fun…just ask that husband of yours…

He was brave coming down here all alone

Trying to keep you safe from the sounds only you heard

We had lots of fun…don’t you want to see what became of him?

*Moaning and sounds of passionate sex*

THUD! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I hear my husbands screams, impossible as that may be…

Seeing as he has been missing since night number 3

OOOooohhh yes…we had LOTS OF FUN!!!! HAHAHAHA!

I tried calling the police but none of my phones did anything

She was always the one on the other line, constantly taunting

It’s night 104…I’m not sure what to do anymore…


Somehow though, the pantry was always stocked with fresh food?!

I thought I’d go on a hunger strike once…but she somehow stopped me…


I’M….SO…..SCARED! She gives me all these horrible nightmares!

I’ve dreamt of suicide, torture, pain!

Anything would be a sweet release from this…SUFFERING!

How is it she controls even my dreams?!

I tried stabbing myself, she took away my knife

I was going to shoot myself but somehow I heard only a

*Click!* *Click!*


Mallory? Mallory? Come down tonight so I can end your suffering…

I can’t do this anymore…OKAY YOU FUCKING BITCH!

Slowly I get up and walk down to the basement door…

Turning the door knob I hear a


As I walk down each step I hear the door slam shut behind me!

I reach the bottom of the steps to see dead husbands eviscerated body!

She torutred him again and again…still feasting on his heart…or what’s left of it

I also see my dead little girl, she’s being fed on by dogs, she’s been ripped to pieces!



From the shadows I heard a sound…she was now behind me

There was a mirror and in it I saw a woman in a long black dress

Long black hair, shadows obscuring her face, except for her lips

Still soaked in blood

Slowly, erotically she licked her lips, giggling as she did.

Hi Mallory…I’ve prepared you a bed…

Licking my face she smiled and said

Let’s begin…shall we…

I was quickly brought over and thrown into bed

My clothes ripped off, she had her way

I could do nothing but pray it would all end soon

Please God, let his end quickly!

It did not though

It seemed she liked to play with those she tortured

She even had a camera recording everything!

I asked her what her name was as she shoved my face between her legs


She cried out in bliss!

Then she pulled me up by my chin, cut me slowly with a knife on the face

Rubbed my blood on her lips…before making out with me.

As the night went on, she became more rough

At one point turning me around, grabbing me by the hair

Smiling into the camera she took her knife and rammed it between my legs

Again and again I screamed in AGONY!

Everytime I screamed Tabitha would moan

Long was this night that would never end

She did worse things to me…

Stringing me up with razor wire from a pipe above the bed

Tabitha relished in slowly cutting on my naked body

A cut here…a cut there

Slowly she let the blood drain from my body

Delirious and weak, I watched her collect the blood she didn’t drink in bottles

Occasionally she would burn me with a cigarette

I only wish to wake you a bit my pet…wouldn’t want the fun to end too quick

Whistling into the shadows I saw my dead husband several other things come

All were male or so it looked…though not all were human

Tabitha took me down and removed the razor wire from my wrists

She then handcuffed me to a pipe at the end of the bed…

The sick bitch made sure the camera got my face



Oh, they had their way as I cried out in pain and shame…

Torturing & raping me, I thought when would this night end!

Eventually it did….she recorded everything including my death…

I was ready when it came…

It didn’t make it any less painful when she gleefully took a chainsaw

Showing it slowly into me from behind, the metal teeth slowly ripping me to shreds!


I died that night, thankful it would all finally end…until that is, I heard a music box

To my horror I awoke, I knew I must be dead!

Still, there stood Tabitha once again…her smile sickening me…

Oh you thought death is where it would all end?

A tape played on a tv in front of me…

It was of everything I’d experienced until death

Strangest thing was I was strapped to a chair to watch this tape

Every emotion I felt, every pain…I FELT IT AGAIN AS IT HAPPENED ON TAPE!

Tabitha smiled and kissed me on the cheek

Now that you’re dead, the real fun can begin

You’re mine my sweet, and now we have an eternity of these tapes

So many memories we will create!


-SinisterStoryTime #6: Tabitha’s Basement-



Entry 102: M.C. Slay: Misery Loves Company

Will you listen to what I have to say?

Allow me to introduce myself you can call me Clay

Though around Black Winter they call me M.C. Slay

I first arrived here thinking what has happened to me?

