Entry 81: I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman

Whistling the day away I walk through your neighborhood

Delivering your secrets and giving you a smile

All the while you never suspect a thing

You think I walk your streets simply to deliver messages for you to read

Meanwhile I prowl looking for someone oh so sweet

Someone who will make me feel complete

By day I deliver your bills

By tonight I’m going to give you a thrill

I knock at your door, you answer thinking oh it’s only me

Your friendly neighborhood postman here for a late delivery?

I step right in and look at you, you are entranced and why shouldn’t you be

Hypnotizing you with my thoughts I begin to play the game

I ask if your husband is home and you say he is away

Unbeknowest to you I already know this

You are quite the fetching blonde, look at those bosoms

I can’t wait to have my way with you

You simply smile and drop your dress

We go to your bedroom but then we hear a sound

Your daughter is home and she has come to surprise you from college

I smile, a devilish grin

I say threesome questioningly, knowing there is no way you can say no to me

You smile

When can we begin you say

You call her in and the rest is pure carnal lust

Perfect pleasure between your sheets

All involved screaming in ecstasy

Mom & Daughter really like their meat

However this game is far from complete

I tell you go make me a sandwich

You smile and say what kind?

I say whatever you wish to make is fine

Your daughter and I all alone

Those young sweet legs spread open for me

You don’t see what is going to happen next

I tell her to go into the kitchen and grab a sharp knife

I then whisper into her mind just how I want her to cut you up

Walking down the hall she hears me speak

Although my mouth moves to say nothing my mind does it all

I follow and watch her grab a knife, turning her mother around and giving her a kiss




Your daughter sits naked, on her knees

She rubs your blood all over her body

Licking the end of that blood soaked knife

She smiles at me expectantly

Gazing at her so into that pretty young face

Seeing that blood she taunts me

Such a dirty, evil little vixen

I can no longer resist

I throw her down and ride her hard!

Yes, soak in mommy’s blood

Relish it all as we fuck!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this

I’ve tampered too far

Mommy’s blood could bring me a conviction

At least it would if I didn’t have the power to control minds

Soon it all ends, I release all my sins into her open confessional

It is positively TRANSCENDENT!

Then I shower and change leaving the house where the daughter remains

She licks that knife teasingly as she smiles at me through the window

I walk away, that image ingrained inside me

The daughter calls the police and gives a confession

She murdered her Mother and IT FELT GOOD!

On the way by I see a cop

She asks what I’m doing out so late?

I smile and tell her I had a late delivery to make

Tomorrow should be another long day

After all, I’m just your friendly neighborhood postman

-I’m Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman-

Entry 67: Song Of The Incubus

I’m inside your head

I whisper in your ear

I’m your repressed desires you claim to withhold

I’m slowly clawing in your mind

You are moaning as I speak

I’ll have you down on your knees

Oh, but I’m not talking for praying

I corrupt the innocent

I defile those who claim innocence

With one sweet push I will become your sin

You will give in to all your temptation and corruption within

Thrusting harder now you begin to scream

Screaming in pure ecstasy

The only words from your mouth are the passionate moans of a fallen angel

One who once claimed to serve a God

Now the only thing you worship is me and the thing throbbing between your knees!

I will make you lose faith

Corrupt everything you hold claim to

All the while I will ride you all night

I assure you it will be to your pleasure and your delight!

Do not make a mistake, this invite is not only for the ladies

Though my present steed is a nun who claimed God

I will just as happily corrupt a priest named Rob

I will plant my seed where ever I please

Though if I wish to impregnate

A woman I will need

Sometimes though I’m in it simply for the sweet pleasure

Of seeing another soul become mine eternally!

I am the darkness you so claim to hate

Your holier than thou facade doesn’t fool me at all

In the end you will moan, you will suck, you will give everything up

You will worship me

Humanities nature is sin

Don’t try and act like you don’t like what you see

You are human and soon I will own thee!

-Song Of The Incubus-


Entry 53: Victims Of The Night #1: Twisted Lips & Sweet Pleasure

I’ve seen her in my dreams

She stalks me silently

Engaging me all night

Bringing me pleasures as I sleep

Pain as I awake realizing

She isn’t there

That blonde haired, blue eyed vixen

She truly has me smitten

I know she isn’t good

She is slowly killing me inside

However I can’t hide my attraction to her

She rides me just right

Whisper into my ear

Everything I want to hear

How could I say no to her?

She tells me it will be okay

We will be together soon

Away from all the struggles of life

Away from the responsibility of watching over my wife and child

Away from the daily grind

She tells me lies

Says these things hold me down

I know better but inside I believe her


She is my drug

She is my release from pain

She is pure pleasure

She is everything

Between sweat stained sheets

We greet one another night after night

Our secret place

Hidden in dreams

No one will see my sin

I worship her perfect body

I call her my God

I know better than this

I go to church

I have a family

I feel so perfect in her arms

I grope her beautiful ass

I try to focus on my morals

I can’t, I’m slowly dying

I feel her feeding on my soul

She tells me tonight is the night

She says we will be together forever

Lets meet in our place in your mind

We will leave all your problems behind

It will be me and you forever baby

You will see

It is going to be perfect ecstasy.

I’ve lost all control now

I will go

I will give her what is left of my soul

Before it happens though

I must confess, give you warning

Beware of demons of the night

The ones that prey on your pleasures

Your sins

If you do not take heed…

Slowly your soul will bleed

Consumed like mine

Temporary ecstasy in trade

For an eternity of torment


You will be just another victim of the night

-Victims Of The Night: #1: Twisted Lips & Sweet Pleasure-


Entry 38: Song Of The Succubus

Oh the pleasure I feel

They place themselves inside me

Thinking they have all the power

Never considering that one can wield sexuality

As a weapon

One can use pure bliss to utterly disarm

I feel them inside me

Tasting me

Lusting over my perfect body

It doesn’t matter if they are putting their piece between my legs

Thrusting away till they unload everything


They are making sweet tender love

Anatomically born without these parts

Tasting of my sweet embrace



It is always the same

They need a piece of me

They make promises of love

Though what they give into is lust

It always ends the same

Pure pleasure

Perfect serenity

They worship me in bed

They praise me as their God

They unleash sweet carnal sin

In the end

Sweet release

As they give into their every desire

Sweet release between those sweat soaked sheets

They unload themselves whole

I consume their souls

Piece by piece

Until finally I consume them whole

Everything that was once them

I now own

Mmm…it is so perfect

If you are reading this now

It is too late

I will come to you when the hour is late

In your dreams we will mate

Again and again we will fornicate

You will give up your Gods as you scream out my name

Worshipping my sweet embrace

Eventually I will consume you whole

I will own your soul

-Song Of The Succubus-