Entry 50: Ol Renny #1: I’m The Greatest Bitch This World Ever Done Seen!

I’ve lived so long

Seen many things

Most call me the woman in white

However don’t confuse me with an old urban legend

I don’t vanish, nor do I hitchhike.

No, ol’ Renny don’t do none of that shit!


There are too many fucking psychos out in Black Winter.

Have you learned nothing about this town?

Excuse me…where are my manners

I’m a sweet ol gal if you get to know me.


You can trust me.

When has an old lady every done anything evil?

Anyways, while you think of an answer to that I want to warn you of something.

No doubt you be hearing of this Man In Black lately…

He is no man. Fuckers around here read too many books and are going to get you confused and shit!

Devil in Black would be a more apt description

This isn’t some one from a storybook

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

The answer to the dot code.

Would you like that?

The answer is

.A .x2=B and so on.  Every space is a new letter.

Don’t say ol Renny never did you any good.

Doubt that Sinister is going to appreciate my gabbing.

That is the only answer you are going to get out of Renny though

I don’t flap my gums for everyone.

I will let you do all the digging in older entries to find out what everything says.

It won’t seem like much, but it is important.

Oh, and if you see that ol Devil in Black

Tell him ol Renny kindly says fuck off!

He will get what I am speaking of.

Till next time. I think Sinister is aware I’m hijacking shit!

-Ol Renny #1: I’m the greatest bitch this world ever done seen-

P.S.- Yes, I titled that myself.  😉

P.P.S.- I chose the image too. Why? I’m a classy bitch that’s why! I mean…I’m a sweet old lady, with an edge!