Where the fuck could I be?

Why can’t I remember anything?

I wandered for what seemed like an eternity

At night I often heard screams

Just another dead whore dying in the streets

At least that is what I imagined it must be

One night I turned down an alley

I came upon the strangest sight I’d seen

Two women were raping a man

They used spiked bats to open up his ass

I remember doing nothing

Surely the women in the strange masks

Were exacting revenge on this man

He probably did something wrong

Now his screams were sweet

I won’t lie, something had awoken inside of me

A voice that said…

This is your calling

So I turned away

Leaving the man to his fate

I began to search Black Winters streets

For the victim that would take away my murder virginity

It didn’t take very long

Across the street was the most gorgeous and entrancing victim

The voice in my soul now told me this would be the one

My first victim

I followed her all the way to her place

A simple house on a street called Paradise

I came upon her silently as she opened her door

Covering her mouth and taking her to her living room floor

I kicked the front door shut behind me

Whispering into her ear I said

Don’t scream, I will end this peacefully

I then asked her what is her name

Gracefully she smiled and said


I’ve been waiting for your company

Then without another word she threw me to the ground

Ripped off my clothes and began to mount me

Riding, riding we went on this way for quite some time

I came inside her several times

My first victim then smiled at me pulling a knife out and stabbing me!

I felt the blade go through my chest

Again she stabbed, still riding me like I was some steed

I thought it’d end but just as I breathed my last

She kissed me and all my wounds were gone

Smiling she said

If you want to be the best

If you want a real victim you have to know their pain

You have to experience the high that is death properly

It was then she made out with me again

Riding me even harder than before there was soon a knock at the door

Misery smiled and said…

Prepare to meet your first victim

Her name is Carissa and she thinks we are best friends

She even professed her feeling to me

Stupid bitch doesn’t know I’m psychic and already knew

That voice inside of you, that was me too

Tonight we kill your first victim baby

I was instantly entranced, we invited Carissa in after I put on some new clothes

Misery had a closet full, she said they were from past victims

Together we started out with drinks, telling Carissa I was her friend

Once she was tipsy we started to get more suggestive

Eventually we bed Carissa, she was so sweet

Not nearly as amazing as Misery

Her body full of ecstacy

I rode her hard as I shoved her face between Misery’s pale legs

Misery and I made the perfect team

Fornicating with our unknowing victim

Slowly she pulled out the knife

Handing it to me with a smile

Her voice speaking in my soul


Get creative, she is your first one

I pulled Carissa’s head back

Slowly bringing the knife to her neck

Misery made out with her once more

I pulled the knife across her throat slowly

There were sounds of gurgling and pain

Misery licked the blood that came from her neck

Smiling she took my knife hand

Told me to keep fucking her as she and I

Stabbed Carissa again and again through the chest

I remember gaining release

Upon Carissa’s death

Misery sucked out her soul

Then threw me down on the blood stained sheets

Fucking me right next to Carissa’s dead body

I passed out after it was all through

Awakening to find Carissa’s dead body gone

I was clean, and there was no sign of the bloody sheets

Smiling she handed me some coffee and said

We were made for one another

I couldn’t disagree

I knew I was hers eternally

Eventually we grew into a routine

Although she would always have a twist to keep it exciting!

The blonde haired, blue eyed vixen, got me a contract and we recorded music

We would kill night after night

She would continue to please me with the hottest love making I’d ever had

During the day we would record tracks

I’d sing and sometimes rap about all the victims we’d slay

That is how I eventually gained my new name

Misery was my manager, together we made the first album

We quickly became a huge act, Black Winter Radio constantly playing

Each and every one of our latest tracks

If you are new to Black Winter you will hear them soon

Maybe one day we’ll make one about you…

-M.C. Slay: Misery Loves Company-

Entry 92: Dinner

Mmmm…it felt so good

The moment was wrought with a tension untamed

My gentleman caller all wound up

Nice and firm

All hard, he thought it was ripe for my sucking

Too bad for him I only ever had intentions of cutting

Imagine his shock as I cut it off

Blood going everywhere

My gentleman you’ve gone into shock!

Oh what fun it is to see all your blood

Just another sick depraved fantasy of mine come true

On to the next one I say

She really was quite the jewel

A woman who thought she could not be tamed

I had her eating me out just before ending her life

All in time to make her for dinner

You see, I never waste perfectly good meat!

