Entry 359: To Endure For Her Serenity

I saw her,

In the cold eerie rain

Holding the dead bodies

Of the children we made…

I touched her as close to Death I lay

I knew her, in a time & place of my own making

I died a thousand times to be there for her

Trapped in time infinitely…

For you do the craziest things for love

No matter what the means

Crying her name out

As the demons claw upon my sanity

I fought for her

As the hell hounds came

I gave my soul on a platter

I burned in Hell time & again

Just to console her

I took the punishment

Her crimes, my skin…

I gave myself

…To protect her…

The taste of Death

Lay on her sweet lips

The twisted madness

Claws inside of me

I just want to keep her safe

It is not her fault

The sacrificial pain

I live


You may say,

It is all for naught…

That I’m a fool

Who deserves the suffering I’ve wrought…

Perhaps that’s the truth?

Perhaps that’s who I’ve become?


In the shadows of torment

The endless hells of life

Her beautiful whispers

Set an inferno upon the ice in my veins

My blood burning from her song

My soul accepting its pain

She is my life

She is my wife


She did not kill our children

In anger & hate

She did so in sorrow

To protect us from what they had became…

She is the reason the demons now prey

Branding my skin with their eternal tormenting!

Each & every night

A new torture in place

I’ll do so forever

I’ll burn in flames…

Nothing could compare

To the feelings I have

Every time I get a glimpse of her

Just before the next Death arrives…

She is why I’ve accepted the infinite sorrow

Upon my soul

The only way to keep safe

Her & the children we had before…

I will fight for her

…Forever more…

It was her sins that wrought upon me my punishment

A deal made, long before our relationship


Be that as it may

It was my choice…

-To Endure For Her Serenity-

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