Entry 391: Of Madness…I’ve Seen The Truth

I’ve seen true madness

It lurks within the depths

Singing the most beautiful song

It woos you into peaceful happiness.

Out in the late of night

Alone you hear its sweet song

You never see the truth of things

Till your ship will soon be gone…

The song is like that of a Siren

But a Siren this thing is not…

For when it grows close

You will begin to hallucinate

I’m not speaking of true hallucination

Instead, I speak of seeing the madness in truth

For if the truth be acceptance

I wish not to see it again…

It is a many-armed truth

That starts with many bodies as well

They float from the depths

As the ocean grows still…

A redness fills all

Then a shadowy darkness appears beneath…

Its eye a piercing white

That slowly turns red

Faces manifesting from within the eye

An eye the size of my ship!


I’ve seen the truth that is madness…

From the shadows, the bodies soon float all around

Their skeletons singing a song in unison

No doubt letting you know

You’re in it now!

The language is one you don’t understand at first

As every horrific sight floods your mind

Nothing makes sense as

The arms soon grow out from the sides

They look of human flesh

At least,

They did when I saw this thing…

They grabbed my boat, stopping it dead

Then down I went!

As I looked over the deck the eye opened up

Sharp razor laden fangs

Grew from the fingertips of its arms & the eye now turned mouth!

The eye billowed a voice

One that echoed within my mind

A disturbing language

One that terrifies me even as I write of this thing now…

No scarier sight since have I found

I leaped overboard

Turning in time to see

My ship & crew sink into the depths…

I heard their screams as I swam

The ocean becoming a massive drain

I swore I was to die

But, suddenly…

…It all came to end…

Just as quickly as the vortex had appeared

Everything had met its end

I floated for what felt an eternity

Listening to silence…

As I recount the tale now

I still hear the song

The screams of my dead crew

As well as…

…The silence afterward…

-Of Madness…I’ve Seen The Truth-

Entry 390: BWL&L: Where The Pilgrim Goes

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He burns all that show

Walking through the night

His flame lit bright

You’ll burn in fear if you enter his sight…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He sees your sins inside

Never let him find you

Or he’ll make you atone

Your world ending

In screams of unimaginable pain

All sin ends in his flames…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old

If he finds you

All will see

The misery of the sins inside you

Shall burn brightly…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

Your ashes he will keep

Leaving a symbol behind for your memories sake

He will soon move on

Burning the next sinner at the stake

You can’t reason with him,

Kill him,

Bargain for your life in any way

Once he’s cleansed you in his fire

Your soul he’ll take…

Down to the gates of never-ending pain

You’ll suffer till the end of days

With a whistle and a hum

They’ll remember your name

Another damned soul

…Taken by The Pilgrims flame…

-Where The Pilgrim Goes-

Entry 389: Road’s End

I was headed from New York

Bound for Chicago

I’d met many a soul along the way

Things were fine

The weather was nice

Till I took a different way

A route not known by GPS

A road that was seemingly endless

On this road, I saw many a soul

Giving some a ride to various spots

Every passenger knew where they wanted to get out

The first hitch hiker I picked up

A woman who looked so lonely

She came into my car

Then she asked

What is the purpose of life, Philip?

I sat for a moment

A tad perplexed

Not just by the question

But by the fact

This woman knew my name

I don’t however, remember giving her such information

I told her, I wasn’t sure

I’d have to think about it, the further I traveled up the road

The woman smiled

It was then she seemed to begin to bleed

Her nose an ocean of red

Now leaking

I asked her if she was okay

The red spilling on her white dress

She smiled and told me

I’m fine. I’ve accepted my end.

You may wish to find the answer to the question I asked before Roads End.

I paused perplexed as she asked me to stop

It was only now I noticed the road was fog-ridden

I asked this woman

What is your name?

She simply smiled before fading away

It was then I swore I saw the faint outline

Of a mansion

I drove on

It began to rain

I pondered the woman’s question before a man came

The man wore black

He had the most mischievous grin

He soon asked:

Going my way?

I slowed my car

Or rather it stopped on its own

The man entered

It started up again

Figured out the meaning of life?

He asked…

I quickly let out a gasp!

Nervously, I listened to the rain pour

Uncomfortably I pondered the question before me

Don’t be afraid…friend.

All eventually ends.

Your next passenger will clear things.

The rain grew heavier

This man in black gave out a cackle

Lighting up a smoke

He laughed at my debacle

Seconds passed,

I turned the radio on

A strange man spoke of murder & mayhem

It was news for a town I’d never heard

Black Winter?

Taking a smooth drag the man in black said

This is my stop friend.

The next thing I knew the man faded in a puff of smoke

Then in the distance, I saw someone else

This man looked bloodied & near death

He soon appeared in the back of my vehicle.

