Entry 378: I’m Lost

I’m lost

It doesn’t make any sense

I walked a path

Came to a dead end

It was here a Dog sat

He began talking

He said…

I must go West.

I thought at the time

It must be a dream

A talking dog,

Is an absurd sort of thing!

Then I pinched myself

I did not wake

So I headed West

Only to find a cat waiting

The cat did not speak

It did however scream!

The scream sounded

…Quite human…

I am lost

It makes no sense

The screaming cat

Screams with no end

Everything else around me

Is pure white

The trees

They shine bright

Unsure, of where to go next

I went on,

Heading West

On & on I continued to walk

Till eventually

I stood in front of the talking dog

He suggested

I kill the screaming cat

After that

I’d have the way forward…

He claimed he was sure of that.

So I  headed West

Arriving at the cat

Next to it

Now sat a bat

I picked it up

Still lost

It was then,

I gave the cat


Blood poured

The screams grew

As I kept beating the cat

The sounds soon withdrew

The very last thing

That came from its mouth


I set the bat down & moved North

Not a word to the cat…

The world grew darker

The trees seemed to form an almost green hue

The world around me

Seemed to grow dark too

The wind picked up

The road filled with dirt

Save for the blood from the cat

Which continued to move forward.

It wasn’t long before I arrived at a place

The Dog was there

He said…

Go straight.

I did as he said

Unsure of what would happen next

The world a haze

A house soon stood before me

Walking to the door

I knocked to no avail

No one would come

…No one…

Stepping inside

I found a knife

A note attached simply read…


So I headed on straight

The stairs seemed long

I could hear a sound

A door at the top

Sat open…

Stepping inside

A man now stood

A gun to my face

He asked me to leave!

I asked him,

Why did you not answer the door?

He put the gun to my head

Promising if I said another word


Pull the trigger…

The knife moved forward

As did I

The gun went off once

Before fell the guy…

Through choked blood

A knife now in his chest

He asked…


I told him

…Self defense…

The look on his face

Suggested I was insane

I didn’t agree

I was lost


…It didn’t make sense…

A door now standing before me

The world grew a bit red

I opened it

A blinding light at first

Then, a bed

The dog sat at the end of two sets of feet

A woman stood there

Clutching a kid…

Tears strolling down her eyes

I didn’t understand

I told her

I’m lost, can you help me?

The woman reached for a phone

The dog said

You must kill her soon

I felt a strange urge


Found the gun from the man

Mysteriously in my hands…

The woman said she needed help

I shot her in the face

Internally I could sense a voice

It said…

…To kill is the only way out of this place…

The sound of sirens grew louder

Their lights growing bright

The world around me shifted

Something didn’t feel right

I felt the gun taken

The dog grew a smile

It was a dark one

Laughing, he said

Well done, child…

The dog faded

As I grew more awake

I was surrounded by cops

The little girl was being pulled away

Tears drenching her face

The cops were putting me in handcuffs

Dragging me away…

Now here they sit,

Staring at my face

I, a child

They looked confused

I, felt dazed…

Why would a child, do this?

Why did you kill them?

The question seemed to run out in shock

To this I could only think of one thing…

I’m lost…


…It doesn’t make sense…

-I’m Lost-

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