Entry 398: Something

The first day I felt a little off

The first night, something hung above my cot

The second day I felt a little pain

The second night I saw something unexplainable by sight

The third day, I felt a little funny in the head

The third night I heard something skittering

The fourth day I went to a hospital for help

The fourth night I was home not knowing what was wrong

The fifth day I felt a lot more pain

The fifth night I thought I heard something inside my brain

The sixth day I could hear the clawing begin

The sixth night something began oozing from my skin

The seventh day I began to lose my hair

The seventh night I cried in fright

The eighth-day strange pustule growths began to replace my now lost hair

The eighth night the nose bleeds led to haunting hallucinatory  sights

The ninth day I feel some of the sacs pop

The ninth night I lay here as something hatches and begins eating me from the inside

The…day…it is too br-A-IG-h-t

The dark time…brain…



*Body Falls*


Entry 397: She Smelled Of Honey

*Tape begins playing*

Hello Mom & Dad

I have a story to tell

It’s quite grand

It’s about a little girl

Locks as brown as can be

Someone from your family

While you’ve all had times where you laughed and smiled

Lately, it’s all been tears and cries of

*Moves Mouth on another body*

“Where’s Our Daughter?!”

Well no worries

I’m here to put your fears away


Daddy’s Little Girl has been a fun toy…

Then again,

Perhaps I’m getting way ahead

I assure you

I didn’t do anything untoward

Till after her final silence…


As you’re watching this

I’m sure you are wondering

How did this nice guy

Get my daughter into bed?

Well, the answer is simple…

…I watched you all quite often…

…From the woods…

Anytime you felt eyes

You shook off an eerieness you shouldn’t have

Anytime you felt like you weren’t alone

I was there recording things

Planning my next film

You can call it location scouting

You can call it people watching

You can call it whatever you want…

I promise in the end I picked the right one!

Her skin as fresh smelling as the body wash she used in her baths

I still keep her fresh even after her silence

I remember the first day I saw you all

Your wife with her nice rack

She’s quite beautiful


You needn’t worry though Dad…

I prefer my toys less living and even younger than that…


*Smells the hair of girl*



I can’t tell you how many times I watched from the woods

The many times I broke in and smelled all of you

The night I made the copy of the key

You idiots were sound asleep!

I watched her over the years

I watched as she grew

I learned her fears

I walked all along the way

Smiling as I watched her play

I waited till the moment was right

Then as you all slept

I bound and silenced her

I kept in her room

I kept her really quiet

I know she was trying to scream

*Moves mouth of dead body*


Still, I had her bound and gagged

At that point deciding to carry her to her doom

First though, laid her down in the living room

I moved my hand slowly across her face

Then I lifted it

Motioning it over her figure

She smelled so GREAT!

I then took my camera and went to your room

I watched as you idiots slept unaware of your daughter’s future doom

You looked so quiet, your wife smiled

I had a silent dance as I thought of your child

I then left your home, locking the door

Taking your daughter to my place

I promised her future would be a FUN ONE!

It was there I kept her for more than a year

Slowly torturing her

Learning her every tick

Her every cry

So many times she said

*Motions dead bodies mouth again*


I assured her it was okay as I cut on her body some more

Starving her and beating her

Prepping her for more…

Eventually though…

…As with all living playthings…



You see,

She maintained her want to live until the end

She even did so as I sewed my initials into her skin

You have a brave little girl

I’m sure you’d be proud

One night though, I gave her a new scent

I put her in a box,

Slathered her in honey

Then poured the ants in…

I listened as she struggled,

I listened as she screamed

I relished in the visuals

As I played my own game

…She…smelled…of honey…

After many hours

Possibly days

I poured the water in

I drowned the ants

It was at this point

I pulled her out

Looking at how I’d taken the beauty away from her

Well…I mean…that’s in the eye of the beholder, am I right?


I’m sure you can guess what we did next.

*Tape goes black*

*Final words appear on screen*

-She Smelled Of Honey-


Entry 396: Thump…Thump…Thump…


The sound drives me NUTS!



It matters not how many times I stab him

How many times I bury him

Burning him alive

I dropped him in acid once

At least, I think I did that night!

Ever since I murdered him

I hear him again and again




Maybe there is a way to make it end?


He tells me to do it…


The gun is laying in the den











Entry 395: Out My Window

Out my window

Late at night

I’m afraid to look at what I may sight

Still, sometimes I can’t resist the urge

Terrified is usually how ends these ventures

One night I looked out

I saw a man

Smile he did

Candy he had in his hand

His beard was long

He wore a coat

This disturbed me as I’m only 9 years old

2 weeks later I hear a sound

I look outside and see something most profound!

There was the sound of digging

Followed by a yelp!

The man had dumped a poor dog in the hole…

As though he knew I was there

He slowly turned and smiled again…

I very quickly ran away

Hiding under my covers the remainder of the night

Terrified with fright

As closely I listened to heavy breathing far down below

It was the man…I know so.