All he said was a one simple thing

I wish I had known the meaning of my life.

The man then convulsed & died in the back.

Freaked out, I stopped my car.

I looked closer at the man

Only to realize

He wore my face

I checked his pockets

His identification read the same!

I turned toward the road

Left in shock

A flood of memories overtook me!

I couldn’t remember how

But, I knew I was dead

My car started up on its own

Then I continued on towards the roads end.

In the rain & fog

I saw a sign

Welcome To Black Winter it read…

I knew then

I’d never appreciated life

I’d died young

I’d arrived


-Roads End-

Entry 388: Ice Cream

I’ve loved you since the first day we met

Two kids, living in a world so dark

Yet so blind to it

Two kids

…Without regret…

Do you remember the day?

Our first time we sat together at school

No idea of our future together

We first met over Ice Cream

I fell in love right then

I know it seems an impossibility

For a mere kid

Unaware of what love is

To feel a burning in their heart

One without end

A pure love

One I feel as we share this Ice Cream now

30 years past our 5-year-old selves.

I remember the snow

The December we shared our feelings first

We were only 12


…You shared your feelings…

Something I’d silently felt

A day I’d waited for what felt like an eternity for

We were having Ice Cream that day as well

You kissed me over Christmas break

Our two families spending together

That beautifully snowy Christmas Night

We tried to play off dessert normally that time

Our families knew though,

As it turned out

They saw us on the porch,

They said nothing till our wedding day though

It was a beautiful one.

A lavish Winter wedding

We shared our vows

We promised to be there for one another

Much like we are now

We did as we always had as kids

Our special moments

Reflected as we ate our favorite dessert

Ice Cream marking another wonderful moment

Much like our first

You are the man I never deserved

My gallant knight who’s always worked

Providing for me in every way

After we had our little boy

We had Ice Cream to celebrate

The snow was beautiful that night

Much like it is now

I’m sorry that you must learn this way

Thank you for having Ice Cream with me on this day

I know you were confused why I sent away our son at first

You have no idea what tonight means to me

A celebration of us

I didn’t want our son to see what must be done next

I wanted us to share our memories

Those days without regret

I wanted him to retain that purity

Our greatest gift

I’m going to have to ask you

To protect him

I know as you’re reading this now

As we sit here, looking at the snow

You are probably wondering why it is I now cry


…The truth is…

I have it…

I’m infected, my love

I don’t wish for you to dwell on this

It’s the reason this one time

I insisted we use separate bowls

It’s been years since that happened, right?

You & oddly this dessert has been there for our best times

Nothing fancy

That’s never been our way.


A simple vanilla ice cream

The same as the first time we shared the dish

I wish we could treat tonight like that first time

Back when we were kids,

Two kids,

No regrets,

Just sharing our favorite dish…

…Vanilla Ice Cream…

I ask of you

Though now I’m likely crying

Don’t remember this night in a negative way

Think of it as one final time

Sharing our lovely memories once again

No regrets…

No worry about what comes next.

I know what happens after this,

Isn’t going to be a happy event


When you have to do it,

Please make it quick.

A bullet to the head,

A proper burial,

That’s all I can ask my dearest friend.

I’ve known since the first day we met

You are my one true love,

My best friend.

I’m sorry things had to end like this…

…I’m sorry that I got myself bit…

It was funny you know?

I was shopping,

Just another day,

No worries, no regrets.

You had our son at home,

Waiting for me as you always did…

We didn’t even know there was an infection.

Blissfully ignorant that when I got bit,

It was the beginning of the end.

The saddest thing might be,

What has probably happened to the family of the kid

…Who infected me…

It was his bite that would be my end

…Though now, I imagine his family is suffering…

From this disease with no known source…

A few weeks after I was bit,

I began to get sick…

Nothing I wanted to bother you & our son with…

The news reports began to come out

About the others infected with the unknown virus

I’m sorry I played it off at the time…

That I never told you I’d been bit…

I’m sorry you had to find out now,

Mere moments before the inevitable…

I love you my sweet

My dearest friend

If you could,

Please remember our time together

It is something I’ll always be happy for

…Raise our son right…

Tell him his mother had a happy life

That he is our most precious gift

…Keep him safe…

I love you my dearest friend


…Never forget that…









*A letter read, a dessert shared once again, the snow falls as they look into one another’s eyes one final time*


-Ice Cream-

Entry 387: She Who Writes In The Hollow

In the hollow where she lay

She quietly writes all day

Every person she brings to life

Are actually stolen from their reality

…Fated to die…

The more she writes the more people will die

Perhaps you can change her mind?

