Entry 244: All Fall

I stare upon worlds

I see all realities

I am invincible

One day

I will visit your reality

I am more powerful than Death

More terrifying than the Devil or God

With a simple gaze

I can erase you from existence

There is nothing you can do

I consume all

I bring about the end

I can destroy time

End realities

You cannot fathom

My power

No man nor God

Will ever stop me…

One by one

All fall

The horrors on their faces

The screams of their souls

It all is necessary

Realities need to be cleansed

Existences ended

In the end

…All fall…

You shouldn’t run in fear

Just accept it

(The rest is missing)

-All Fall-


Entry 243: File 01

I’ve seen quite a few odd things in my day. As a Detective you can come across some wild things. Still, few are like these ones. I just label them as files to keep things rather discreet. The truth is they are cases I haven’t quite solved or for which there was some mystery behind that couldn’t be explained.

I’ve been a Detective for about 12 years. I’ve seen some crazy things. File 01 was the first case that left me a bit perplexed. It starts off simple enough. A family is attacked in their home.

The place is broken into, the Father, a Timothy Williams fights back & takes an armed suspect down fairly easily. That isn’t what was such a mystery though. A few months go by & their home is broken into again. According to Gracie, an 89 year old neighbor that called us when the assault happened, this is how it went.

She claimed she’d seen 5, heavily body armored men kick in the door. She said they all seemed to be holding shotguns. Suddenly things get quiet & about 4 minutes later she sees the 5 men walk out into the middle of the street, drop down to their knees & blow their own heads off!

Shortly after, we arrived, questioned everyone & got her story as well as the families. I brought in Timothy for questioning but he didn’t seem too shaken. In fact, he seemed disturbingly calm, considering the situation.

Timothy corroborated Gracie’s story but, acted as though he wasn’t sure why they did what they did. I had nothing I could do at the moment so we considered the deaths suicide. A year passes by, and a black SUV rolls up to their vehicle while driving one day in front of about 7 eye witnesses. They lower their window and point a gun at the families vehicle.

There is screaming from the SUV & then suddenly it speeds ahead & into traffic. A semi side swiped the vehicle & all passengers died. I interviewed Timothy who calmly said he wasn’t sure why anyone was after him. I looked into his background & there was nothing…no reason what so ever for anyone to keep harassing Timothy & his family, unless they were connected to the previous attempts.

Still, why continue? There haven’t been any further attempts on Timothy or his families lives. I offered to put them into protective custody, give them new identities, help them out and try to keep them safe.

Timothy smiled & told me, they’d be fine.

“These things have a way of working themselves out” he said.

A couple weeks go by & one of our own gets up in the middle of the night & walks out the window of his apartment (20 stories up). He dies obviously. Upon further investigation it was found he had ties to those who attacked Timothy’s family.

We don’t have all the details but, we have enough to say he definitively was involved with the other deceased individuals. One of our own, right under our noses & he’d have gotten away with it if he hadn’t committed “Suicide”.

Included in this file is a note I received from Timothy. It read as follows:


Some things are best left a mystery. 


23-5 19-5-5 1-12-12

-File 01-

Entry 242: What’s The First Thing You See?

We see you

Staring at your screen

We know your darkest secrets

The things you won’t say


You are thinking about them now

No worries

We aren’t here to expose you

No, we are here to make you an offer

A 2nd chance of sorts

We can give you anything


The deal though

Goes like this

We will periodically check on you

Anytime you see our symbol

You’ll know

We are watching you

We see all

You have a chance to have anything…

All you have to do

Is complete a series of tests

Are you ready?

If you are reading this

We assume you are…

The first test is simple

Close your eyes…

-What’s The First Thing You See?-


Entry 241: The News

I watch you consume my art

All of you


It does not matter the side you sit on

Where your beliefs are

We are connected

The more you consume

The more you hate

The more you hate

The more you kill!

Sure, maybe all of you won’t


You’ll sit there & fight

Call one another names!

It’s all so perfect

Because you are blind to my games!

I’ll make money

I’ll profit from your pain!

You’ll sit there, playing puppet to everything!

You can’t fight what you can’t see

Those who see the truth

No one will ever believe

That’s the beauty of my game

I’ll always win

No matter how it ends

You feel you need me

Years of conditioning make it so

I mean,

You can’t be left in the dark

Can you?

If you don’t follow or listen to what I say

You’ll be out of touch

On everything…

Such a beautiful web I spin

With ever single story I give

Tonight we have the most heartbreaking story

A life taken without sense

Oh, look, they played video games

Must be the fault of the creators

All who play such things are evil

Oh, you changed the channel?

That’s okay,

You’ll eventually go to a channel

More in line with your beliefs

You’ll consume your beliefs there

Like a carnivore out for blood

Instead though

You eat tasty delicious stories!

