Entry 387: She Who Writes In The Hollow

In the hollow where she lay

She quietly writes all day

Every person she brings to life

Are actually stolen from their reality

…Fated to die…

The more she writes the more people will die

Perhaps you can change her mind?

Many have found her

Many have tried

Most of them turned into monstrosities


Their body parts are left hanging in the wild…

Once their souls have been claimed

They reenact the stories written about them

The Hollow is a place where stories are told

Nestled in one of Black Winters many worlds…

So if by chance you awake in a wooded place

Confused as to how you got there

You may want to consider she is writing your fate

Stealing your soul,

Making you a part of one of her many tales…

-She Who Writes In The Hollow-




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