Entry 371: Mary Scissors

Mary Scissors is missing half her face

Scissors are her world & place

A nook removed from space & time

She’ll draw you in

Then begin her chase

Slicing & dicing you slowly…

No matter where you run

How long you hide

She’ll always find you

Slowly cutting upon your body

…Each time…

Next she’ll let you run again

Let you pray as you hide from her

Finding you yet another time

She’ll take a piece of your skin

Slicing once again

The third time she’ll show you

A way out

You’ll run & run no doubt

Sadly for you though

She’ll be following the entire time…

Once you think you’re out

Close to the possible exit no doubt…

She’ll stab you again

Dragging you away to one of her play rooms

There you’ll hang from a chain

Mary will then let you wait…

Your body will feel pain

As slowly she’ll cut on you from time to time

Eventually though,

She’ll make an extended stay

One for which you’ll never truly know the date or time

It is here the real surgery will begin…

She’ll cut your lips off your face

Watch as you bleed & writhe in pain

Then she’ll cut away your eyes…

Before cutting on your skin again & again…

You’ll pray for Death


She’ll ensure you are not granted such yet…

Being in her place between space & time

Means she’s the only God you’ll have,

Your body will not die till she wishes,

Even if she bleeds it dry…

In time she’ll collect your still beating heart

Put it in a special jar

She’ll curse you with a magic unknown

Trap away your soul

Making it a play thing all her own…

Cutting on it, she’ll watch it with glee

Your soul will know the pain of every cut given

Long after your body is no more

Mary Scissors will slice you piece by piece

Smiling as you bleed

Your pain is her sustenance

Your tears her drink

The blood running from you

Will appease her blissfully…

Then once no pieces are left of you

She’ll take your soul

Hang it in place

Resting on a meat hook

It is here you will experience the greatest pain

A pain you that will last longer than time itself…

You’ll scream

You’ll wail

You’ll beg

You’ll cry

All the while she’ll torture you

…Never an end in sight…

-Mary Scissors-

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