Entry 370: The Lady At Crossroads End

There stands a reality

With just one street

A crossroads,

It stands there as a roadway to suffering

Ever shifting

It moves from place to place

Connecting itself to those soon to fade…

Whenever there is a culling of souls soon to be had

The highway connects itself as a roadway to the damned…

It isn’t a highway that connects to a place of a common tragic disaster

It’s a highway that connects to the realities for which

Soon will no longer exist…

Places whether they realize it or not…

Are soon to cease existence…

The reasonings vary

The ends just as well

This highway is occupied by only one soul

She stands there

In the center of the crossroads

Saying a prayer for the soon to be gone

Awaiting the culling

However it is to be had…

The Lady At Crossroads End she is called

She awaits the end of the realities connected

It is never personal…

It is merely the purpose of this highway & soul

To traffic the mass casualties

Of soon destroyed worlds

Perhaps that’s selling it short

For it is not mere worlds that are destroyed

The calamities experienced by those soon to be gone

Are the end to existence itself

At the end of these roads connected…

For if it were one world

Mr. Opley or others in his profession

Would likely handle the matters at hand


Though imagination cannot capture the true plight

Of reality itself ceasing to exist,

The calamity experienced before the eyes of the damned…

It should be noted

It can be quick


It could be the slowest most agonizing end…

No matter that which is at hand

She stands at the center of the crossroads

…Awaiting the end…

-The Lady At Crossroads End-

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