Many have found her

Many have tried

Most of them turned into monstrosities


Their body parts are left hanging in the wild…

Once their souls have been claimed

They reenact the stories written about them

The Hollow is a place where stories are told

Nestled in one of Black Winters many worlds…

So if by chance you awake in a wooded place

Confused as to how you got there

You may want to consider she is writing your fate

Stealing your soul,

Making you a part of one of her many tales…

-She Who Writes In The Hollow-




Entry 386: These Halls Of Suffering

In this place, there is only death

A world of suffering

Violent ends

In this place, blood runs from the walls

Those who enter lost to all

In this place sits a souls dying breath

Replayed in the deaths of all who come after it

A room with a ceiling that comes down

The sounds of bones slowly cracking,

Screams unending,

These souls will never be found!

In this place, you’ll cry for God

Torment will be all you have

In this place, Death is no escape

You’ll relive your death again & again

Guaranteed only an eternity of pain!

In this place, you’ll cry for hope

Many will do so as they slowly choke

For no soul who enters this house of pain

Will ever leave again

In this place there sits a woman who cries

Those who hear her weeping

Will silently die

All air leaving their once healthy lungs

Suffocation so slow

It is all they will ever know

In this place

There sits a hall of laughter which never ends

In this place people will ask an end

The demented cackling goes on & on

Eventually, all who hear it do themselves in…

In this place lay a secret most profound

None will share it though

In this place lay so many ways to an end

Such is the way


-These Halls Of Suffering-

Entry 385: The Hammer Beckons…

Slam is the sound

As I pound the ground

Your head a peg

My hammer meeting your crown

The rain pours

Your screams ignored

The sound of the thing

Can be heard craving more

The bloodshed

It is fed

I go to the shed

To begin steps for the next…

Down in a dark place

Where reaches only the sounds of each death

Waits another head

Another body attached to it

Writhing in pain

Begging for mercy

No help will ever be made

Another soul

For which there will be no hope

Only the eventual end…

The body buried in place

The hammer coming down upon the crown

The bloodshed in the rain

It is sated once again

I try to step away

A voice echoes from its bloody face

-The Hammer Beckons-


Entry 384: The Voice At The End

I can hear their footsteps

As the rain pours outside

I stand alone in a telephone booth

Shadows surround me,

In them, I feel eyes…

The phone rings

I pick up

On the other line

Is a mysterious voice,

Telling me I’ll soon die…

I feel terror

As the voices cry

I’m so alone

I’m not sure anyone else is alive…

There’s a loud rasping

The rain pours harder now

I’m terrified for my life!

I see a flower

Slowly wilt & die

What little light is left

Begins to fade

In the darkness, I beg

I cry for my life

In the pouring rain

I feel terrified!

I ask for another chance at life!

With a cold echo

I hear the voice on the other line

It says

You are the last to die

Alone in the darkness

The final soul in a world

Destined for demise

I bang on the phone

I scream! I CRY!

I hear them slowly getting closer

I try to lock myself inside…

Soon the lights go out

There is a silence as the line goes dead

I hear them & I know

…I’m about to die…

-The Voice At The End-


Entry 383: The Church On MayBar Lane

There sits a church

On MayBar Lane

Which holds an evil to this day

It smiles when you aren’t looking

It feels all safe & warm

It assures you of this with your religion

Hiding its true form…

In this place sits a council of many souls

People worshipping a God,

They don’t see the places true intent

They don’t hear the screams of their young

That those who promised to help in faith

Are secretly Devils,

Grinning at these souls mistakes!

So it is

Year after year

They are conditioned in this way

So it is victims are abused

Never to tell the truths of the place…

There sits a church on MayBar Lane

In it sits an evil

That smiles at the devoted’s face

Blind are the ones who worship here

In some way all are victims

In time…

…They all disappear…

Sacrificing their souls to the Church

Complicit in their oblivious ways


A pact is made…

To assure silence

To assure ascension to God!

Secrets of the past will forever be buried

…In the grave…

-The Church On MayBar Lane-

Entry 382: The Walls Tell All

Every night I awake

Making the same conversation

It always ends the same

The walls see all there is

Weaving tales about their ends…

They tell me of Dan

Who once owned this place

They tell me of his financial failures

How he ended everything

They speak of Mary

Full of sin

The religious didn’t approve of all her fornication

They spoke of how they burned her alive

Telling her to repent of her sins

Then ending her life

Johnathan was an artist

Who never quite got his break

Until the day he died anyways

Lenny was a gambling man

His debts eventually caught up with him

They laughed as they said

Lenny “drowned” in his debts in the end…

These stories are quite nice

I sleep to them

Each and every night

There are more…

All of them grim

The walls even speak of someone buried in them

These stories keep me warm

Helping me sleep peacefully

Again & again…

-The Walls Tell All-