A few nights later

What do I hear?

A disturbed laughter

Peering out

It’s the man with the beard!

He has a saw in his hand

A woman lay on a stump


Half of her did…

In this house, I try to use the phone

No one ever listens

No one ever responds

I’m always alone…

A few nights later I look out my window again

It is then, I see them…

My parents, long since dead

Slowly skinned

Nothing made sense…

I suddenly feel a jolt of agonizing pain

I see them murdered again and again!

It is then I see the man


A familiar head in his left hand…

Staring into those lifeless eyes

I remember it was this man who murdered me

…I remembered that I was no longer alive…

…Every night a new frightful sight…

Trapped eternally to witness Death most grotesque

Here I sit in my home…

…Watching the madness…

-Out My Window-

Entry 394: Her Empty Soul

Her empty soul

It went through unrelenting pain

Many would’ve died 10,000 times

Under such torment

Yet, still, she sat

Her soul, empty

She could not feel grief

She could not feel pain

In her soul was a void unending

In her soul sat a universe of nothing

Till the night he wandered into her house of disrepair

A man sent to a strange town

A man lost and confused

Wandering this empty home

Noticing its empty nothing

A flicker of life awoke within her eyes

The gateway to her soul

She twitched alive

The man wandered further

Not sure where he was

Deeper into the webbed walls

The darkened halls

This place of nothing

Every step he took

He felt he was being watched

Still the surroundings

Made no noise

The cries of the past did not greet him

Perhaps if they had

He would’ve noticed her smile

The blackened eyes watching him in the dark

The haunting aura of Death

…Slowly following him…

It was at this moment she saw his face

It was in this moment the lights sparked life

It was in this moment her empty soul cried tears

A moment that fell upon no other souls ears

It was here he walked in the darkness

The shadows a web all their own

It was here she salivated

Once again

Unable to control

The desires deep held

The things that drive her on

Tonight she would feed

Tonight she would tear the wandering soul apart

Piece by piece

It was in her empty soul

The man would scream in unending pain

It was in the taste of the eyes plucked from his skull

The juice of his once whole home

It was there she’d feel a tinge of the sweet

It was within his lifeless corpse she’d see a glimpse of another

Another who felt pain

Another who she’d never understand

It was in his memories that she absorbed

She saw a life full of love and feeling whole

These are feelings she’d never truly know

For all was quiet

All was without feeling

In her empty soul

The taste of the man’s flesh

The screams that fell on the air as though deaf

Another life consumed

Another soul is taken away

Another victim never heard from again

She felt nothing

As all fell silent again

…Silent darkness filling the halls within…

-Her Empty Soul-


Entry 393: 5

5 times you lived

5 times you cried

5 times you said you’d do that thing

5 times you wondered why?

5 times you were warned of this end

5 times as many went with you

5 times they were warned too

5 times you saw this number

5 minutes just before death

5 seconds you had the answer to change things

5 times in those seconds…you ignored this

5 people will attend your funeral

5 will cry

5 will ultimately commit suicide

5 deaths you’ll witness

5 people with which you truly lived life

…5 times you said you’d do that thing with them…

…5 times you wondered why you never did…

…5 times the pain you’ll experience post-death…

…5 times you all ignored the most important sign you’d ever get…

…5 simple steps that would lead to your eternal regret…



Entry 392: A Choir Of Suffering

I sing a song

Their screams go on

I hear the violence wrought upon them

They pray all day

To a God who is not there

I sing on…

…Hoping to ease their suffering…

In the dark

You can’t see their hearts

Nor witness their souls aching

The souls of the lost

Who had no idea the cost

Of ending a life they deemed not worth living

Now they sit lost

Feeling their regrets and wants

Amplified eternally…

They wander night and day

Suffer an emotional pain

My song is the only light they’re given

So I sing on

Drawing inspiration from their faults

Trying to weave a narrative of hope

Sadly though,

The darkness grows

I sometimes hear these souls shaking

I try to grant them relief

Though sorrow is all they’ll reap

I feel it’s my duty to help

Sadly I sense their pains

Their never-ending torment

The sadness brought upon them

They didn’t understand why

Existence was a thing

They thought they created a new beginning…

All died in different ways

I sing of these things

I try to be the hope they were missing

I can only sing

They can only cry

…Together we create…

-A Choir Of Suffering-

Entry 391: Of Madness…I’ve Seen The Truth

I’ve seen true madness

It lurks within the depths

Singing the most beautiful song

It woos you into peaceful happiness.

Out in the late of night

Alone you hear its sweet song

You never see the truth of things

Till your ship will soon be gone…

The song is like that of a Siren

But a Siren this thing is not…

For when it grows close

You will begin to hallucinate

I’m not speaking of true hallucination

Instead, I speak of seeing the madness in truth

For if the truth be acceptance

I wish not to see it again…

It is a many-armed truth

That starts with many bodies as well

They float from the depths

As the ocean grows still…

A redness fills all

Then a shadowy darkness appears beneath…

Its eye a piercing white

That slowly turns red

Faces manifesting from within the eye

An eye the size of my ship!


