Entry 379: Things Heard In The Static #7: Mother Janet

*Low looping laughter*

Mother Janet make me bleed today

Mother Janet punish me…

Twist & contort my body & mind

I want to feel the bones snapping

It is my time…

Mother Janet cut my flesh

Mother Janet release my stress…

Punish me for my sins

Rape me till I can no longer walk

Sate me with that wicked tongue

I want to feel you underneath my skin

I want to know you in infinite agony…

Mother Janet take my soul

Mother Janet shred my resolve

Take the spikes

Push the pain

Pierce the flesh


I want to taste the blood of my death

Rue every second with pained regret

Mother Janet keep my soul

Mother Janet kill me forever more…

*Screams of agony*

-Things Heard In The Static #7: Mother Janet-

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