You can watch me on TV

See me on your social media feed

I exist in all realities

There is no escape from me

While you consume me

I control you

Oh look, it’s 10

Looks like it’s time for some more

Of your favorite feed

Controlling your mind

The second the red light says live

Hello Black Winter…

…This is…

-The News-

Entry 240: The Photographer: Photos #2 & 3- Ed & Jane

A photograph tells a story

It speaks to you

The best ones

Come alive for you

I have a gallery

Polaroid filled halls

Every photo

A different story is told

If you look closer though

The photos can take you places

I quite often use them to keep people’s souls

That old myth has a truth to it

A photo can be many things

It can be a keeper of souls

A window to another world

A story being told

It all depends on the photographer

Their intent

I use mine quite often,

To put away those who deserve it

The first one I took

You might have seen

It was of a man

Claiming a demon was within him

In the end

I lured him away

Took the photo

Trapped him within

Put the photo on a corkboard

Shutting it in a dark room permanently


If I pass by at the right time of night

I can still hear him screaming

As the kids, his victims

Murder him over & over again

It’s not always the bad I put away though

My 2nd photo is a bit different

An old man, in love with his wife

Didn’t want to die

I told him I could take a photograph

It would show the best of him

I’d send it to his wife

To keep & to hold

Then, when she was close to passing

I’d take one of her too

The man died of brain cancer

It was aggressive…

He died quickly

His wife had known him many years

She’d been in love for even longer

They’d been married for 75 years in total

She passed shortly after his death

She claimed she wanted to see her Edward again

It was so sweet

It touched my heart really…

So, she passed in her sleep

I could sense it was coming

I took a photograph of her the night before

It came out nicely

Then I put his & her photographs together

In their own room

Now, they spend an eternity

Reliving their best years

Making new memories too

It’s a truly beautiful thing, really…

So often I take photos of macabre things

Murders, suicides, deranged killers

So this was a nice change of pace

Simply knowing

Edward & Jane would be happy eternally…

Safe from this place…

…Black Winter will never reach them…

-The Photographer: Photos #2 & 3- Ed & Jane-


Entry 239: The Church Of Judgment

To atone for ones sins

One must be punished adequately

Sister Alice had spent her life

In the hands of the abusive

Her Mother & Father

Loved to drink

Then got off on beating her

In the end she decided

It was only right

If she tied them up,

Starved them,

Beat them to a pulp


When she felt they’d had enough

She drowned them in the thing they loved most…

The alcohol

This was the start of the church

She was my first disciple

We called our place of worship…

-The Church Of Judgment-





Entry 238: All The Pretty Dead Things

I look at their corpses

I put them on display

Sometimes I make love to them

They provide for me,

In many ways

The way their lips feel

So cold

Sometimes I reanimate them

They have no will

Of their own

All The Pretty Dead Things

Love me

Just last week

I creeped into a new home

The couple had just moved in

I thought to myself

I needed a baby for my collection

So I came in that night

Breathing slowly…

I stood in the corner

Staring at her

She was the sweetest little girl

Snow white

I thought to myself

You’ll be perfect for me

So I took the little girl

Held her in my arms

I felt a warmth

I’d never felt before

Yes, this one was perfect & pure

I needed her parents to know

What was about to happen

I screamed

They ran in

Once the door opened

I quieted baby

Shh…I told her

Sleep now my snow white

You’ll join All The Pretty Dead Things


You’ll be the perfect addition to my collection

The parents looked to be in shock…

I put a finger up to my mouth

Quieting them

To their surprise they could not speak

The father pulled a gun on me

He fired every round he had

It really was quite sad…

You can’t kill me I said

A warm smile on my face

I’ll be back to add you to my collection too

I looked down

My little Snow White in hand



I had her heart

In my hand

Such a funny thing…

Humans need these things to live

Not anymore though,

My Snow White

You’ll join All The Pretty Dead Things now…

I ate her heart

The Mom tried screaming in pain

She’d been silenced though

Pulling out her phone

I thought to myself

How are you gonna use that now?

I drained the electronics…

Everything fell dead

Ah what the hell…

They can join me tonight too

I disappeared

Set baby’s body aside

Then returned

Looking the mortified parents in the eyes

I smiled coldly now

My face I imagine was quite grim…

I ripped the flesh right off the Mother’s body!

Too bad no one could scream

I think her husband,

Pissed himself

Now now, I don’t want you to spoil things

I want the flavor to be just right

At the end of the night…

I sent the Mother to my domain

Then I came over to the baby’s Father

Tim, was his name I think?

I read his mind

I could see his every desire

I slowly walked up to him

It was then I got real close

Licking his face

…Mmmm…that taste!

Feeling his body

His simultaneous lust & fear

I kissed him

Vomiting maggots down his throat

I let them grown inside of him…

I told him to sit where he was

Wait as they slowly tear out of him…

There he sat for the next few days

Feeling flies & maggots growing from within

Slowly they made their way out

Some planting more eggs within his brain…

It was quite nice, when I’d visit him…

He would scream but,

Having taken his voice

I got to watch his silent agony

You see, the look of silent terror

Is far scarier than hearing the pain…

It’s perfect


It soon will be

I pleasured myself as he died…

Agonizingly slowly…

Then, when the time was right

I cut off his manhood

Stuck it on a stick

Used it as a meaty lollipop

I have to say…

It tasted delicious!

I brought him home

To join his wife & child…

Everyone reunited again

I put Tims body on display

Some maggots still crawling in & out of him

The proper lighting,

A glass case

Yes, that’ll do beautifully

He makes for quite the trophy…

His wife placed next to me

She does whatever I wish

Sometimes I just keep her there

In place

Not re-animating any part of her

Other times

I use her for pleasure or pain

She is my plaything

As for their dear daughter

I sewed her chest back up

Reanimating her back to a life…of a sort

After all,

She warmed my heart


I can teach her all I know

I’ll never die

Not by any human means anyways

It’d be nice though

To have someone around who understands me

With the right sort of magic

I can even make her age

Once I have her in the perfect state

She can be a protege


For now though

She is another part of my collection

Another friend to keep me company

When I get lonely

I go out again

Collecting flesh

Killing happily

Sometimes I bring the dead back with me…

You see…

All The Pretty Dead Things

Make for wonderful


*Sinister laughter as she sucks her Meat Lollipop*

-All The Pretty Dead Things-