Entry 235: The Demon Of The Lake

If in dreams you awake

To a cold barren place

At its center a lake

Be warned

The one who dwells there

Wants to keep you forever more

She will appear to you as your greatest desire

Someone seemingly impossible to resist

She corrupts almost everyone…

The more pure the soul

The more she’ll want you

She gets lonely at the lake

The one she was drowned in

Lifetimes ago

They called her a demon

She is now

Lurking within the dreams of those

Who live within other realities

Often appearing to them, in this place

Though occasionally she’ll lure them there

From other dreams they may be having

If you are unable to resist her wiles

She’ll eventually lure you in

Her body will seem perfect

For it will be whatever you desire most

It is then she’ll pull you in

Likely make love to you


She’ll drown you

Steal your soul

Continue her hunt anew

Always looking for a new suitor

For which to steal the soul

Claiming to be, all alone…

-The Demon Of The Lake-

Entry 221: The Songstress

Can you hear it now?

Can you hear that sound?

She sings a beautiful melody

Is everything a heart could desire

Pointing you on your way

Should you find her

You may well find escape

From this Godforsaken town…

They say she sings a beautiful tune

The story behind it tragic

She tells the tale of her death

As well as all her sadness

She appears only to those who need it most

Hoping to help them find their way

She knows if you see her, you are in a place where escape is nil

Yet there she stands, singing

Trying to help you find your way

If you should find The Songstress

You should listen to what she has to say

She is one of the few hopes for survival in a place like this

Perhaps with her help, you can find escape?

Of all those who have supposedly met her

Only one has ever not been seen again…

No one knows what became of Tommy

Just that he’d visited her

If you listen closely you can find him in her song

One of the few who aren’t sung about in tragedy

She speaks of his will to survive


Though many have tried to ask her what happened to him

The Songstress will tell you

Even she knows not

What fate was dealt to him

Only that he disappeared

Shortly after their meeting

So is there a chance that Tommy found an escape?

Or is it more likely that he is one of the missing

Who’s body simply hasn’t been found?

Black Winter is full of death & suffering

So no one will really know for now


If you listen to The Songstress tune

Perhaps escape will be provided for you…

-The Songstress-

Entry 216: The Willow Tree

In the tree, it is said

You will find many dead

The dead souls scream in the woods


Sometimes using mimicry to lure you in

Be wary for you could soon be a part of them

The Willow Tree is said to be the source

The reason this forest is most malicious!

It is said, within it’s bark

Lay the spirit of one so dark!

If you hear its moans & cries

You’d be wise to stray away

Lest you die!

Sometimes it offers riddles

Sometimes it offers new chances

Perhaps it offers the soul of your long since passed

Love…now dead…

Just one more chance to see them

Maybe even an eternity with them?

Heed not these words for if eternity is spent

Reunited in a place like this

You will find only torment & pain

A dark, twisted suffering!

Nothing in the forest of sorrow

Brings any good

The Willow Tree bringing the worst of it!

A man once disappeared within

His wife soon after wandering through…

Looking for him

He stood there, clear as can be

Looking full of life

Someone truly happy!

The truth was, he wasn’t him

Another twisted part of the forest within!

The woman followed him to The Willow Tree

There she found his torso, hanging from the noose!

Blood and entrails having disappeared

The tree and earth eating his blood

The inhabitants feasting on the rest

The Willow Tree soon sent others after the woman!

She ran, she screamed!

She fought as well as she could!

Still, her pursuers continued!

All along the way she saw her husbands ghost

Staring at her, smiling…

He looked happy enough

Though now she knew the truth

Still he smiled as though the truth would be news


She pressed on

Then she saw his death like an old film

Every tree she passed, acting like a slide

She watched her husband slowly beaten!

Seeing his flesh slowly ripped apart

The way the souls of the dead raped him!

They used his body to provide seed

Over & over continuously he screamed!

Then when they were done

They tied him down, torturing him, cutting slowly!

Bit by bit, brambles tore at his flesh

He was to be the next sacrifice for The Willow Tree

The torment went on for weeks

Till soon his body could not keep…

Laying there, being told how he would die

He’d be used to lure in his wife

They’d send him in dreams

He’d smile all along

He was their puppet,

She, their next victim

The Willow Tree needed to continually feed

It lusted after the souls it ended

The stronger the bond

The more sustenance it’d reap!

Beaten, broken, surely to die…

They hung him from the noose

Lifting him high up

Then finally, wrapping a barb laced wood

Around his waist….

They slowly twisted around his body

Sawing him in two!

At the height of his pain

They lifted his body completely

This was how the woman’s husband died

Still, she ran, trying to survive!

The forest itself pursued

Seemingly extending onward endlessly

Changing as it saw fit

Eventually however, she found a way out

How though, no one knows…

Wandering into the streets of Black Winter

Half naked & traumatized

She was taken in by a nurse who felt pity

There she sits to this day…

Eventually chronicling her pain

Sometimes she screams out in her sleep

Still watching her husbands reaping!

Here she remains to this day…

No way back home…

Her baby forever without a parent…

The child would have to be raised by family

The family would always wonder…

What happened to the missing parents?

So many questions, never an answer…


In dreams…

The Willow Tree now calls to the child

Hoping to lure them to Black Winter someday

Gaining the victim it missed in its mother…

Deep within The Forest Of Sorrow

Awaiting another victim,

There it waits…

-The Willow Tree-


Entry 170: The Tattooed Lady

Have you seen it

That old school?

There dwells within

A woman

Short brown hair

No one ever sees her eyes

She always keeps them hidden


Never telling why

If you see her

You will surely die

She’s always waiting for somebody

No one is sure why

She steals trespassers souls

Eats their minds

Leaving only their screams and evicirated bodies behind

Why she is like this?

How she came to be?

No one is quite sure

Everyone knows one thing though

If you go into that school

Day or night

Be forewarned…if you hear her cries

Do not go to help

Ignore what she might make you see

The tattooed lady, hands over her face

Has eyes that are on the back of each hand

She sees everything

Knowing your every want

Sensing your every desire

Understanding your entire life history

She will use these things to lure you in

Just before she kills you


Why do people go into the school at all?

She lures them in…sometimes with crying

Other times with the sight of their dead loved ones

She can mimic the living too

Whatever you do…

No matter what you see…

Never go into that school

Or you will die at the hands


-The Tattooed Lady-

Entry 109: Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road

There is a road that never ends

It is a place of many hauntings

It is said you can find any manner of things

Demons, Angels, long dead kings

Depending who you are and depending what you seek

This road will give you many things

It is a road that never ends

A road that echoes past sufferings

There is only 1 who has ever come back from this place

Her soul was forever changed

She spins tales of its existence

She can take you to its entrance

A word of warning though…

Anyone else who has chosen to go down that path

Has never come back…

-Black Winter Legends & Lore: The Road-