Entry 369: Decaying

The choked gurgles of life

The suffering & agony

At the end

Fighting & gasping for some air

In that old dingy school

No one cares

It’s haunted

Yeah right, I thought

Now I lay here dying

In my killers arms

Their blank stare

Sending madness into my mind

The gaunt visage

Of my demise

Their fingers caressing my body

Every so slowly

Dipping into my blood

At times,

Licking it

They stare blankly…

No remorse

I suppose I shouldn’t expect much

From a ghost…

I never listened as a kid

To warning labels

Or tales

Of caution…

I should’ve known one day it’d catch up to me


I never suspected I’d die in a puddle of my own blood

A horrific figure

Holding me…

Time goes by

I feel myself fading

Bugs begin to crawl upon my face

I feel one enter my mouth

I can no longer shut my jaw now…

A side effect of the hammer that made itself known

After I followed a sobbing sound

Hoping to help…

This was before the knife that cut me slowly

Before my tongue was cut out of me…

Before my fingernails were ripped off

Before my killer burned me…

The thousand cuts that slowly bleed me dry

Oft remind me that I’m lucky to have lived this long…

I was a photographer

Who liked to wander near deaths embrace

That’s what made my photographs special in my day…

The bug crawls down my throat

I’m quite sure I’m dead by now

Still, I feel it’s slimy body as it goes deeper still

I feel the other insects beginning to crawl over to me…

Time an eternity

The figure now gone

I’m left to rot

Bugs slowly overtaking me

I suppose I should’ve heeded the warnings about this place

Now I’m a victim

No one will ever find

As slowly I’m…


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