Entry 393: 5

5 times you lived

5 times you cried

5 times you said you’d do that thing

5 times you wondered why?

5 times you were warned of this end

5 times as many went with you

5 times they were warned too

5 times you saw this number

5 minutes just before death

5 seconds you had the answer to change things

5 times in those seconds…you ignored this

5 people will attend your funeral

5 will cry

5 will ultimately commit suicide

5 deaths you’ll witness

5 people with which you truly lived life

…5 times you said you’d do that thing with them…

…5 times you wondered why you never did…

…5 times the pain you’ll experience post-death…

…5 times you all ignored the most important sign you’d ever get…

…5 simple steps that would lead to your eternal regret…



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