Entry 365: The Sin Of Vanity

So lovely

So full of grace

So handsome

So perfectly in place

All the different features

Some beautiful

Some strong

All the things they will see

Just before it all goes wrong

So full of themselves

So enamored by the vain

They never truly see

The ugliness hidden inside of them

As their life slowly drains away…

Perhaps that’s why so many never leave

So many are trapped in time

Behind the glass halls before them

They never saw the slow creeping pain…

Just as in life

They couldn’t see the truth

How they hurt those they looked down upon


How they never felt the grief they doled out

In this place they stare at themselves

Until they are preyed upon

Their souls slowly drain from their bodies

Their minds slowly growing more out of place

It’s all quite subtle

Till eventually they succumb

The sins of their vanity

Leading to the end of life itself…

They never saw the truth before their eyes

They couldn’t see past the surface

Of the simple disguise

So it is they became ensnared

Slowly dying

As they stared

Glorified by their own images

Even as they were eaten alive

Consumed slowly as they withered away

Till it was too late to keep their lives

Just as those before

Who knew only of the beauty skin deep

Here their souls now lay trapped

In the halls within

Their minds shattered,

The house of Mirrors has consumed them

Trapping them eternally within,

Never will they leave again

All this for…

-The Sin Of Vanity-

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