Don’t take this wrong, it isn’t about the sex

Truthfully it is just about having fun

Just before I devour someone

I liken it to playing with my food

Something mother always complained a lady should never do

Well mother, now you are dead

More meat in my deep freeze

No different than the others in the end

I’m a lady every man and woman desires

I wield real power!

They call me Alice

Stare into my blue eyes

Look how perfect my body is

You know you want a taste

I want to know your deepest depraved desires

We could have real fun you and me…

Dear Sir/Madam,

Would you care to join me for dinner tonight?



Entry 91: My Secret Love

Hi, it is me again

The woman who calls you from time to time

Leaving you messages and poems

Answering machines filled with nothing but my moans

You seem confused, a bit terrified even

I find it quite cute

Even now as I watch you sleep

You having no idea I’m there

Yet some part of you must

You seem uneasy

There is no reason to be

I would never hurt you…unless I must

I killed your best friend, I sent you her head

She tried to come between you and me

We wouldn’t want that now would we?

She had secret feelings for you

They weren’t worthy of your time and attention

You see I stalked her too

I watched and listened to everything she said about you

Then one night I cut her head off as she slept

Shortly after that, I killed all her friends too

Their deaths were much more graphic and filled with blood

It was all for you my secret love

You may be wondering how it is there was no trace of me?

The murderer/your secret lover

No worries, I have the video of what I did

I’ve sent it to your email.

Consider it a gift, a sign of faith

I won’t let anyone come between us

I just finished burying your cat

Damn thing didn’t seem to like me popping in and out so I crept in today

Killing it and leaving your door open, making you think, she got out

Simultaneously leaving you at unease, wondering who came in so easily?

You were so cute calling the police as though there was something they could do

I’ll kill all of them too…do you want me to?

I feel myself breathing heavily, pleasuring myself

Staring at you from your window

Soon, I will come in, then the real fun will begin

I’m going to make you scream

Push your head between my thighs

Lapping me up like the dog I know you are

For men are nothing but beasts

Women need them to please

You won’t be able to say no

We are going to take turns riding one another

You are going to try to break me

I will definitely break you

When we’re through, the neighbors are going to think someone died

Perhaps someone will tonight

I mean if you get the funny idea of rejecting me that is.

See you soon my secret love

I’m always watching you

-My Secret Love-

Entry 89: A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!

I remember earlier this week

It was the first time you noticed me

You were talking to your best friend June

Before she died

You said who is that handsome man you are about to go out with?

She introduced us, it was too much

Neither of you knowing, you are truly what I desire

Oh yes dear friend we will meet again

Alas, I’m hungry and your friend and I have a date

I wouldn’t want to make her wait

We went out, had a few drinks

She droned on about how she loved to sew and blah blah blah…boring shit!

I smiled and nodded in all the right places

Keeping her enamored and in my good graces

She never had a clue that the entire time I was thinking about you

That night we went to her place and got undressed for some totally kinky sex

Classy guy that I am, I let her choose the position

It seemed predictably so, that someone as boring as her would want to do missionary

So I let her ride, she soon began to cum alive if you get me

The entire time, I thought of you and not the cheap whore I was in bed with

The night was at an end, she begged me to stay, I assured her I would another day

She seemed depressed, like she was thinking she wasn’t good enough

That was what first brought a smile to my face

June must have noticed, her cold blue eyes suddenly lit with fire

She attacked me with a shoe or two, flinging them at my face

I could have easily dodged but I needed a good bruise for the story I was up to

You see, poor June seems to have liked to mix hard drugs with licquor

At least that is what the police report will say

It didn’t take much, everyone knew she had a temper

June had lost a boyfriend or two in the past for domestic violence

Trust me, my research was quite vast

Add in a secret love for mixing liquor with drugs

Doesn’t matter when I make that up

A slanderous word to her that no one else will ever hear

She attacks, I fight back

Self defense, it was all too easy

In an attempt to keep her off me, I had no choice but to push back

Suddenly she trips and busts her head on the edge of her coffee table

Dead, with no one the wiser

You may think it a great risk that I be involved so openly in this

Clearly, even if my story checks out

You at the least will be watching me closely now

Oh but I know this, that is part of the rush!

All the better because I bet you notice me now!

-A Killer View #2: I Bet You Notice Me Now!-