Entry 364: The Grove

Ticktock goes the clock

Another one buried

Another night gone

Such is the fate

For the one who digs grave

As he must dig them eternally…

A man who in life

Knew only Death

Everyone he knew died around him…

Now he stands in The Grove

Each night,

Tending to the denizens within…

Burying the bodies

A new one each night

Another in waiting

…Ready to die…

The souls locked here

All lived in sadness & despair

Everyone killed too early in life

Their families fallen in pain

As they took away their own existence

Leaving nothing to chance

Nothing to fate

They felt life was a burden

So they tried to escape

In the end they died

Their souls relegated to a limbo

Where they’d relive their deaths again

For it is in The Grove

The Gravedigger listens

To the sorrow of their ends…

Such a sad fate

He being the only one who came

Not having met a fate

Of his own hands…

Why is The Gravedigger here?

What did he do to deserve his fate?

Such is a tale for another time

For now just know

He digs graves

Prepping them for the souls

Who gave up too early in life…

All young

All scream

All beg for freedom


Once he digs a hole for you

Your soul will be bound within it soon

There will be no escape

You’ll feed your final resting place

As you cry in misery each night

Reliving the final moments of your life

All eventually wish

…They’d changed…


He digs another grave

Each & every night

Feeding The Grove

…For eternity…

-The Grove-

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