Entry 358: From Within

I hear them every morning at 2a.m.

That is the time I’m always awoken

Their voices speak through the halls

Their voices speak through my walls…

I hear them for 2 hours every night

I feel their touch

As the fester within my mind

Sometimes I feel them under my skin

Other times I can feel my heart being gripped by them…

I look forward to them each night

I like the things they ask of me…

I like to carve up my guests face

Feeding them to them…

It feels great to pick away at my flesh

Fresh wounds are for bleeding

That’s the way it’s meant to be

They say…

They sometimes use me to feed


Sometimes if I close my eyes

I can see them

…Crawling inside me…

One night they asked me to lay down

They needed someone to harvest them

So it was I lay in bed

As a woman came up to me

Her touch was magnificent

Her kiss was sweeter than life

That’s all it took

For her to put the eggs inside…

In time I bore her babies

They came to term

In time they burst out of me…

They cared for me

Feasting on my blood & flesh


They also healed me

Then, when the time came again

I let millions of eggs

In once again…

She promised me the love I never had

Claiming to be their Queen

Clearly they weren’t like the standard versions of these…

She told me I’d die this time though…

She didn’t mind that I was a woman…

She said, I was the perfect host

I certainly didn’t mind

…Dying for her…

So it was, her eggs had hatched

Now I lay dying…

Her baby roaches licking my skin

I can feel their sweet kisses

-From Within-

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