Entry 377: Home

The chains hang

The blood drips

All is a part of this

The woman drags half her body

Asking for reprieve

The blood never stops bleeding

She never gains peace…

The photographs appear

As you wander lost in the haze

You know this was the way you last came

You know things aren’t the same…

The chants from the past

The memories that are not your own

It smiles, its teeth as wicked as the night

Sharper than the sharpest blade in life

The eyes open from the walls

The voices speak from somewhere else

The stairs never end

As up & up you climb

In that room the girl sits

Practicing the drawings

Never will she be good enough for her Mom

Always will she be butchered before long

Again it will repeat

Long after the blood you will see…

Your soul wandering lost

As a bell tolls off

Ringing in the night

The bell is always unseen

Till the sky lights red

The lighting striking someone to death

Life is unseen

Death is God

In this place you hear those words chanted

…Quite a lot…

Confused you may be as the world spins before your eyes

The truth of consequence will come

Once you die…

There is no hope

There is only despair

This place does not end

It only draws others in…

Some sights repeat

Before the future victims eyes

Born anew is the spirit of Death

As lost is each new life…

In time this place will fade

Still continuing the things most think insane…

Moving on till the time is right

Drawing another in

…Over time…

If you’re reading of the place

It is too late

It is reaching out

You will visit it

…In time…

Beware the mirrors in your place

The dead will stare at you from them…

The gateway to a place

No longer seen

Drawing closer every time you sleep

The hanging twins

You’ll think are only part of a dream…

The graves of the lost children

Once full of life

They will sit in the night

Smiling from underneath your feet…

The blood from her teeth

The lady of the place we speak

Will slowly water the grounds

As cry & howl will the dead hounds…

If you appear in this place one night

Remember who you are

Remember your life

Pray for your family

Any children you may have

Hope you will never see them again…

For if you do

It will be in this place

…Reliving a death most horrific…

*Distorted voice*

Won’t you join us…

…Won’t you come…


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