Entry 375: Emptiness

Emptiness is a powerful thing

A lot like nothing when all is gone

Emptiness is what I feel

If I do not kill

The blood sprayed when I drop the hammer on a head!

The life leaving the eyes when I stab


The way they squirm when hanging from the noose…

I feel alive as I kill!


During the day

While I roam online

Stuck in the most mundane day job…

As I watch the stupidity of other souls…

I feel emptiness.

An emptiness most powerful you see

For ridding myself of this emptiness…

That’s my motive for killing!

If I did not feel so empty inside

If I did not feel so without life

There would be no need to kill to feel alive…

So, when the court asks me

How is it, I can be so happy about those I kill

How can I strap someone to a table

Pull out their teeth

Slowly saw off their tongue

Do all I can to keep the swelling down

So I’ll have time to take the finger nails next

Looking them in the eyes as they scream

The terror practically able to be smelled from their sweat

Their BLOOD!

I will tell you something right now…



The way they can be so hateful in their everyday lives

Then act so innocent as they cry!

How many times in their day they can treat the rest of the world

Like a speck of shit upon the ground


When judgement faces them

Just before they are to die,

While they scream, cry, BEG for mercy!

Oh…I have a family they say!


I don’t deserve this!

I won’t tell anyone if you let me go!

All the same horseshit

Till I tell them, I already know…

I’ve seen the shit they do during the day

The way they treat their fellow man

They do not appreciate life

They do not deserve it

So, it is they who get to die today

They who I shall slowly torture!

They don’t appreciate life

They will not need to worry about it…

It is they who will fill the hole in my soul

They who will make me feel most ALIVE!

That is how & why I do what I do

Such is the easiest answer I could give you.

To the families of the deceased

I simply say thank you

Thank you for raising the rotten shits!

That did not deserve life!

Thank you for raising the souls

That would die to make me feel most alive!

Given the chance I would most certainly burn Stanley alive!

Megan would definitely drown in sewage a billion times were I able to do so…

John would still be covered in honey & left to be eaten alive

Janice would definetely be slowly taken sawed apart

Piece by piece…

Dan would most certainly hang from the church Belfry

He should not have harmed the innocent children who trusted him!

I could go on & on about those I’ve killed

I will not apologize for having taken pleasure in their ends…

I felt most alive while killing them…

If you wish to blame them

If you wish to blame I…

I honestly don’t care

I’d kill again

Just to destroy that feeling I hold right now…


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