Entry 360: The Hole

There is a hole

In a wall

In a place

Darker than all

Peek inside you’ll see something,

What it is may change

Depending on the person

Who meets its gaze

In this hole you may find

A future life

Or even Death in time

Past memories

Future truths

One can only be certain

That this hole

Will change you

Rest assured the place of its existence

Remains the same

The place however,

Moves each & every day

Should you see the giant 7 sitting upon the old sign

Reaching high towards the heavens on high

Walk within the old place

Search for The Hole

As it draws you nearer to

Once you see that black spot

Sitting in the wall

The black vapor like mist

Leaking from it all

Peer deep inside

See the truth set before your eyes

What you see will be personal to you

Use it

Should leaving,

Be allowed to you

For you see,

Sometimes people look deep within

Soon after vanishing…

Do not fret,

Do not fear,

Keep that which it has taught you…

Live or die

A truth will be revealed

One quite important to everything you’ve seen here…

Black Winter can reach far beyond the confines of what you believe

In this place

The Hole

Is just a piece

Of the larger puzzle

You’ve yet to see.

So, please, seek this place

*Many voices resonate*

…We hope to see you someday…

-The Hole-


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