I’ve seen the truth that is madness…

From the shadows, the bodies soon float all around

Their skeletons singing a song in unison

No doubt letting you know

You’re in it now!

The language is one you don’t understand at first

As every horrific sight floods your mind

Nothing makes sense as

The arms soon grow out from the sides

They look of human flesh

At least,

They did when I saw this thing…

They grabbed my boat, stopping it dead

Then down I went!

As I looked over the deck the eye opened up

Sharp razor laden fangs

Grew from the fingertips of its arms & the eye now turned mouth!

The eye billowed a voice

One that echoed within my mind

A disturbing language

One that terrifies me even as I write of this thing now…

No scarier sight since have I found

I leaped overboard

Turning in time to see

My ship & crew sink into the depths…

I heard their screams as I swam

The ocean becoming a massive drain

I swore I was to die

But, suddenly…

…It all came to end…

Just as quickly as the vortex had appeared

Everything had met its end

I floated for what felt an eternity

Listening to silence…

As I recount the tale now

I still hear the song

The screams of my dead crew

As well as…

…The silence afterward…

-Of Madness…I’ve Seen The Truth-

Entry 390: BWL&L: Where The Pilgrim Goes

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He burns all that show

Walking through the night

His flame lit bright

You’ll burn in fear if you enter his sight…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

He sees your sins inside

Never let him find you

Or he’ll make you atone

Your world ending

In screams of unimaginable pain

All sin ends in his flames…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old

If he finds you

All will see

The misery of the sins inside you

Shall burn brightly…

Woe Woe Woe

Where The Pilgrim goes

Your ashes he will keep

Leaving a symbol behind for your memories sake

He will soon move on

Burning the next sinner at the stake

You can’t reason with him,

Kill him,

Bargain for your life in any way

Once he’s cleansed you in his fire

Your soul he’ll take…

Down to the gates of never-ending pain

You’ll suffer till the end of days

With a whistle and a hum

They’ll remember your name

Another damned soul

…Taken by The Pilgrims flame…

-Where The Pilgrim Goes-

Entry 389: Road’s End

I was headed from New York

Bound for Chicago

I’d met many a soul along the way

Things were fine

The weather was nice

Till I took a different way

A route not known by GPS

A road that was seemingly endless

On this road, I saw many a soul

Giving some a ride to various spots

Every passenger knew where they wanted to get out

The first hitch hiker I picked up

A woman who looked so lonely

She came into my car

Then she asked

What is the purpose of life, Philip?

I sat for a moment

A tad perplexed

Not just by the question

But by the fact

This woman knew my name

I don’t however, remember giving her such information

I told her, I wasn’t sure

I’d have to think about it, the further I traveled up the road

The woman smiled

It was then she seemed to begin to bleed

Her nose an ocean of red

Now leaking

I asked her if she was okay

The red spilling on her white dress

She smiled and told me

I’m fine. I’ve accepted my end.

You may wish to find the answer to the question I asked before Roads End.

I paused perplexed as she asked me to stop

It was only now I noticed the road was fog-ridden

I asked this woman

What is your name?

She simply smiled before fading away

It was then I swore I saw the faint outline

Of a mansion

I drove on

It began to rain

I pondered the woman’s question before a man came

The man wore black

He had the most mischievous grin

He soon asked:

Going my way?

I slowed my car

Or rather it stopped on its own

The man entered

It started up again

Figured out the meaning of life?

He asked…

I quickly let out a gasp!

Nervously, I listened to the rain pour

Uncomfortably I pondered the question before me

Don’t be afraid…friend.

All eventually ends.

Your next passenger will clear things.

The rain grew heavier

This man in black gave out a cackle

Lighting up a smoke

He laughed at my debacle

Seconds passed,

I turned the radio on

A strange man spoke of murder & mayhem

It was news for a town I’d never heard

Black Winter?

Taking a smooth drag the man in black said

This is my stop friend.

The next thing I knew the man faded in a puff of smoke

Then in the distance, I saw someone else

This man looked bloodied & near death

He soon appeared in the back of my vehicle.

All he said was a one simple thing

I wish I had known the meaning of my life.

The man then convulsed & died in the back.

Freaked out, I stopped my car.

I looked closer at the man

Only to realize

He wore my face

I checked his pockets

His identification read the same!

I turned toward the road

Left in shock

A flood of memories overtook me!

I couldn’t remember how

But, I knew I was dead

My car started up on its own

Then I continued on towards the roads end.

In the rain & fog

I saw a sign

Welcome To Black Winter it read…

I knew then

I’d never appreciated life

I’d died young

I’d arrived


-Roads End-